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  1. Hajj 2017

    JazakAllah brother!... (PS I'm a sister) - really hope to hear something soon inshaAllah.. it is for me and my husband, and we are both outside Canada at the moment, but need to go from Canada.. Thankyou!
  2. Salam all, I had posted on the Community forum but I guess it seems to be the wrong place to post since there are no responses. Can anyone please advise urgently on Hajj groups from Canada?Or anyone I can call who organizes this? I haven't been able to find any Shia kafilas going from Canada - am currently outside the country but need to organize this at the earliest possible. I have noted that all the Sunni travel agents etc, have posted their packages, but no idea of Shia packages as yet? JazakAllah
  3. The issue is that I'm not in Canada at the moment, so need something online or someone I can call over the phone... so relying on any reliable person I could talk to about the groups? Unfortunately I do not speak Farsi:( - either english or urdu
  4. Valid point...but hajj is wajib...??? Its a dream to be able to visit the House of Allah...isn't it? Can anyone please advise a reliable shia kafila from Canada?
  5. Room Required - Dubai

    Salam, Check the location of the conference and try to find something within that area, within a budget preferably. Depending on where you are coming from, taxi can be a bit expensive. Metro is the best way to move around. Peak times are a mess (7am to 9.30 am and 4pm to 7pm - depending on location)
  6. Salam all, I wanted to know what are the most reputed Hajj organizers to go this year? And have they started their packages (I noted that most Sunni places have started offering it). I am having a bit of an issue finding more information on this, if someone can help - atleast to get an idea of the prices, arrangements, dates, etc. I haven't moved to Canada yet but planning to very soon inshaAllah.. so I do not have any personal contacts there as yet... though want to try to do Hajj if possible asap as this is my only option. JazakAllah for any help.
  7. Anyone in Copenhagen/Rome?

    Salam.. Anyone? Is Eid on Tuesday or Wednesday in Denmark? And is there any mosque doing anything for it? JazakAllah
  8. Anyone in Copenhagen/Rome?

    JazakAllah to both of you - Can you all please let me know if there is any Eid event in Copenhagen during this week? and anything else on Tuesday/Thursday like the duas etc. I would also like to know if the area I am living in is safe for Muslimah hijabis, so any advice on that would be great. Any sisters around who will be attending this mosque? I went on their website - the mosque looks impressive but I am not able to find much info on the events.. even on their fb page nothing about Eid as yet.. Thankyou
  9. Anyone in Copenhagen/Rome?

    Salam all, I'm from the Middle East and might need to travel for a while to these countries so just wanted to know - do we have any shia communities in these countries in case it is possible for me to go there? JazakAllah
  10. Also...any advice if i am forced to take part in rituals? Would you suggest to just do them and get done with it?
  11. I agree with all your points..but it is due to past experience that I am so worried... maybe Im just afraid because I felt the post isn't general enough...again, due to past experience...so even if i have an option to edit a bit, I would prefer to do that...because it seems that edit option has disappeared for my 1st post. And i would love to hear more on the stars, luck and pessimism in islam...so many things playing on my mind, and the toughest part is maintaining that delicate balance between keeping the parents happy yet not compromising on deen....Alhumdulillah on face value they say they accept it...though i know they are so badly hurt because of me emotionally (and its been yearssss but they still try to dissuade me)..and then its a new little issue daily...which adds up... And then there are consequences that i worry about by posting this on a forum...lol So would it be possible to atleast edit?JazakAllah
  12. Thankyou..wanted this response.. dear moderators can you pls delete this post...urgently due to safety and security issues..JazakAllah
  13. As salam alaikum, Before I begin: I know astrology and future prediction is haraam... so not going into that. I have an issue I would like some help with: My parents are Hindu spiritual (I converted years ago) and they believe a lot in birth charts/ kundali/ janampatri etc... which charts out the positions of the planets and stars at the time of birth, and the effect that it will have on the child. Now they are convinced that I was born with a bad chart ... some remedies include prayers, charity, donations, etc.... I was thinking I could do donations to make them happy I guess, but don't want to do any prayers ofcourse. This chart reading has been done by numerous reputed astrologers (inspite of my insisting that I do not want it and it is haraam, but they got it done any way for their own satisfaction - if anyone knows Hindus who are particular about it , you would know how much significance this has for them) Would someone be able to advise me with any Islamic duas... I know for a fact that it is Allah who decides our and our children's fates, and not some planets... I need some more assurance that the Imams and Prophets went against this,..i read somewhere about a hadith where someone told Imam Ali (as) not to move for war at a specific time due to the position of the stars, but he still did, and he won with a major victory inspite of going against this guy.... Also, do we have any reverts who may have gone through something similar and proved it all incorrect.. I know for a fact that we shouldn't do it..I didn't...but my parents did.. .what can I do in such a situation? JazakAllah
  14. I guess it really depends on culture.. when I was in the Middle East (Asian but grew up here), I never went to the gym... then I went to study in Europe, and I was walking and gyming everyday...in a ladies only gym which wasn't that expensive at all.. I've come back to the Middle East and its depressing...I myself have experienced such a drastic change that I hate what I am now.... the lifestyle is such that there is no walking - you have to drive EVERYWHERE in crazy traffic and by the time you are home, you are exhausted, the weather is horrible, ladies only gyms are soooo expensive, and you have junk food available all over the place...only...I don't remember the last time I ate healthy food like I used to in Europe. Now I'm even more depressed... great!
  15. I think its absolutely fine.. As long as both partners understand, and it does not diminish his role in the family... At the end of the day, in today's economy, most likely they will need the money and (hopefully) she would use it for them to build their future together... so he shouldn't have a problem with it. Just to add: I am a sister, but I know several couples in this situation, and they are very mature about it, because the husband realizes that this helps him and his family at the end of the day anyway... and if its something she enjoys doing, then even better:)