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  1. :)

    :squeez: marbles is drawing a LINE! ^_^ :lol:
  2. Abandoned By Husband

    :( i am sorry to hear about this , may god give u the courage and strength ......tim wil heal the wounds and u will realise what a jerk he was !
  3. Legally Marriage

    2cnd registered in europe are not allowed ! Thank god for that!
  4. Driving Tips

    yeah : stop honking at women
  5. Sorry

    apology granted
  6. Increasing Breastmilk

    soup with red meat
  7. Wedding Invitations Diplomacy..

    i love crashing parties :) :!!!: :Hijabi:
  8. Is This Discharge Impure?

    hmmmm.......female tissues would be best to use like ''alldays'
  9. u cant only blame the UN and SS , blame MTV !
  10. Stopping Sexual Desire

  11. The Miracle Of Pharaoh And Moses

    walk like an egyptian
  12. Shia Centre In Switzerland?

    lol queen_punk , u r not helping her
  13. Youth Conference

    sounds fun to attend
  14. Anyone In The Chicago Area?

    i am from chi-town :)