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  1. All religions employ methods or elements of brainwashing.
  2. Tribes of Mecca

    Some of the mentioned tribes if not many of them are sub-divisions of Quaraish
  3. 12er Shia havent this concentric circles of secrecy, with only the adept allowed into the inner secrets. Not sure what you are referring to
  4. Why Most Iranians Hate Khomeini?

    Shia girl was being sarcastic Sunni girl probably arrived in the conversation late You were probably duped by a couple of girls lol
  5. The Unlettered Prophet

    forgive me for thinking bad of you however why would you wish to congratulate someone for stating a simple fact. It smacks of condescension and delusions of superiority. It appears that you have been offended by me correcting your earlier errors. Since Ididn't commit any error in my post i fail to see why you feel this pressing need to 'congratulate' me. Your condescending reply betrays an inner insecurity. I would remind you of the hadith 'Seek knowledge even if its in China' (paraphrasing). Seems that you need to learn a little ettiquette and realise (just as I do) that there is no disgrace in making a mistake or being corrected
  6. Are Alevi's Seyyeds?

    I was not asking you for your definition since you were not the OP. I was asking Faruk. There are Alevis in IndoPak as well. I think they claim descent from Hz Ali(as)
  7. Why are Druzes so secret?

    So it appears you can write English,you just choose not to. Just a couple of points I would make. I have not said anything controversial or anything disputed by any scholars of renown be what ever persuasion they maybe. It seems you revel in your ignorance and cover up for it by 'writing drivel' or going on the attack. You ask me to prove something that is accepted by all scholars. Therefore I must assume that either ignorant or just on here to pick pointless debates. Pray tell what what category do you fall into
  8. Are Alevi's Seyyeds?

    with all these similar sounding names and terms. I suppose it should have been prudent to ask what type of Alevi you are referring to
  9. The Unlettered Prophet

  10. The Unlettered Prophet

    No the Holy Prophet(pbuhahp) did not try and remove his name. He was asked by the kuffar to remove the honorific 'Prophet of Allah' and it was not done to please the kuffar.
  11. The more I read this thread the more I feel that is a proselytysing spam thread. He claims to have been a 12er who has been inspired to converttoIsmailiism. In order to square the circle he has adopted a couple of unique beliefs that are not to be found in 12er doctrine or Ismaili doctrine. Firstly that all the 12 Imams had some sort of legitimacy as guides. (paraphrasing) Secondly and more seriously that his 'current Imam' (Agha Khan) does not have to be a descendant of the Holy Prophet (pbuhahp), he just has to believe he is. You may be aware of the circles of belief (my interpretation) of Ismailiism. After study and acceptance you are admitted into ever inner circles where more and more of the truth is revealed to you. So in the outer circle you are all things to all men. The Inner circles are where you are taught to reject your former beliefs and blindly follow others. Standard ensnarement and brainwash techniques
  12. How to avoid migraine ?

    Several other lesser known things you should consider. Glucose intolerance (precursor to diabetes) can cause severe headaches. Many people consume fizzy drinks and lucozade type drinks and this causes glucose to cross the blood brain barrier and cause severe migraines. Stay of sugar and sweet stuff and see whathappens. Wheat intolerance (nor coeliac disease) can cause diarrheastomach distension and bad sinuses. Staying of wheat for 2 weeks if you are intolerant will clear sinuses and regulate stomach disorders.
  13. Why are Druzes so secret?

    Look I appreciate that English is probably not yourfirstlanguage, however can you try and break up your comments into complete sentences. Your first line makes absolutely no sense. I think you were trying to make a comment implying that it was an obvious illustration of my ignorance. Howeversince I didn't actually understand your comment I cant refute your allegation of ignorance
  14. Why are Druzes so secret?

    You call yourself 12er Shia and yet are remarkably ignorant about the history of Shia sects. What I said is a distillation of research via google. If you are interested go research it just as I did. Dont expect people to come and spoon feed you information. Just the names of the sects alone should have made you realise that this is quite a disparate list and you are unlikely to find one article to illustrate everything I have said. So as I said go google. Finally I am sure you didn't mean the term 'buddy' in a pejorative manner but I would ask you to refrain from using that term with me. Than
  15. Are Alevi's Seyyeds?

    Alevi is sect itsabout belief. Sayid is about racial origin. So yes an Alevi can beSayids but being an Alevi does not mean you are a Sayid