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  1. The author doesnt mention any sources. He just states it in the article. Basically he was talking about a yoga class with his ex wife where the ex was not following the instructions of the intructor. at which this guy (rafeeeq ahmed) says to his ex wife that she is not following the directions of the yoga master. at which the exwife replies, were you concentrating on the yoga or me.? to which Rafeeq then mentioned this incident. and at the end he goes on to say.. "Hazrat Ali (as) was Allah's khalifa, what am I in front of him" (rough translation from urdu).. meaning if the incredible personality of Hazrat Ali (as) can loose his concentration then I am just a regular person who is bound to such behavior. This is why it is important to let the magazine know that these type of things cannot be associated with the pious ones that guided us in the first place as that is completely wrong. Bhooka_Bhairiya that is a probability but the author should realize that he cannot just replace someone's name with Hazrat Ali (as)... its unfortunate people dont do enough research before even opening their mouths/minds. Its best to stay quiet until one knows of the situation very well. Thanks for the input brothers.. :-) Jazakallah
  2. Asalamoalaikum brothers and sisters, I usually dont post but this time it is important for me to do my duty and inform others as well. Desi newspaper times mag Toronto issued on Dec 9th 2010 had article called "nahla pe dahla". In that article written by Rafeeq Ahmad, he states, "... hazrat Ali a.s was reading namaz and one guy walked in front. Hazrat Ali said why are you walking infront while I am reading namaz. Guy replied are you reading namaz or looking at people around you. Hazrat Ali admitted his mistake and apologised to him...". This is the translation of the part of the urdu article in that magazine. For those who can read urdu, the website is http://www.urdutimescanada.com/magzine/index.php (select Thursday Dec 9th 2010, under the "Available Issue" dropdown and goto page 10) All of us should call or email the newspaper team and remind them that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his ahle-albayt including Hazrat Ali (as) were the ones that taught and saved namaz in the first place. We should tell them that their magazine will be boycotted if they don't issue an apology on the front page and make sure this type of mistake doesnt happen again. It seems like these people are opening books and finding these random disrespectful stories and connecting them with ahle-albayt (as). Their contact information is as follows: 416 992 8766 and 905 673 7111 utcl@bellnet.ca urdutimesny@aol.com urdutimeslhr@gmail.com Jazakallah kher
  3. Thanks sister Zahra.. I will wait for your PM for the person who can explain this. IraqiLives1.. thanks for you input as well. I understand that the site ***.org is christian based, but i have also heard of these variations from one of my teachers. This is part of the investigation that i am trying to understand .. I do know that we have a hadith somewhere from our infallible Imams on these types of questions.. so if u do have some resources that I can look at, pointing them out would be really appreciated. Jazak'Allah :) THanks again.. :)
  4. Salaam brothers and sisters.. hope you all are doing well by the grace of Allah. I have come across a touchy subject.. and this is important to the whole of islam not just any sect. I came to know that there are different variations of reading and quranic texts. See link : http://***.org/Quran/Text/warsh.html and I was searching on this forum for some ideas.. Can any one guide me to some place where I can get more information on this? THanks and JazakAllah :)
  5. 16 Moajzay..

    Thanks for the replies.. thats kinda not very good. lol. we were in need of the book to fulfil the mannat. aliadams.. thanks for the document.. i will read it when i get a chance. :) InshaAllah Thanks again.. and Jazakallah :)
  6. 16 Moajzay..

    Salaam SC. :) Hope everyone is having a good Ramadan. :) May Allah forgive our sins and accept our prayers. Ameen. :) I needed help in finding something. Does any one have a link or know where I can buy online the book on Miracles? I remember in Pakistan there was a book called 16 Moajzay. and we used to read/listen to it when one would make a mannat, most of the time Miracles of Imam Ali (as) I had this book but somehow have misplaced it. Does any one know where I can get this in Toronto, or online? Your quick reply will be really appreciated. Thanks and you have a great day! :) Fi amaan illah
  7. What Breaks Your Fast

    Thank you macisaac for the prompt reply. Jazakallah :)
  8. What Breaks Your Fast

    A very good thread on Fasting and what breaks it.. I have a question.. i have sinus problems, so my nose is blocked most of the time. also i have this mucus at the back on my throat that i cant get out. i try to clear my throat to get that out, but it doesnt come out..so eventually it goes down. secondly whenever i try to clear those disturbing sounds come out of the throat and nose and while at work, I cannot keep doing that which disturbs everyone.. so can anyone tell if this is considered to be invalidating my fasts.. and if there is anything i can do..? i dont use sprays and i to stay away from any medications. Jazakallah.
  9. If anyone wants the simplest answer to all these questions... think about this. After the Holy Prophet (pbuh) who was the most knowledgeable in every aspect of religion and world? Is there any other person besides Hazrat Ali (as)? Now then who should be the leader in both spiritual and worldly matters? The same person whose knowledge goes beyond what we can imagine. If any sahaba, not just referring to Abu Bakar, Uthman and Umar, but also any other sahaba was better than Ali (as) then bring a name forward. If you understand this simple concept, then there will only be peace and brotherhood. Jazakallah :)
  10. Naming a new born baby

