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  1. 110_Fatima

    Thoughts (Temporary Placeholder)

    Thank you!!! Sorry for the late reply though <3
  2. @110_Fatima Happy Birthday! 

    1. 110_Fatima


      Thank you so much~

  3. 110_Fatima

    Insomnia Club

    ;~; It's like that for me... 3-4 times a day. The worst part is the medicine has terrible side-effects. It makes nauseous. Giving me a loss of appetite. I've lost some weight since I started taking it. ;~;"
  4. 110_Fatima

    Insomnia Club

    Sort of, it's hard to explain. It's not all of a sudden. I feel sleepy and my vision just blanks out slowly and I'm asleep before I know it. Luckily my school and teachers are understanding and I take medicine, modafinil. It helps me stay awake. Unfortunately, I've run out of it recently. It's pretty expensive too.
  5. 110_Fatima

    Last Meal

    I do cook my own noodles XD I can't buy cup ramen noodles cause they have meat stocking in them. I end up just buying noodles and halaal stocking and making my own ramen. Sometimes I even make pad thai. owo It's all pretty cheap too. Noodles are about 50 - 99 cents, depending on the type.
  6. 110_Fatima

    Dork Out

    I hope they don't mess up Justice League. Jack Synder already messed up Superman VS. Batman. You'd think DC would find a better Director :/ However, I have more hope for Wonder Woman. Different Director. Hopefully, she'll do Wonder Woman justice. (BA DUM TUSSSS....Get it.... because she's in the justice league.... I'm terrible at jokes ;-;)
  7. 110_Fatima

    Do you know what this is?

    What, really? That's ridiculous. ಠ_ಠ
  8. 110_Fatima

    Dork Out

    You read really deep into movies. XD Personally, I enjoy movies and stories for the creative aspect of them. I don't necessarily relate them to other things just cause it ruins the movie. But my dad does this, and it's why I only watch documentaries and Irani Tv-Shows with him.
  9. Yeah, I know about the cents. I'm Canadian. I own much more cents than dollars. It's just how student life is. ;-;" But I didn't know about the Grizzlies. Haven't seen one. The most common coin limited editions are made on the 25 cents.
  10. 110_Fatima

    Last Meal

    Ramen, cause I'm a student who can't afford much. :')
  11. No, Canada only has 1 and 2 dollar coins. The one dollar coin has a loon. The two dollar coin legit has the polar bear. '-'
  12. 110_Fatima

    Dork Out

    I like and don't like Captain America. Depends on what comic we're talking about. Captain America's personality goes through a roller coaster. He's hardly himself in some comics. And Guardians of the Galaxy was never a really popular group. The first comic I read them in was "Guardians of the Galaxy: Quest for the Shield," which I coincidently stumbled upon at the comic book store. And then I read another which was I think was "Tomorrow's Avengers," Vol 1 & 2. I don't know if I read it before or after the first movie. But I know my interest in them skyrocketed after I watched the movie. owo
  13. 110_Fatima

    What is your goal today?

    My goal is to finish my exam study notes for Living Cultures. x.x BUT I'M TOO LAZY. And I keep procrastinating. In fact, I'm procrastinating right now. I don't know why I do this to myself.
  14. 110_Fatima

    Dork Out

    I'd just like to take a second and adore and admire how cute he looks. ❥
  15. In Canada, our prime minister is a beaver and you'll be happy to know our Governer General is a Polar Bear. Also why he's on our $2 Coins.