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  1. A Debate With Abuhanifa

    I would remind you that 'Shia hadith' are not unchallegeable set in stone or beyond reproach. I would also remind you that sometimes Shia hadith appear to contradict each other due to circumstances. Therefore to say you have hadith in which someone is cursed only raises more questions. If you wish to look evidence. If you are a genuine knowledge seeker rather then an idle debater then I suggest that you start with premise that Imam Abu Hanifa was Shia nd look for evidence to support that. Your problem is that you start with the premise that is cursed and dismiss any information that contradicts this assumption
  2. A Debate With Abuhanifa

    As you wish. I have been a long time member of this forum. I have been submitting proof since I started however I find that there are certain types of are only interested in the debate and the acquiration of knowledge. You may interpret this as me being cornered but I care not. I have told you that there is evidence if you do not wish to find it i am not here to spoon feed you
  3. A Debate With Abuhanifa

    I never said he was Shia. I said that there is evidence to suggest he was Shia. Since the likes of you will never admit that they learnt anything new from the likes of me I suggest you do independent research. Once you gain insight you can then claim to have discovered these insights all by yourself. Research on Google its amazing
  4. A Debate With Abuhanifa

    I am sure it not any ones fault that you are poorly read and lack historical knowledge. However now that I have informed you that lack knowledge is your problem and your fault. Mocking someone when you lack knowledge can leave you looking foolish
  5. A Debate With Abuhanifa

    also evidence to suggest that he was Shia.   
  6. A Debate With Abuhanifa

    also evidence to suggest that he was Shia. 
  7. A Debate With Abuhanifa

    also evidence to suggest that he was Shia. 
  8. Lets get a reality check here. Everybody keeps talking about the 'poor oppressed Sunni'. Disenfranchised and killed by the wicked 'Shias'. After you take out the Kurds and all the minority groups Sunni Arabs are approximately 70% of the population Assad controls areas which account for 70% of the Syrian population including Sunnis 65% of the Syrian army fighting is Sunni. No doubt Assad army has committed some atrocities but 65% of that army is Sunni. If this was a Sunni Shia battle the army would have defected in year one and the so called 'resistance' wouldn't be composed of 1/3 foriegn fighters https://www.ctc.usma.edu/posts/syrias-sunnis-and-the-regimes-resilience
  9. On what grounds would you get banned from Shiachat. Yasser Habib is a minor so called cleric. He curses Ayatullah Khameni and Hassan Nasrullah. You cannot be banned from Shiachat for exposing scum like this. If that was the case then august figures such as Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi and Hassan Nasrullah would also get banned!! If indeed Yasser Habib has said these words then once and for all people must get off the fence about Yasser Habib. Let Ayatullah Nimr's shahadat at the very least expose the traitors in the Muslim Ummah who don the garb of a cleric and mislead people
  10. Anther horrific crime by the Saudi regime. Condolences to the Muslim and family. Is it true that Yasser Habib said on this TV channel that he would never pray for Ayatullah Al Nimr's release just 3 days before his murder. 
  11. Ibadi muslims pray also with hands down

    The Ibadi muslims praying with their hands by their sides is the strongest evidence that the original format was hands by the sides. The Kharijis (Ibadis) were the first formal split from the main body of the Islamic Ummah and they evolved seperately as pointed out earlier. I believe when looking at evolutionary theory it is thought that the common features of the different strands are what occured first and non common ones came about after wards. so hand open being allowed is common to most strands of Islamic theology (except Imam hanbal i think) therefore more likely to be the original form
  12. 1) the 200,000 dead are a result of the civil war. 2) Assad is probably an evil dictator but 'moderate sunnis' lack the organisation and zeal to stand up to the likes of ISIS. 3) Deposing Assad is a death sentence for all minority groups 4) No such thing as a moderate sunni group in Syria
  13. Why are Druzes so secret?

    They are a off shoot of Shias. They took Taquiya to an extreme level to escape persecution. Similar secretiveness can be seen in the Hindu-Shia, Ismailis, Alawis. It became institutionalised to such an extent that even after the threat has gone they are unable to let go of their secrecy 
  14. A Debate With Abuhanifa

    just a made up story. 
  15. doing khooni matam by girls

    Since it there isn't a specific injunction against it, it must be deemed allowed. Have to say in all the traditions I have heard there has never been mention of dogs. Apart from the fact they are Najis. Should we even be allowing mandogs into shrines. Just waiting for the neighing horses and braying camels and roaring lions.