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  1. Kuffar label on non-muslims

    There is two dimensions to this. The spiritual dimension, which is the reality - and the jurisprudence dimension, which is the apparent. They do not necessarily need to correlate. One can be a disbeliever in reality but a Muslim from the Jurisprudencial point of view. This is how most of our scholars view learned 'sunni' scholars. As for non-muslims, jurisprudencially they are kafirs by definition - on doubt. However, if their ignorance and lack of capacity/ability to reach the truth is a defence for them on the day of judgement, then they may be considered believers from the spiritual dimension - since they never rejected truth with knowledge. They are known as al-Mustadh`afeen. The confusion arises when people do not differentiate the two.
  2. Sistani translation

    Question: What is your understanding of "al-Kāfir" ? Answer: "al-Kāfir" - it is whoever does not make a preference/choice in religion (dīn); or chooses a religion other than Islām; or chooses Islām while repudiating what he knows to be from the religion of Islām in a way such that his repudiation essentially results in rejection of The Message - even if it be a sentence which would imply falsification of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و آله from what he spoke from Allāh, the Most High, in [relation to] the foundations of the religion (`Aqā'id), such as the Hereafter; or other than that such as the branched laws [of Allāh]. However, if it (his repudiation) does not result in that (consciously rejecting The Message), due to reasons such as his isolation from the inclusion of Mulsim circles, and/or his ignorance in the ruling laws of this religion, then his ruling is not a disbeliever. And as for the deviated sects that have made preference to [the umbrella] of Islām, then their situations differ.
  3. Unveiling 'ali' In The Qur'an

    The book speaks about his actual name in the ayahs, not what the ayahs represent (which is what you are talking about).
  4. Unveiling 'ali' In The Qur'an

    Lol if u don't want to make haste judgements, then don't make haste judgements. Its dependent on the ahhadeeth of ahlulbayt (as), so no its not based upon qiyas and yes the imams (as) did inform us of the not so secret code that is manifest in our hadeeth books that most shias don't bother reading. I want to make haste judgement and say you are probably one of them.
  5. Salam alaykum Barakallah feek, jazakallah khair Brother is this complete or will you be adding to it? Thanks and Salam
  6. Have you ever wondered why God "Misguides" people? Have you ever wondered why God blinds people, or deafens them? Have you ever wondered why God would put a SEAL upon their heart? How is that Just? Where is the Mercy from the All-Merciful? God says for those who have a disease in their heart, God will INCREASE their disease.. why would God do that? How can they do Tawbah if their hearts are sealed? Inshallah this article can help answer these questions. Please pass on if you find it beneficial. Salams & Dua https://www.dropbox.com/s/xweehyjplyo7u2e/Is%20Allah%20a%20Just%20God%20-%20Ahmed%20Hakim.pdf
  7. Verse 4:3

    salam molaayi, can you please give me reference to these conclusions? much appreciated.
  8. Salam Alaykum, I have pondered on this hadith quite a bit and have come across some many interesting things... one of them, the polar opposite of this is found in the Quran: "And be not like those who forgot Allah, so He made them forget themselves. Those are the defiantly disobedient." (59:19) Interesting isn't it.. what does it mean to "forget yourself" ?.. Further more, the aya seems to suggest that in other words, If you forget Allah, you will forget Yourself... if you flip this around - if you understand yourself, you will understand Allah (swt) Also, this reminds me of the hadith from Imam Ali (as): Your cure is within you, yet you do not sense it! Your sickness is from you, yet you do not see it! You consider youself a small body; Yet encapsulated within you is the entire universe! Subhanallah :)
  9. Can ALLAH (SWT) do Everything

    Allah (original) cannot create another Allah (fake), because that means the fake one was CREATED.. hence, a created being cannot be Allah.. its a paradox and something not worth getting into because we as humans cant grasp this concept because we dont have the ability to comprehend anything without time. God is outside the domain of time, as he created time - he has no beginning and no end... if you take a second to just think about it.. your mind will blow up a wise friend of mine put it quite nicely Can Allah do the impossible? - NO.. because it is impossible.. God can only do the possible.... but of course, what is possible for Allah is beyond any stretch of the imagination of the human mind. the example of the rock is quite a good one but even more so of Allah creating another God. i would like to end with this statement... if you can figure this out, you can probably understand Gods limits "I never tell the truth" am i telling the truth, or not? lets not look too much into it - eh?
  10. Cat Hair

