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  1. What are you implying. Are you implying some Shia would selectively edit a video or misrepresent the contents. Or God forbid wrongfully translate it. Have you not heard the hadith of making 70 excuses for your Momin brother. ( I am of course being sarcastic. You spend over 20 pages arguing over giving people the benefit of the doubt if they delete words from a fatwa or adding brackets to change the meaning and yet its now obvious that you argue for the sake of arguing). All that to salve your double syed pride. If a man has no fear of Allah or the Ahlul Bait and cannot speak the truth at least fear that your children will read your ramblings and they will lose respect of you
  2. Some members on here like to think more creatively when translating in order to justify blood letting
  3. You are right, the boycott was of Banu Hashim. The point I was making was that at the same time as Hz Umar's conversion. Banu Hashim endured the worst hardships and where is the evidence that Hz Umar's conversion alleviated that suffering. If you look at the description of Hz Umar before conversion it is hardly a paragon of Islamic virtue or chivalry. His description is one of violence rage. Look at how he was going to kill his own sister and brother in law for converting. Compare this to the descriptions of Hz Ali (as). Fierce warrior but gentle with orphans and those in need. Forgiving slow to anger. The virtues go on and on. Non-muslims have remarked it is amazing that one individual should have such strongly cntrasting attributes. A true warrior saint.
  4. Thank you for your insightful comments brother. Can you expand on what you mean by 'deserved'.
  5. You are a hard task master Sister Hameedeh but a fair one. I apologise to brother Awais
  6. Brother I am not a 'professional debator' who seem to keep reams of copy and paste. However I did a quick google search https://www.al-islam.org/restatement-history-islam-and-muslims-sayyid-ali-ashgar-razwy/economic-and-social-boycott-banu If you look at the dates of the boycott 616-619 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umar Conversion date 616. Hope this helps
  7. You will have to help me out here brother with this timeline The Holy Prophet (pbuhahp) prayed to Allah to 'give him one of two Umers Hz Umar converted to Islam in 616 AD. Islam is supposedly strengthened and muslims can pray openly due to Quaraish fear of Umer in reality that year saw the start of the social and economic boycott of Bani Hashim for 3 years where they were forced to live in a ravine due to fear of attack. Hardly the mark of Quaraish fearing a stronger Islam No sign of Hz Umar, Hz Abu Bakr or Hz Uthman joining them in the ravine. Puzzling that. Looks like a case of reverse engineered history
  8. Few points I pointed out that I 'taught' Azaan to either you or one of your ilk. Sister Starlight and Sister Hameedah were responsible for permanent deletion of that thread because of its content. As to this 'Double Syed' business its obvious that your hung up on self agrandisation, you seem to think people are envious of you and 'hate' you because of envy. I assure you my view and attitude about you would be the same whether you were double single or non-Syed. What appears to stick in your throat is that your lack of knowledge about the basics of Islam is constantly exposed and so you bluster around trying to cover up your ignorance. Grandstanding for the audience to make it appear that you 'won' an ongoing discussion in which you still try to justify deletion of vital words in a fatwa and addition of brackets to change the meaning of the fatwa. I think on another thread you said that your family lost its 'SHAJRA' during the partition. Maybe thats the origin of your desperate need to gain acceptance and respect ( from malangs)
  9. Copy and paste the comments from the arbitrer where he allows 1) changing meaning of fatwa by addition of brackets 2) Deletion of words from the fatwa. No idea what you are on about the 'Arabic' since the debate is the translation. So misleading readers on here I see. 20 years on here 1000s of posts and you ask me a stupid question in red. Since my stance is well known it is obvious you use this question to hide behind. Brackets explain they dont change the meaning. Any fool knows that. As to you being a Double Syed. I see you were busy on another thread telling others it was a responsibility not a self agrandisation title. Pray tell Double Syed, Single syed, if that isnt self agrandisation what is . OH and does that mean I did 'teach' you about fatwas because you darent deny it lol
