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  1. Did Sayeda Fatimah Zahra (s.a) get really attacks?

    The 4th Narration it mentions she was hit with a sword but is that true??
  2. Did Sayeda Fatimah Zahra (s.a) get really attacks?

    My autocorrect changed the title from attacked to attacks. I'm sorry for the typo
  3. SalamAlaykum Brothers and sisters A question that came in my mind was, Do we have any narrations of the Caliphs attacking the Daughter of the Prophet in our Books? And if yes are they Authentic. I'm not doubting the event but one must look through subjective lenses. Would really appreciate if brothers/sisters share Hadiths on this platform.
  4. Is YHWH the same as Allah?

    Yes I actually got proof.
  5. Is YHWH the same as Allah?

    Paul himself has changed the Scriptures and twisted the words of the Tanakh to suit his own VIEWS
  6. Quran teacher beats child to death

    I see where you are getting here.... Do you remember what the Imam said about this Instead of Ummah he said Aimmah. Is that reliable?
  7. Jesus does not claim to be god in the bible

    Remember you are speaking to a 14 year old. And I mean it. He is 14
  8. Jesus does not claim to be god in the bible

    What? The penalty for sin is death? Can you please show me it from Tanakh? Not Paul please
  9. Jesus does not claim to be god in the bible

    That doesn't prove Jesus is God. Please use your mind. If he would say he is God. Then he would have said it many times and explicitly but saying Before Abraham was I AM. That by itself doesnt make no sense. If I AM means God then This is what it means 'Before Abraham was (God)' The whole concept of Jesus being God doesn't require you to use your mind but just Faith. That by Itself is takes you to just blind belief
  10. Jesus does not claim to be god in the bible

    God has talked to Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Through the Quran or Jibraeel even tho The Angel Jibraeel wasn't necessarily for him to reveal the Quran to the Prophet .God hasn't directly spoken to any Messenger. What does direct even mean? Does it mean that God has a voice and he caused air vibrations in order to create sound? And if so then it wasn't direct. Remember, God is not a man - Old Testament. Allah SWT is not limited but the God of the Christian. He was limited and weak at certain times.
  11. Jesus does not claim to be god in the bible

    I am is not the title of God. Can you prove to me that Jesus said that he is Ehye and not EgoEimeen
  12. Jesus does not claim to be god in the bible

    Your God consists of Three Parts and they are all dependent on each other. If one doesn't exist. The whole structure falls apart completely. The whole Idea that Jesus is God is irrational and has no basis. Jesus never said that he is God. Do you believe that God hs a God?
  13. #JusticeforZainab

    Definitely agree with the burning. They need to be burned alive.
  14. Marriage with a christian girl

    Salam brother, have you read the Hadith I've posted.
  15. Marriage with a christian girl

    Now this raises a crucial question. Christians who believe Jesus is God are considered Mushrikeen and there is no doubt about that. A Christian who doesn't believe Jesus is God is another story (JW, Unitarians etc) According to the Verses I've posted, Allah SWT says to stay away from the Mushrikeen unless they leave their Shirk and then one can marry them. What is your response Peace