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  1. Iran vs KSA ?

    Well in the past a lot of racist remarks against white people and jews have gone totally unpunished. It is quite hypocritical.
  2. It depends, most of US growth has been driven by heavy state involvement and highly protectionist policies.
  3. The daughter doesn't belong in the picture until things are safe for her and she isn't surrounded by abuse, whether towards her or her parents or grandparents. I would say it is probably best to limit interaction. The son should be confronting or discussing with his parents without wife and child present. He would find it less stressful than witnessing his family be abused infront of him.
  4. Depression

    You missed his point. No one here implied faith is useless or you shouldn't be making dua. What was clearly said was that people suffering from serious mental issues do require medication, at times just to be able to survive. You cannot assume someone suffering from mental illness is deficient in faith or character, and this is exactly what was implied in this thread. That is holier than thou attitude that almost turned members like Afsanah away from Islam. There are other members here who also recommended dua but also told the OP to seek professional help if required, did anyone call them holier than thou or judgemental? No.
  5. Depression

    I just read your post above, after I had posted mine. Please just take a little time to reflect on what people have said on this thread, I hope you understand the validity of the facts and not just accept it as some different perspective and move on. That is all I will say.
  6. Depression

    What you are doing is a lot worse than mockery. I don't understand why you don't get it because it is beyond obvious. Do you realize what you did there? This is a constant theme throughout a lot of your posts. Incredibly mean and judgemental overtones shoved between a veil of self absorbed religious rhetoric. You just saw a couple of members courageously detail their suffering and this is your way of supporting your sisters in faith?
  7. Soviet Union was not really communist. In fact it was more state capitalist than communist. The US also has never been anywhere close to pure capitalism.
  8. Depression

    It is not a matter of agreement. You displayed ignorance on the issue of mental health and continue to do so in this post. If you were to come down with a serious disease, would you reject any medical treatment and leave it all to God? What about taking insulin for diabetes? Leave that to Islam too? Because that is exactly what you are proposing as a solution to serious mental health issues. They require medication and can at times be potentially fatal. There are people who suffer from serious mental health issues despite being from loving and stable families, your constant references to the struggles of the Ahlulbayt in this context highlights the core problem with your argument. You are essentially blaming people with serious mental health issues for lacking imaan or character. That is highly condescending and insensitive. Please take a little bit of time to read about mental health before posting on these topics because we have members suffering from mental health issues and mental health is already stigmatized as it is.
  9. Depression

    You need to stop being so stubborn and realize that serious chemical imbalances need to be treated with medication. Not everything can magically be cured by praying or adjusting mental attitudes. It is highly insensitive to people suffering from severe depression and other mental illness to keep suggesting it all can be cured without medication. You are regurgitating the same nonsensical arguments ever present in our communities. And no, some 20 min YouTube video isn't going to flip scientific consensus on its head.
  10. What are you talking about dude. You cannot look at official rape and sexual assaults statistics to conclude there are more rapes per capita in Canada than say Pakistan. Most rapes go unreported in those societies because there is no recourse, only shame and statistics aren't even kept.
  11. Pizza Toppings

    Mushrooms and red onions. I also like tandoori chicken if it is done right, tastes amazing.
  12. #12 Country Poll

    Canada obviously and it is not even close.
  13. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    Not necessarily. It is only natural that secessionists will push their agenda when the state is at its most vulnerable. The likelihood of them having their goals met when the state is even stronger is even weaker. This is why a secession in Iraq is relatively more like to succeed than say Turkey or Iran which is even less likely so.
  14. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    Religion hardly ever trumps cultural/linguistic association and ties, it wouldn't for Iraqis either. Lets face it, the Kurds got a terrible deal after the world war, their people were cut and divided across 4 different states. The way they carved out Iraq also made no sense whatsoever. Iraq is responding like any nation state would, but you can hardly blame the Kurds for wanting more autonomy and independence. Also, just because Israel is backing the movement doesn't make it inherently illegitimate. Just because Pakistan backs Kashmir or India Balochi separatists doesn't make their plea for independence illegitimate.