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  1. #32 Favorite Subforums?

    Favorite subforums?
  2. can I have mutta with any non ahl e kitab?

    Question: I want to know if Mutah is halal with a woman who believes that Prophet Jesus (AS) is God or the son of God. Also the Catholics pray to statues of Jesus and Mary, are they not then practicing shirk. Wouldn't his make them haram for mutah? What about a Christian or Jewish woman whom we know engages in fornication. Answer: Christians at the time of the Prophet also believed in Trinity. Yet they are classified as the People of the Book. [Mod Note: Mutah is halal with Ahlul Kitab.] Mutah with a woman who engages in fornication should be avoided. https://www.al-islam.org/organizations/AalimNetwork/msg00749.html
  3. Forced Positivity

    Good answers. We care about people. That's why we are here.
  4. More powerful: Iblees or Imams

    Salam. Is this a trick question?
  5. I’m married!

    Congratulations! When can we have the cake?
  6. #31 Favorite Season?

    I'm good.
  7. #31 Favorite Season?

    <3 is the symbol for a heart (love).
  8. #31 Favorite Season?

    What is your favorite season of the year? I know strong opinions have been expressed here already.
  9. Salam. did you see the post by @Ibn Al-Shahid above? Same thing? Instead of baby eating a guest is eating?
  10. Help- Same Marja, Conflicting Fatawa: What To Do?

    Salam. Was your question sent in English?
  11. can I have mutta with any non ahl e kitab?

    The OP is not willing to read that post. You have to point to which book and tell him which page.
  12. 30K jacket or 30K chain?

    Maybe 2? He doesn't seem happy with our replies.