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  1. Is Nad E Ali Authentic?

    Authentic or not. It's a very powerful Dua formulated from a sincere and pious heart. Ya Ali
  2. Mum loves X factor

    It can become addictive and the judges wear revealing clothing so yeah. Stay away from It
  3. Halloween

    Please watch..
  4. Gay Mullah forced to flee Iran

    I personally think this is set up and not true. This is guy isn't even a scholar but just a puppet of America.
  5. question again

    Muhammad was Muhammad before the Quran and after the Quran. Peace and blessings be upon him and his beloved and blessed AhlulBayt.
  6. Quran

    Completing the Quran with Tafsir might take you a year. If you are a busy person and trust me. I'm not exaggerating
  7. Imam Al- Ridha made a mistake?!

    Salam you still around
  8. Why is Jesus called the Messiah?

    Any brothers and sisters aware if Salman uses shiachat.com or if he has Facebook. Jzk
  9. Salam sis. It's best to address somebody by saying Salam and not Hey. Wasalam
  10. Thanks for asking such a beautiful question. There is a mention of Muhammad in the TORAH and the New Testament. It is so obvious that one can not deny it. So if you ask me why I don't accept other personalities like Buddha. My answer would be I don't reject Buddha. It could be that Buddha might have been a Prophet of the LORD and that applies to Zorastria. But not Joseph Smith as he came after Prophet Muhammad. There is no Prophet after Muhammad according to Islam. If you want to know about Muhammad and the AhlulBayt, you can find them n in the BIBLE. So you as a Christian will surely be interested to see them in the Bible. Peace
  11. Imam Mahdi (a.s) is not Messiah?

    Enoch / Idris peace be upon him died. And it can be backed up by Hadith. He was raised in the heavens but his soul was taken there. Ask for reference. I've got it
  12. HELP about SURAH 74:31 about Number 19!

    SalamAlaykum brother, I am aware of Rashid. I don't read any commentary of his but only Shia commentary.
  13. Post-Muharram depression

    That's so true. The first 10 days can never be compared to the rest of the month.
  14. Cupping ? ? ?

    Reference pls
  15. Muhammad Hijab refutes Ammar Nakashwani

    I swear brother. You've read my mind. There is no need to post his videos on this website. This website deserves far better topics than people like Hijab and their videos. May Allah bless you all and always keep us steadfast in the Wilayat of AmiralMu'mineen. Imamat is part of eye UsoolEDeen and it can be found in the Quran. Not our fault when they can't see it. I guess no lens cleaner can ever get rid of the dirt that stains their outer and inner vision. YA ALI MADAD