  10. Rarely do I agree with you Brother DU, I think this is the second time in 20 years and both within 6 months. A record I am sure you will agree. The problem I have is that to many people play in the grey areas and lead the 'foolish' into the grey areas. You are right niyaat is everything and it is possible with intellectual training to maintain that discipline. However not everyone is intellectually gifted and may misunderstand. We have a responsibility for others not just ourselves. There is the well known joke which illustrates this point perfectly A venerable old Buddhist monk would rise before sunrise every morning go to the temple courtyard and meditate. His meditation was however disturbed by this annoying noisy dog who barked in the morning in the courtyard. The venerable old monk ordered his disciples to take this dog and tie it up the other side of the temple out of ear shot. A few years later the old monk died but the disciples continued to take this dog and tie it up the other side of the temple during morning meditation A few years after that the dog also died so the disciples went out and bought a new dog which the continued to tie up every morning during morning meditation just as their old master had dictated
  11. You dont suffer from amnesia except when it suits you. You suffer from self aggrandisation, but that's another story. As I said if it wasn't you you read that thread. The thread was so vile in its content and links it had to be deleted by the moderators. Convenient for you and your ilk. But back to the bit I can prove, do you deny I taught you that you cant 'modernise 80 year old fatwas'? (lol). Simple yes or no will suffice. Your avoidance of this question will just prove that I did teach you and you hate it because you are a 'Double Syed' and you shouldnt have to learn of a lesser mortal then you lol
  12. The accusation was that I couldn't teach you or anybody else anything. Just for starters I taught you that you cant 'modernise' fatwas. But of course people like you decide to play around with the translations. Adding words deleting words. You sure it wasn't you that I taught Shia Azaaan to. Only one of 3 possibilities. I would thought being a double syed you would know all about fatwas and if not fatwas at the very least the Azaan. Having said that if it was you and you didnt know the Azaan then you probably reading Salaat wrong as well. Back to madrasah mate . Go get a teacher who isnt a 'double syed' like you
  13. Remind out of the three blood letters/blood letter wannabess I was debating were you the one I had to teach the Azaan to. I am pretty sure it was you but I could be wrong either way I taught something to those of your ilk. I taught you that you couldn't 'modernise' fatwas. Something every self respecting double-syed should know. Seems like the apple has fallen far from the tree You keep going on about fitna-monger. It seems to me that you define a fitna-monger as one who adheres to the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You on the other hand support word deletion from fatwas. Creative interpretation by using brackets. in fatwas. The true fitna-monger is the one that can no longer differentiate truth from falsehood. 20 pages of you justifying deletion of words and creative interpretation.
  14. A few points since you are convinced that your ancestors converted mine. I have to state it for the record that If that is the case I have no choice but to debate you and try and return you to the right path of your ancestors. i have no choice but to put up with your petty insults and name calling because I owe it to your ancestors to return you to the right path i have no choice I have to educate you on the the sanctity of fatwas i have no choice I have to educate you that you cannot 'modernise fatwas' I have to educate you that you cannot delete words from fatwas i have to educate that you cannot add words to a fatwa i have to educate you that changing the meaning of a fatwa is disrespecting the Marge concerned i have to educate you on the correct Azaan I owe this to your blessed ancestors. Anybody else would have cursed and derided you by now but I am honour bound to save your soul. BTW the criticism was not that you go on 'holiday' but that you lacked the courtesy to say you were going and left mid-debate. Son of your blessed ancestors I did ask you to clarify which version of Ayatullah Naeeni's fatwa you were asking us to 'sign up to'. The butchered corrupted version you are defending or the original.
  15. How can anyone agree with anything you say or suggest when you have spent over 20 pages on PM and in public vacillating over the translation of the afore mentioned fatwa. You have tried to justify deletion of crucial words, addition of words to the fatwa and totally out of context explanations of the fatwa, Since we cant agree on what it said I really think its rich for you to ask us to endorse it. What exactly are you asking us to endorse. You left the discussion without even a cursory explanation Has your absence made you forget over 20 pages of yo yo thinking. I very much doubt that your ancestors converted my ancestors however if they did, I and my entire family are beholden to them and by default you. So much am I beholden to you I feel it is wajib on me to return you to the right path of your ancestors. Maybe your ancestors will sleep easy in their graves knowing that their progeny can and will be guided back. Sleep easy knowing that at least some of the seeds they planted will seek to retrain their progeny and guide them back to the truth