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  1. Mother violence

    I have brother and sisters but they are not living with us. I think i will start seeing a counsellor again but my mother needs more than me:(
  2. Mother violence

    I didn't share this situation with my dad because he never acts like a normal father. If I talk with him about my mom, he uses it against her when they fight. My mom has heavy expectations from me. I should be a servant, a husband, a doctor, a firend, a religious daughter for her. Because she doesn't have them... She hates my dad and she thinks I resemble my dad.
  3. Mother violence

    My dad... My mom and dad do not have any communication in the same house. They can't even talk about their basic needs in family. They do nod support each others' needs.
  4. Mother violence

    We are in Turkey. During her routine health control, her gynecologist adviced sent her to psychiatry service. Her doctor in psychiatry service told her to come again but she didn't. I really wonder what is my duty now cuz my psychology is influenced by her.
  5. Mother violence

    I felt good and left it but I may start again. However, she is getting worse. Even some my friends who met my mom adviced me to take care of her...
  6. Mother violence

    I wrote my age above. I'm 28. I got support from a counsellor last year. I am not able to support her cuz she makes me ill... If you are not good first you need to get well, then you can help others. This is a rule in counselling. I wonder what Islam advices me...
  7. Mother violence

    She is stronger than me, she is young and very healthy. But psychological effect of her phsical violence is worser. At my age I haven't experienced such a thing. I am shocked!! I tried to talk her several times, for years... I can not do anything for her cuz my psychology is getting weaker.
  8. Mother violence

    Salam Alaikum, I don't know where to start. I live with my mom and dad. My age is 28. My mother is in depression. I didn't see her happy. She had a difficult life. She looks at negative sides of situations. She criticises me every day. For instance i close door of my room and she says 'you don't wanna see my face'... A few days ago she used physical violence on me. I feel traumatic now and don't know what to do. She exploits mothers rights on us. She rejects going to psychiatrist. I asked advice from a religious an honorable woman in my society ad she said 'you can't please some people'. Since she used phsical violence on me I really feel bad and unsafe. How can I protect myself from her? H
  9. my mother is my problem!!

    First of all i am a woman and i tried different ways and then need to share it with someone. I think talking family issues in public is not good but i needed to share it cuz i can't keep it inside. So, here is a nice forum for sharing and getting advice or help. If you don't like it, just do not harm to a fragile woman(or human, whatever). And dear members, thank you so so much for you advices and duas!
  10. my mother is my problem!!

    Thank you! I tried a lot and then I got therapy a few months. I should leave home but it is not economic for me.
  11. my mother is my problem!!

    Selam alaikum dear Shiachat Members, My mother has a tough life and now she is in depression. She makes emotional pressure on me. Her psychology is not well. I took her to a psychiatrist but she didn't like it. By the way, she is a religious woman. And she sometimes make bad dua on me and I really feel sorry. How can I protect myself from her? I really need help.
  12. How To Find The Right One In The Minority?

    Alaikum salam Khudayar, Thank you for your reply. Your view about Turkish Shia community is interesting. I do not have connections with pople from Zeynebiye actually. I can not consider anyone as a leader of Shia community in Turkey. So Zeynebiye is not representing the leadership of Shia Muslim Community in Turkey. There are groups gathered around Shia mosques in different cities and I live in one of these cities. People in my community are acting wisely as compared with Zeynebiye. People in my community didn’t vote for Erdogan. Anyways, this point is a different long topic. P.S. If you want to be matchmaker, first you should get permission from Erdogan.
  13. How To Find The Right One In The Minority?

    Thank you for the reply. My family's communication style is not that much open. I mean we do not have such a ground to talk about finding me a suitable husband. I imply my intention to friends and some relatives and I'm waiting... I asked for help to wife of a respected imam in my community and waiting. I really try. I think my problem is being educated. Even I say I do not look for diploma most of men are looking women from same education degree. Thank you for the reply. Good idea :lol: :lol:
  14. Salam sisters and brothers, I live in a small Shia community. I have dcided to marry to a Shia man but it's not easy to find the right one. For years, I met lots of Shia men but we didn't match. I'll be 30 soon and I am loosing my hope. I do pray for it. Nowadays, I decided to consider Sunni candidates however I do not feel ok. Are there advices for me? I am a social person. I enjoy organizations and have good connections with my community but there is a taboo for girls as "Girls wait for their kismet(destiny)". I mean if I take a step for a boy, it will not be appropriate. I reaaly need your advices...