    from my understanding.. cats aren't "wild" animals. also, the other animals is just an "obligatory precaution" and doesn't actually stipulate cats... so i would presume most animals hair makes it invalid but there are a few which would not, such as cats, but as a precaution, you should assume it is haram (probably coz they are too lazy to list all the animals which are halal/haram) lol
  11. Defining Worship/divinity

    i dont understand how you can compare pagan Gods to Imams? what is the relationship between the two? the "worship" a pagan does to a false deity is completely and absolutely different to the "worship" a Shia does to their Imams. in fact, worship is not the correct word to use at all when it comes to the imams.... it is clear that worshiping is for God alone... Yes indeed, there are many Shia that take the glorification of the Imams to a level which can be deemed as close as shirk as you can get.. but for the most part, imams are never seen as a God. When we glorify the imams - we glorify the prophet Muhammed (saws) when we glorify the prophet - we glorify the beautiful message, that is Islam when we glorify islam - we glorify Allah (swt) ultimately, any praise or admiration we have towards the Imams is always as a consequence of the Love and worship of God.. no more, no less. tawassul, or intercession, again, is ultimately in the hands of our Lord. This does not even come close to Shirk. However, worshiping a false deity, and although limiting by claiming it is not infallible, is by no means anything like glorifying the imams, as this completely goes against the belief of the One God. Remember.. shirk is defined by God, and relative to only Him. Placing partners with God is Shirk.. glorifying God through the Prophet and imams, is nothing of the like. WS
  12. 28 Issues With Quran

    salam mystic, can i ask you a favour? it seems that this thread is getting messy.. and some things have been resolved, where others clearly remain in the air. Is it possible to edit your first post, and add underneath a new document that has the following 1. the questions with the answer that you are content with. 2. outstanding questions. i've seen some questions where you have stated you can "scratch that off" or you were happy with the answer from one of the brothers.. so no point revisiting them. I had already quite some time ago offered a discussion with you via PM as i believe i have the answer to all if not most of the questions.. i heard nothing from you. the standard of answers that i have seen so far - a lot are "facepalm" quality and have totally missed the point of your question. If you do this favour, then i will be more than happy to provide answers to you... so i hope your sincere attempts will be matched with sincere effort. WS
  13. Does A Butterfly Prove A Designer?

    i think Harun Yahya has covered this in depth. Just looking at its symmetry... and its patterns, is one aspect that will question evolution
  14. exactly.. if there was no such thing as suffering, pain, hurt, etc... then how will God be glorified in all his names as there needs to be suffering, to be merciful etc. salam
  15. one question you can pose back to your mother, is - "according to whom (or relative to what) are these 'innocent' people, innocent" usually for some one to be innocent - there needs to be some one guilty... or at least more deserving. if they are less deserving and another person were to suffer instead, then there would the relativaty would change and some one else would be even more deserving.. and so on and so forth.. and in the end.. ppl will come to an agreement and say - ok, no one deserves to suffer. then you simply say - if there was no suffering - how can you appreciate health, wealth, and everything good in life without at least tasting or seeing something bad.... i mean.. do you really think ppl would look after their health if no one in this world has ever been sick? of course not. the other side of the coin is when they say "no no God isnt fair or merciful or else he wouldnt do this"... looking at the two previous comments.. we can then use them again and say the following 1. so if these ppl are innocent.. and God is doing this to them.. then God is the guilty one.. yes?? .. now take a few seconds to comtemplate about this. if God is responsible and the "bad" guy here.. then we have missed the concept of God.. and how he is the Lord. If a King were to give every person in his land a new house.... some took careof their house.. some didnt.. and eventually.. things happened, for example a house got burnt down.. or one of the houses was bigger than the other, and some one starts complaining he has a bad view and is "suffering".. take note that these houses were given as a gift by the king. is it fair for these people to blame the king?.. now relating this back to the topic.. God has given us all this life as a gift. if we take care of it. we are usually rewarded.. be it in this life.. or the next... if we are good and suffer in this life.. this is a test.. and if we pass.. we will be rewarded in the next life.. 2. again, if God didnt show us suffering.. would we appreciate not-suffering? this was written quick, sorry about that wasalam