    AlgerianShia - lol.. that name can only be used by robot parents..! lol i actually think why not go for Binary.. 1001001010 :D Marbles - yeah I know that the father's name and titles are continued to his children. I have heard name Kasmi as the last name. I believe this is not the same as Kazmi, whoes family line is decendant of Imam Musa Kazim (as). .. hehe .. :D "Allah mian ki gaaye" :P i remember those days.. i could be made a fool of so easily.. :P memories.. :) thanks for the replies :) Basim Ali - wasalaam :) Well I pray that Allah guide us all to the one and only right path and make us stronger in iman. Ameen :) Thanks for the input.. what u mentioned is true.. one could easily tell by name if he/she is a shia/sunni. Well yeah.. I also know of a family freind whoes child is named Saddam (but not Saddam Hussain) :P but there are people who name their children muawiya or yazid. If my memory serves right, I read some place about a islamic scholar whoes name was muawiya.. :shocking: May Allah guide them to the true light. Ameen. Also I wanted to ask about the name Zahra.. what is the actual spelling.. is it Zehra or Zahra..? I think it is Zahra.. as in bibi Fatima Az Zahra (sa) and does this actually cause any differnece? I know in arabic every zabbar/zer/pesh is important and can create different meaning. Jazakallah :)
  11. Naming a new born baby

    Marbels - I also think using father's last name is better (which is esentially grand-fathers name.. continuing as the family name). and thanks for letting me know Calm and Smiley are sisters. :) saba fatima naqvi - Yes the right name is very important. and you mentioned a new names.. Khuzaiyma, and Khursanda.. nice names mashaAllah.. the westerners will have trouble pronouncing it..! lol wonderer - Thanks.. sometimes the names get too long with titles and other things added.. such as.. Syed Ali Hassan Khan Kazmi ..! So essentially the name is Ali Hassan .. :P Basim Ali - Well we shouldnt be treating any child in harsh manner, but yes abusing names of the child is wrong. I also think that the same goes for naming a baby girl. Now intersting question is if the father mother are Shia-Sunni, then weather the child will have Syed/Syeda as the title is an interesting issue. Also if the family names are from the Imams (as). You mentioned there are small differences in naming a Atha-ashari or Syeds than others. I am curious so can you enlighten us. I am a Syed Alhemdulillah, so I am just curious to know. :) Thanks. culturei - yes As long as its a good name with good meaning that would be best. Well my real name is the name of an angel and I used to be called "the cow of Allah" :D oh well.. times change.. and i havent seen my cousins in a while... :) I wonder what new title would i get..! lol Thanks to everyone for their informative replies. Jazakallah :)
  12. Naming a new born baby

    Thank you for your input Calm, Marbles, smiley and akbar673 (I believe all are brothers :) ) Well the new parents initially decided to use the father's first name as the last name of the baby. in this example.. Ali (baby) Farrukh. But the father doesnt like the way the combination came up.. (again the names here are just an example) and decided to use his own last name as the baby's last name. Taking Ali Hassan as the new name, the baby (Ali) will be known as Mr. Hassan. some relatives were pressuring to use the father's first name (Farrukh) as the baby's last name. So thats what got me to think if there is any special way of naming the baby. Their way of thinking is that Hassan (last name of father) is actually the Grand Father's name. So the baby should carry on the fathers name, not the grandfather's name. Any thought on this..? Although this is not a big issue as its the decision of the parents to confirm the name, but knowing is always better. Thanks again and jazakallah :)
  13. Asalaam o alaikum. I have been a member of ShiaChat for quite long, but I usually dont post much. But I really enjoy reading thoughtful and informative posts here and thanks to everyone for that. I had a question on baby naming. is there a particular way of naming a baby..? for example, I came to know that the father's name should be the last name of the new baby. EXAMPLE: Father: Farrukh Hassan So the baby name should be : Ali Hassan or Ali Farrukh..? does any form make any difference? Does it have any implications later religiously or in physical world? I personally think that it doesnt matter as long as the name is a good one and makes sense. in the case above, both names are good. So your help is appreciated. :) Thanks and jazakallah. :)
  14. Mommies Hitting U

    lol.. this brings back some old memories.. painful memories.!! lol my mom used to hit me... she would actually pinch so hard that it sometimes get blue at the area.. :( but now I just make the funniest face and she starts laughing saying ""Kids dont worry about TV, The cartoon is here!"" But until I was in grade 7 i got beaten up by my dad a lot of times..! lol.. i got so many stories.. but one of them actually changed my life.. and I am glad to have such a courageous and wonderful father!! couldnt have asked for anything better. Thanks to Allah :) I pray we kids keep our parents happy for ever :)
  15. What Are Malangs?

    Reading thru the thread, it seems that a true malang is he who has intense love for the ahle bayt so much that he cares less of this world. But i m not sure of one thing. I have not seen any malang (during my life in pakistan) praying. :s this brings me to the point, they are not mad/crazy/insane as we medically would term them ? :P