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  1. @Ali86 Idara Marif Islam HUSSAINIA MASQUE, HERBERT ROAD, SMALL HEATH, BIRMINGHAM B10 0QP ALMAHDI TRUST 2 Westwood Road Witton Birmingham West Midlands B6 7DU Mehfil E Abbas KSIMC 17 Clifton Rd, Birmingham B12 8SX Phone:0121 446 6437 Al Jawad Centre 288 Gooch StreetBirminghamWest MidlandsUnited KingdomB5 7JE Dont know of any are specifically Iraqi
  2. Seems like my kind of man, anti female genital mutillation and tatbir.
  3. Yes we all know the 'Shias who please Sunnis'. Ayatullah Khameni Ayatullah Sistani Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi Syed Hassan Nasrullah. Your comments come from a poisoned source. Any fruit it bears is similarly poison
  4. One theory says that there may have originally been a 'Ziyarat Ashura' however there have been additions and embellishments to it over the years. Problem is where does the genuine end and the embellishment start.
  5. Well lets see the obvious contradiction and you wonder why we think your husband is a caveman. He marries a well educated girl from a 'rich' Pakistani family, comes to live in the west. Now he wants to keep his daughters illiterate and uneducated. If he had gone to a far flung village in Pakistan and married the poorest illiterate girl there I would say here is a man of principle. Instead he wants his cake and eat it. Live in the west in a decent life style. Lock up his daughters or pack them of to Pakistan so they know nothing and get them married at 16. Rather selfish individual I think
  6. That's why I pointed out it was a greeting used by the Ismailis. https://simerg.com/literary-readings/the-traditional-ismaili-greeting-ya-ali-madad/. Most of the posts on here are about justifying its usage rather then looking at its origin.
  7. Apparently the 12ers got it from the Ismailis. The Ithna Asherias have acquired a lot of practices from the Ismailis. Nad-e-Ali apparently has Ismaili origins, Since we believe in Imam Mahdi (as) surely the most appropriate term to use is Ya Mahdi Madad. Also you only see Ya Ali Madad as a greeting used on the Indian Sub Continent. Amazing what we IndoPaks can discover which no other shia group does
  8. It is not for you or me to decide who is unauthorised. He has a following on the Indian Sub-Continent. As such you cannot pass deffamatory remarks about him
  9. On reflection I think maybe you are right. I felt that the post wasn't genuine but maybe some of the sentiments contained in it are expressed by individuals so maybe the OP was trying to find out more info on the subject. The fact that her written English was very good and written in a western style indicated to me that the post was fake. In my defence ( though a poor one) I would say that I did orginally post to go and see an Alim any Alim. We shall see if she replies
  10. I suspect the question in itself is a 'joke' or maybe be posted by a non-Muslim who thinks Muslim women are barefoot pregnant and chained to the kitchen sink. Hopefully this will show them even the barefoot pregnant Muslim women need to read cookery books or how to run a washing machine or check food ingredients. Just need a longer chain really
  11. Further thoughts on this, if you were filming a family member and u saw a 'miracle' you would scream and point it out to everyone, you would gesturing wildly, you would take the camera away from ur face so you can see it with your own eyes to verify it. None of this happened. The person just calmly carried on filming and then supposedly fainted
  12. I occasionally read these posts and I think I don't believe this post is genuine. The writer appears to be from the West so I am not sure where she married such a medieval caveman. Tell him to speak to an Alim. Problem solved. If that doesn't work don't get pregnant. As I said I don't actually believe this post is genuine but on the of chance it is drag him in front of an Alim any Alim. They will put him straight
  13. I am after you Sindbad because you call the equivalent of takfir on those that disagree with you and make up non-existent conversations. You constantly declared me Sunni and now brother realism as well. secondly I am the most virulently anti-tatbir person on here and I don't deny it. That does not take me out of the fold of Shia Islam. My silence on debating with you as I pointed out is because of your dishonest posts alleging I was Sunni. BTW I AM REPORTING MYSELF FOR CALLING YOU DISHONEST BUT I CANNOT FIND ANOTHER WORD FOR YOU ALLEGING THAT YOU AND OTHERS PARTICIPATED IN A CONVERSATION IN WHICH I SAID I WAS SUNNI OR IMPLIED IT
  14. Well i am the second one he is calling non-Shia