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  1. Youth Viewing Porn

    Smart phone easy Internet access and free time is Shaitans best weapon in this modern age. To prevent teens from using it we have some Internet security from many antivirus like Norton and others which gives you the right to give your pc a limited access on internet We should also closely monitor the friendship of our teen brother or our children coz that is where it comes from
  2. Huge earthquake hits Iraq and Iran

    Duas and prayers for all affected... Indeed this world is an examination for momeen
  3. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    Which sunnis also do but you befriend them for unity... Then you should befriend yasir Al habib because he has a more stronger case than sunnis
  4. Hariri kidnapped in Saudi Arabia

    I think Muqtada Al sadr can be mediator in removing Hariri out of Saudi Arabia. He recently had a meeting with Saudis
  5. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    Talking bad of enemies of aale Muhammad a.s is an act of reward.
  6. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    Brother I love u, our maraaje and yasir Al habib and all of shias because all us have Wilayat of ameerul momineen.. But if we don't like something in our shia brother then we should hate that act of his not him and condemn that act of his that's y I condemn his act of disrespecting maraaje.. We have to love the lovers of ameerul momineen even if they hate us.. Iltemaase dua
  7. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    Isn't this shame on us that we disrespect yasir Al habib because he says things about enemies of ahlebait a.s which we don't like, the act of his which is condemnable is when he says wrong about maraaje?... But y u people are thinking twice on doing laanah on the enemies of ahlebait a.s just to please some people.... Enemies of ahlebait a.s there eternal destination is hell do you doubt it? Or ur love for Ahle sunnah has made you think that they can also go on jannat... If u can respect these great enemies of Aal e mohammad a.s then you should love yaser Al habib because he love aale Muhammad... And it is gist of one of the ahadith that you should love one who loves aale Muhammad a.s even if he or she is a killer of your father
  8. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    First of all that statement of aagae sistani is something political... He cant come to world media and say what the reality is.... Like wise what sayyed hasan Nasrallah said is also political when he used a title for that enemy of Aale Muhammad a.s (laanah of Allah upon her) ....And no one can prove from any sayings of ahlebait a.s who have said that so and so are souls... If he is saying them bakri they should be proud of it he is attributing them to there first caliph.. Like wise if we are attributed as alawi, or husaini we will be proud of it... And lastly people who love these individuals who were involved in killing of ahlebait a.s can never be our friends.. I don't think anything bad attributed to these individuals is slandering because they are the root cause of every evil which Islam and Muslims are facing today.... I am reading this link shared by you because it's written by respectful authority and should be given importance
  9. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    The way we are being led currently can take us to a stage where our next generations will not be able to distinguish between enemies and friends of aale Muhammad a.s... Thats why tabarra is very much important.... I only mean the way he propagates tabarra should be respected not the other acts of his which deserves condemnation... So we need to look what is said not who said and if the same work being done by any other aalim we will have no need to hear him but we rarely see anyone doing it except sheikh hasan allahyari... Ayatullah behjat may Allah bless him since his name is come please recite a surah Fateha for his blessed soul
  10. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    We need people like him in our community... Respect of maraaje is must but think anyone comes attacks ur religion and easily goes away.. If we have people like him most of them will think twice before saying a word against us.. I condemn his act of disrespecting maraaje but his stance on enemies of aale Muhammad a.s should be respected
  11. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    Firstly the count doesn't makes you the righteous ones.. Christians have more population and countries than Muslims does that make them one on the right path? ... Sunnis are themselves divided into too many sects so they all should not be counted as one entity as each one of them beliefs other will go to hell..if u see in right through out the history most people didn't accept the prophets and were given painful chastisement by Allah.. In the time of prophet Nuh a.s how many came to boat? Majority got drowned.. How many in the time prophet moosa a.s changed their religion when he went to mount tur? Majority turned away... So count has got no value. Quran says Surah Ash-Shuara, Verse 174: إِنَّ فِي ذَٰلِكَ لَآيَةً وَمَا كَانَ أَكْثَرُهُم مُّؤْمِنِينَ Most surely there is a sign in this, but most of them do not believe.
  12. Husainam khuda nigehdaar e to nauha

    I have seen this one too but that was different..Really thankful of u sis Hameedeh.. Please share if u find others too..
  13. Husainam khuda nigehdaar e to nauha

    Wasalaam, Yes this is the nauha but I am searching for a different reciter.. He had a strong voice like aagae helali
  14. Husainam khuda nigehdaar e to nauha

    Salaamunalaiqum friends, I really like one version of this nauha listened in Iran, I don't know the name of the reciter, searched it on YouTube I found some link but there voice were different from the one I listened , please share whatever link you have of this nauha so that I can find the one which I like
  15. Best Lecturer?

    Sheikh hasan allahyari