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  1. You should take it off if your safety is at risk. Consult a health professional as well, try relocating to a more tolerant North American city such as NY or Toronto.
  2. King

    Advice needed

    I agree men like him should not be allowed to get away with such neglect. He is also financially responsible for the child. On second thought, the parents should definitely be informed of the child if the father is not willing to take responsibility, and so should the court system.
  3. King

    Advice needed

    This is beyond pathetic, too bad men tend to do this a lot. Unfortunately it looks like you will join the endless list of mothers with children just abandoned by their fathers. There are actually a lot of support groups and government programs for single mothers. His family probably will have a huge issue with you being a foreigner, not muslim, the fact that they were not informed etc. It also could be that he himself is just not that invested in raising this kid. If his family is the main roadblock and you feel he on some level cares for his unborn child then you should push him again to tell his family, it is a bit tricky but some families when faced with such situations do come around. If he himself seems totally disinterested in the child then you should just move on. If you have a supportive family it will help tremendously and your kid should still grow up in a loving environment.
  4. Again, that is not you how a rational person assesses what is going on in the world or even a specific issue. You keep repeating this argument over and over in all your posts but it is inherently fallacious: Appeal to Authority Description: Insisting that a claim is true simply because a valid authority or expert on the issue said it was true, without any other supporting evidence offered. You have to look at the facts, you cannot just blindly trust figures of authority. This is why the most serious academics and experts who are worth anything always offer ample facts/resources/evidence while making bold claims, especially when it comes to political affairs. Another inherent weakness in your core argument is home side bias, which is incredibly strong. The scholars in Iran are not an independent neutral party offering their perspective on what is happening in Syria. They are an active participant which are fighting for a specific outcome, and that is backing Assad to remain in power. No rational minded individual would expect either side in a conflict to be perfectly truthful about what is going on. Take a look at every single war record in history, both sides exaggerate other sides losses and their victories. They also downplay their own atrocities and exaggerate crimes of the other side. What rational minded people do is take a look at the facts, and if you do not have direct access to facts, you at the very least refer to neutral independent observers who have a strong track record in covering these conflicts. At the moment such sources are journalists like Patrick Cockburn and Robert Fisk. They have a lengthy record of sound and intellectually honest reporting on the middle east, and the vast majority of the time they have been critical of the Western powers and Arab states. In fact even on Syria they have been extremely critical of Saudi Arabia and the US backed rebels. No one is perfect, but any sensible person would rather trust independent journalists with a strong track record than people actively involved in the conflict, as being honest is not the highest priority. Also, we are well aware of Western propaganda, any criticism of Assad or his father here has not been made based on CNN/BBC reporting, and certain not the white helmets or whatever. And no, we don't just believe Assad is behind every single chemical attack. There has been serious doubt about a lot of crimes Assad has been accused of, that doesn't mean some of his other crimes are not obvious. There are credible people out there doing courageous work, not everyone is willing to blindly trusts religious scholars as a source of all their information.
  5. This is the most absurd argument I have heard when it comes to figuring out what is really going on in the world. It wouldn't hold a candle in any rational discussion about world affairs. Knowledgeable != speaking truth. Furthermore it is generally the most intimately knowledgeable of men who best distort the truth. This is almost a truism in world affairs and a constant theme in world history. There is a reason why the most powerful nations have the most potent propaganda programs, because they know what is going on and want to keep it from the public. What does strongest nation and being a power house have to do with truth or falsehood? Nothing. Notice I am not claiming whether Khamenei or Nimr are speaking truth or falsehood, just pointing out the obvious flaw in your argument.
  6. This doesn't make any sense. If you do not have the intelligence to discern right from wrong in what is elementary morality, why should you even trust your own judgement to determine who is knowledgeable and truthful enough? Furthermore your last statement has 0 validity because of your own admission in the first statement.
  7. King


    Stay with your mom.
  8. King

    Toronto Van Attack

    Have to give the cop credit for not shooting the guy. If this was in the US the suspect would have been shot 200 times.
  9. Of course not, we should trust Press TV instead.
  10. King

    Your everyday outfit?

    I wear whatever but I must say that women look amazing and most elegant in shalwar kameez.
  11. People are complex, naturally it takes a long while. How do you expect to figure someone out in a few days? That is virtually impossible, especially with women as they tend to by shy and not really reveal their personalities. Do you really want to spend less time getting to know your potential spouse than you would purchasing a car or buying a toaster? You shouldn't let your parents pressure you, they won't have to endure the rest of their daily lives with this person. Take a bit of time when getting to know her, if you want to accelerate the process then make sure you ask the right questions that are deep enough. Inquire about her political views, religious views, how she would want to raise children, her views on pursuing a career, how she treats her parents, family values and such. Of course you should be reasonably honest about yourself as well so she can come close to making an informed decision. Also realize that you will not figure a person out truly until you have lived with them for a considerable time, but it is still best to gather as much information as you can rather than walk in blind. If you guys engage in constructive conversation then a few weeks should be enough but any sane individual should really do this as a bad marriage is a lot worse than being single. The fact you are being pressure by your parents is not a good sign. From your potential wife's perspective, this is your problem and not as much the parents. Women generally are wary of men who let their parents boss them around as this signals they will continue to do so after marriage. You should take your parents advice but you shouldn't let them dictate important personal choices.
  12. The level of grotesque violence in Syria over the past years will have serious ramifications for a long time. Any resolution is bound to be temporary.
  13. Lol a week? I would say at least a few months.
  14. You seem quite ignorant of US foreign policy. Not a single credible person in the Pentagon believes Iran/Syria are a military threat to the US, they have published official studies admitting this much. What the US is primarily concerned with is its sphere of influence and control. Iran is a direct threat to US control in the middle east and has been for decades due to its loud defiance against US imperialism. Israel is the most trust worthy ally in exerting this influence and Saudi Arabia is second so the US will goto lengths to support both these regimes. Israel is basically the main US military base in that region. Do Zionists have a say in US foreign policy? Of course they do, but Israeli interest does not supersede US state/business interests, they just happen to mostly align. As far as Syria is concerned, the US is opposed to nationalist independence, their whole foreign policy is designed to prevent it. This is especially true if the state in question is allying with Iran/Russia.
  15. There has been countless times US national interests have conflicted with what Israel wants and the US government has told Israel to back off. It just so happens that most of the time their interests align. A strong Israel in the middle east is very critical to US for all kinds of strategic reasons and it isn't just because of the Israel lobby. Nasrallah is correct.