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    In the name of Allah, the all merciful, the all compassionate. O Allah, O He who extends the morning’s tongue in the speech of its dawning -
    And dispatches the fragments of the dark night into the gloom of its stammering -   Makes firm the structure of the turning spheres in the measure of its display -   And beames forth the brightness of the sun through the light of its blazing -    O He who demonstrates His essence by His essence-transcends congeniality with His creatures -     And is exalted beyond conformity with His qualities! O He who is near to the passing thoughts of guesses yet far from the regards of the eyes -   And knows what will be, before it comes to be - .......   these are the mind baffling words of none other than yours and my master Ali Ibn Abi Talib AS in Dua al Sabah, a highly recommended supplication after the Fajr Salat. 
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    I've been attending this year's majlis for the ashre-muharram and Brother Ali, Maulana stated that the Masaib (the narration of Karbala) was relayed not only by Rasullulah (S.A.W) but by Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, and other great prophets (peace be upon all of them). This shows that the event of Karbala was pre-determined and was going to happen.
    Also when Imam Ali (as) was coming close to passing from this world, he was making his pledges and wishes to all his sons and daughters....Hazrat Abbas (as) was in the corner upset, Imam calls him and asks him why he is upset, Ya Abbas replies what is there for me? Imam takes his hand and puts it in the hand of Abu Abdillah and says you have been destined to serve and protect Imam Hussein (as) and you will be there with him in Karbala. Another proof that it was pre-determined. it wasn't free will Brother nor could it have been but yes had they killed Yazid and his army the resulting effect wouldn't have been as strong as how it is now purely because of the corrupt people around at the time
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    Salaams, That is a very good question and I think one that many people would have thought about...In my opinion I think this battle was always going to be won by Martydom and not by defeating Yazid and his army physically. If Imam Hussein (Salamulahi Alahi) had killed Yazid and his army (which would easily had been possible had Abul Fazl Abbas (as) gone to the battle field), the corrupt people of Kufa and Shaam wouldn't have turned to the true Islam the way the tragady of Karbala made them realise. The manner of Martydom of the great warriors and the subsequent looting and attack on the women really exposed what Yazid was all about and hence this sacred day of all days still remains alive as though it had only happened yesterday! Kullu Yawmin Ashura Kullu Arzin Karbala. Labaik Ya Hussein!