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  1. end of FaceBook ?

    Facebook is too big to end / die / fail ... more like watch the stocks carefully and buy at or close to the floor -major analysts still have a price target for facebook stock at $200 (down from $205) - currently at $169 ... there is no such thing as privacy anymore.
  2. Can a Shia join Sufi Turuq?

    This is a very complex question / concern - and most likely all you will get are personal opinions on this board ... a lot depends on the "order" (tariqa ) etc. ... Having said that just about all of Sufi tariqas trace themselves back through Imam Ali (as) ... and often include many of our Imams (as) ... some such as many Turkish orders (Haveleti included I think ... ) have all 12 Imams (as) as part of their lineage. I won't say yes or no to your question - but you may wish to consider your intention. Irfan "happens" in the Shi'a world through practice ... same as it happens amongst Sufis ... Henry Corbin suggests (and I agree with this ) that what takes place in Sufi schools amongst Sunnis - is already built in - in the Shi'a tradition. The difficulty we have especially living outside of major Shi'a centers of the world - is finding teachers who can talk with us about the deeper meanings. The Sufis are mostly Sunnis - even if they do trace their lineage through the Imams (as) - by this I mean is that they usually won't bring hadith of the Imams (as) - their lives are not central. Yet, if you do practice - it is possible that you'll be given marifa (inshallah) to begin to appreciate those words - the layers of the Qur'an etc.
  3. World Cup 2018!

    As the Great Leader of The Free World would say: #FakeNews
  4. Beautiful Pakistani Nasheed by Wahhabi

    dude is not wahabbi ... bangladeshi origin ...british guy ... hanafi most likely - given the the people he hangs out with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labbayk
  5. Beautiful Pakistani Nasheed by Wahhabi

    Doesn't seem like he is a wahabbi - i doubt it they do nasheeds ... this is a regular pakistani sunni - beautiful nasheed ...
  6. World Cup 2018!

    I will repost this post a 1000 times when Iran walks off with the world cup.
  7. World Cup 2018!

    That is not a question that can be answered because the answer is beyond the limits imposed by both the written and spoken words.
  8. World Cup 2018!

    Iran will win - might as well call off the world cup so other countries don't have to suffer disappointments. So Trumperica did not even make it ?
  9. Thank you ... the links led me to a translation of the Nahjul-Balagha by Yasin al-Jibouri ... the hadith appears in that translation in the introduction "nine rules for happiness" attributed to Imam Ali (as) - but I am unable to find it in the main text ... Please let me know if anyone can find it in any of the hadith collections. thank you
  10. "Smile, even if your heart is dripping blood". Imam Ali ( AS) The above hadith is making the rounds all over ... does anyone know the source / reference for this hadith?
  11. Is Ammar Nakhswani against Wilayat e Faqih

    The problem is that we have too many shia centers who are giving the podium (minbar) to those who claim to be self-taught. That is fine and well - nothing wrong with being self-taught - but when one goes out and spreads this self-taught knowledge, where are the checks and balances that an alim who has studied in a hawza has to go through? Sure a self-taught individual MAY be able to narrate who others have stated (here to one needs an ijaza - strictly speaking) - but they cannot indulge in their own ijtihad - because they are not a mujtahid. Somehow our communities' standard of knowledge has gone so low - that self-taughtness is good for a minbar - but lets see how many of the same who study in universities to become doctors, engineers etc - would agree that they can also be self-taught. And lets see how many would allow their children to be treated by a self-taught "doctor" (i.e. quack) . According to wikipedia: "He studied in the Islamic Seminaries of Damascus, Syria in the precincts of the sanctuary of Zainab, the granddaughter of Holy Prophet Muhammad, from 2009 - 2012" So that's it ... he studied for three years apparently in Syria. How did he become such a celebrity? Yeah, he has some degrees from western universities - but those do not count towards becoming a mujtahid - that's like saying an MD degree a non-recognized/certified "university" is the same as a certified / accredited university - they are not the same... that is why there are licensing requirements / standards. And there is within Shi'a Islam as well. Thankfully so! Look at the state of affairs amongst Sunnis where anyone can just pronounce themselves a "sheikh" .
  12. Is Ammar Nakhswani against Wilayat e Faqih

    is Ammar Nakhswan a mujtahid, even a low level scholar? if not, what does it matter what he thinks - anyone can promote themselves to a position of getting invited to give talks - doesn't mean much. i
  13. e-hawza: is it worth it?

    Depends on your level - if you already know Arabic and/or Farsi - if not then a few hours a day on learning those languages would put you in good shape for Qum and/or Najaf. And then it depends on what you are studying in the university , can any of your coursework complement hawza studies? you could take one course a semester - and that won't be too taxing - and then once you're ready to go non-virtual hawza - you'll be ahead.
  14. Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    It looks like it was shown on Turkish TV and then subtitled in the various languages ... got silly Turkish soap operas commercials - and car banners that pop up from time to time ... still good to watch. Very nicely made. Majid Majidi is awesome.
  15. If you can understand Urdu - you can listen to Allama Jawad Naqvi's Friday khutbas on this topic see