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  1. KFCs in UK closed

    Dude Popeyes is way better. Its not even close.
  2. Financial Support in Marriage

    That would apply to Sunnis too then.
  3. Secret second marriage

    You do not have to tell her for 10 years but as per obligatory precaution you should tell her after 7 years.
  4. True, but don't you feel a seasoned guy like him realizes that him remaining calm is making her look utterly ridiculous since she is completely misrepresenting him. It isn't even a case of someone being clever in their misinterpretations as a lot of interviewers can be, which can get infuriating. It was almost comical how off base she was.
  5. Peterson can be quite annoying and he has spewed a lot of nonsense in the past although I agree with him on a lot of free speech issues. This interview was a cakewalk though, the interviewer kept misinterpreting him, not that hard to call her out.
  6. We should also distinguish between informal and academic philosophy, the former is more important for the advancement of mankind. Humans engage in philosophical mental exercises and discourse all the time, but most are just not trained in expressing their thoughts formally. I have had discussions with individuals where they maybe employing a direct proof or drawing insightful and correct inferences but they wouldn't be able to do this formally.
  7. A libertarian argument against taxes

    What the libertarians fail to understand is that true liberty is a collective pursuit. Society would not be so free if every individual was simply allowed to pursue their self interest. Taxes are a part of a social contract, as Caesar mentioned, society collectively protects and supports individuals. In the extreme scenario you presented, where some individual was born in the middle of nowhere and never benefited from anything the state provided (virtually impossible in most modern societies), then perhaps he would have some leg to stand on. Even then, it gets extremely complicated when you bring in conflicting rights, access to finite set of resources etc.
  8. Theoretical Computer Science generally has little to do with programming. It is totally understandable that one can be a decent Computer Scientist but not be great at writing code. The reason most CS students are not good programmers is because they hardly ever code, it is as simple as that. As far as humans and philosophy are concerned, humans are not inherently bad at philosophy. To engage in meaningful philosophical thought one requires reasonable amount of time off from distractions in order to contemplate and collaboratively engage. This simply is not a luxury accorded to most in this day and age. In fact, trillions of dollars are spent in order to prevent people from doing so.
  9. Female staying single?

    Take initiative. Move around, meet people, socialize, you may just find a decent dude. If you do not then at least you tried. I definitely wouldn't just marry for the heck of it though, but you should definitely explore.
  10. World Cup 2018!

    Watch out for France in this world cup. They have a ridiculous amount of young talent. As far as Iran is concerned, it is the world cup, play well defensively and you can beat any big team on the counter on your day.
  11. SuperBowl 2018

    Jaguars have a Pakistani owner.... Too bad they lost to the Patriots.
  12. Perhaps you did not follow. I never said they were mutually exclusive but the fact is that it happens all the time.
  13. Good luck with your disastrous marriage should you choose to marry a hijabi with bad character as opposed to a non hijabi with decent character.
  14. When did men stop being men

    This isn't anything new, I observed behaviour like this back in the 90s.
  15. convincing parent for hawza

    It generally is not a good idea to make such important life decisions just after an experience that gets you really excited. Take some time, find out as much as you can about hawza life and it's long term implications. There is a lot of information available from current and previous students as well.