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  1. Turks Losing Faith In Islam?!

    We have full disclosure, "Entity/ies" will exploit. So, the focus should be on upbringing and spiritual education. People from the "West" who used their God given intellect to find the Truth,(made a conscious decision), they all grew up in the same environment.
  2. Turks Losing Faith In Islam?!

    Atheism is intellectually/logically defunct. People adopted Agnostic views and it is also defunt. Finally, they have no choice but to acknowledge God, but with a twist. No Legislation from God. Iblis had the same issue.
  3. Turks Losing Faith In Islam?!

    If you read basic concepts in The Book and look at the saying & the life of the fourteen Lights of Guidance. When and where God, promised a vacation or a spa trip or summer camp or a Five star stay here?
  4. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    let me quote the relevant issue Even if its true, Not your problem. ***** If anyone claims that, Provide Data? Do they have verified data or are they engaged in enemy/ traitors /paid agents propaganda ?
  5. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    You do not read, I already answered your question. here I will quote it ***** Now the First post, I said/wrote/typed this and quoted a relevant part of the article which stated with here the link http://www.dw.com/en/iran-political-scientist-sadegh-zibakalam-given-jail-sentence-over-dw-interview/a-42961803 Can you connect the dots? ***** If A country(any country), has a law, and based on violation of that law, a judge decided the case(any case) . What is your issue here?
  6. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    I typed this: Good Luck!!!
  7. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    You want to re read it for clarity and proper context. Do you recognize this " " do you know what that is? http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235056853-trash-pitfake-news-about-iran/?tab=comments#comment-3134202
  8. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235052764-azadari-for-the-son-of-sayeda-fatima-az-zahrasa/?tab=comments#comment-3126725
  9. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    When did I confirm? Can you point to the actual Text I typed.
  10. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    When did I confirm? Can you point to the actual Text I typed.
  11. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    Quote form the link Do you see any issue with the above? I do not know who this person is - but he is comparing apple and oranges- and you need to be able to decipher that or you are sold on the propaganda. "In developed countries" "Where there is rule of law" "propaganda against the state" Propaganda against the "System" or Ideology" is called Treason i.e, in a capitalist system someone working to undermine it, and actively working to install Communism. vise versa So, he is giving you an umbrella argument that on the surface seems very logical.( bait and switch) But in reality his issue is that based on his words " "Why should it be a crime if someone does not share the same ideological views of the Islamic Republic of Iran?" He is not criticizing the Current government or administration- Based on what he said/wrote-He is against the " Ideological Views of the Islamic Republic of Iran". Do you understand the difference ? Its not a crime to have a different view, (personal opinion) I, as long as you keep it your view and to yourself. I am sure there are people with communist views in a capitalist system and vice versa- but its a different story when you Actively and repeatedly propagate these views on a Public Level to undermine the System and are looking to bring about Change of the System. If you were to criticize the policies of the Current administration - internal policy or economic policy or foreign policy ( Which may be different based on who is in power that year- these are transient polices based on the current party in power- You can't compare it to actively engaging in propaganda against your System of government or your constitution or "Ideology" principles your country was based on.
  12. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    Again, its the law of the Free Country Issue, Something you can't comprehend. "Under Article 500 of Iran's criminal code, such propaganda-related offenses carry a sentence of between three and 12 months. The Revolutionary Court delivered a much harsher verdict in Zibakalam's case because he is considered a "repeat offender" — he was sentenced to 18 months in prison in 2014 for the same charge but the punishment was subsequently downgraded to a fine. Zibakalam said he planned to appeal the 18-month sentence." http://www.dw.com/en/iran-political-scientist-sadegh-zibakalam-given-jail-sentence-over-dw-interview/a-42961803 Here is something you and the reformist or liberals and so called" intellectuals " (reformists) need to really understand.
  13. Why do shias regard Hussain as a martyr?

    Important question is, How did you come to this conclusion? What sources did you consult, what is your source of information and why do you believe it. Basic info has been provided for you or any one else who wants to study and understand. Now Instead of us playing fetch, You need to logically prove your claim? If you can't do that, your claim is hollow and will be disregarded as illogical and frivolous etc..basically a drive by ....
  14. Why do shias regard Hussain as a martyr?

    OP read for yourself, form non muslims, non shias and shias https://www.al-islam.org/articles/personalities-what-non-muslims-say-about-husayn-third-successor-prophet-muhammad ***** The well-known Sunni English translator and commentator of the Qur'an, Abdullah Yusuf ‘Ali, who died in 1952 in England. https://www.al-islam.org/articles/imam-husayn-and-his-martyrdom-abdullah-yusuf-ali ***** The Event of Taff, The Earliest Historical Account of the Tragedy of Karbala’ https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf