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  1. Trump ordered Flynn to contact Russia

    Wouldn't this imply that every election is bought? When was the last time anyone got elected without massive amount of financial and media support from big donors?
  2. Trump ordered Flynn to contact Russia

    But what was done exactly? Nobody rigged anything. People took part in a free election. They weren't forced to vote one way or the other, and their votes were accurately tallied. I don't see where the moral outrage is coming from. The fact that dumb people are so easily misled is a problem with democracy itself.
  3. Is Islam Pagan? Kaaba built when?

    The Kaaba was used by pagans, but according to our beliefs it was originally built for the sake of God, and was turned into a site of pagan worship. I'm not sure this can be 'proved' to a non-believer though, and to be honest, I don't think it's man issue worth discussing. Nobody's decision to convert to Islam is going to hinge on this. It's just a way of trying to cause confusion. As for the name Allah, it was used by pagans before Islam, as the Qur'an makes clear, but I'm not sure why that would be problematic, since Allah was acknowledged to be the creator of the universe.
  4. Trump ordered Flynn to contact Russia

    I don't really see the big deal. How many people around the world have been elected with far more support from the USA than a bunch of fake tweets and leaked emails? In fact, the Americans helped Yeltsin get elected in Russia: https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-meddling-in-1996-russian-elections-in-support-of-boris-yeltsin/5568288 Is anyone really naive enough to think the Russians are the only ones playing these games?
  5. Belief in Islam

    You won't go to hell for having doubts or thinking crazy thoughts. From what you've posted, you still seem to be aware of what the truth is, hence your fear of these thoughts. Maybe you should just take a break from thinking about these things, and certainly from YouTube videos, and allow yourself to regain your mental and spiritual equilibrium. Everyone has spiritual ups and downs at some point. What's important is how you cope with them.
  6. Pure evil

    It may be a minority, but I'm not sure I'd go as far as saying it's the exception. At least not among the liberal crowd. Here are some related examples: The whole 'shout your abortion' movement: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ShoutYourAbortion Another crowd applauding someone saying that had an abortion: Celebrating women who've had abortions: https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5915d68de4b0bd90f8e6a47c
  7. Pure evil

    I'm not blaming all of America. Plenty of Americans oppose abortion. However, the dominant culture in America, and the Western world, is one that views abortion as a social and moral good.
  8. Pure evil

    It's one thing to consider that abortion may be a necessary evil, which I think a lot of people assume the pro-abortion crowd believe, but these people actually think it is something to celebrate, to cheer, and to applaud. And this is the culture that pretends to be the world's moral authority?
  9. What if God was fictitious?

    You need not have been shocked. It's quite common. I doubt attending more lectures would have helped much. As for praying harder, what exactly should you have prayed for? To not be exposed to alternative viewpoints? Since it's the prevailing view in the Western world, you would need to really go out of your way not to consider it. Woah there. 'There may well be'? You make it sound like there is some kind of evidence for this, when the reality is that this theory exists solely because otherwise the chances of things working out in our universe the way they do are so incredibly remote that it looks like a miracle. There is zero evidence for any other universe other than our own, and your question is basically backwards. It's not the fact that there are an infinite number of universes that make life so mundane (there is no evidence for the premise of this statement), rather it's the miraculous existence of life that almost necessitates inventing this purported infinitude of universes in order to keep up the pretence that life is due to random chance. There are many reasons. One of which being the fact that life loses all meaning without God. My belief is that all of us recognise deep down that God exists, and Islam is simply a reminder of this. When we choose to not believe in God, we have to suppress this knowledge of God. I'm not sure how this is overly relevant. The fact that there are false religions, or that people use religion for nefarious purposes doesn't invalidate the existence of a true religion. Or maybe all these attributes are similar because they stem from the same origin, and that deep down everyone has that innate knowledge of God imprinted on our souls? As for the Romans adopting Christianity because it better suited their imperialistic needs, I'd be really interested in seeing some evidence for that. It seems to me that they did much better under their pagan religion than they did under Christianity.
  10. Trans people often regret sex-change surgery

    @Sindbad05 I think you are confused about what a transgender person is. It is someone who is biologically male who is convinced that they are a actually a woman (or vice versa), and want to be recognised as such. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender The people you are referring to are usually called intersex these days: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intersex
  11. Transgender in Islam

    So Allah has created a type of person with an illness that could only be 'cured' in the 20th/21st century? What about all the transgender people before that? Where is Allah's mercy for them? Gender dysphoria is certainly an illness, but it is a mental one, not a physical one, and needs to be treated as such. How can people be expected to believe that men who have fathered numerous children, and have had many relationships with women, are actually women themselves, and have been all their lives? This is ridiculous. Unsurprisingly, the success rate for gender reassignment therapy is not particularly high, perhaps because even after the hormones and surgery, they still know that they are not actually what they are pretending to be. They have just been made to look like it. Fixing someone's teeth and performing major surgery along with hormone treatment in an effort to make them look like the opposite sex are hardly in the same category. However, by your logic, I would assume that if someone had a mental illness that convinced them that one of their limbs didn't belong to them, and wanted it cut off (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_integrity_identity_disorder), that you would be in favour of indulging them in their mental illness and cutting it off?
  12. Al-Wilayah Al-Takweeniya

    Its not clear to me who thinks this exactly, but in any case what would be the problem with it? What is usually emphasised is the importance of acknowledging that the Imams are not independent of Allah, and are not equal to Him. Well, the belief that Allah has 'retired' from the affairs of the world doesn't contradict these principles. Neither is it very clear why saying that Allah has retired is a horrible statement, but saying that the Imams share in running the world is perfectly fine. After all, it could simply be argued that the world is only a small part of Allah's creation, and there is no problem in Him delegating the running or it to His highest creations. I don't personally believe this obviously, but I'm not sure what the counter argument is from someone who believes the Imams can create and provide sustenance. In any case, it's always difficult to know whether to trust answers such as these from scholars. Some people don't believe in openly talking about certain things, due to people's different levels of 'maarifa' (the famous hadith about Salman and Abu Dharr could be used as justification), and that taqiyya is required on certain topics.
  13. Homosexuality

    Wa alaikum as-salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Welcome to ShiaChat! What sources are you using that tell you that science is saying this? I think you'll find that science is nowhere near as unambiguous about the role biology plays in determining sexual orientation as you seem to think. Certainly, there is a general consensus that biology plays a role, but to what extent, and how exactly it plays a role is not at all clear. The whole concept of an identity centred around a person's sexual preferences is a very recent phenomenon. Why should religious literature mention this man-made concept? I don't think we 'must' accept scientific research unless conclusive counter-evidence is provided, for a number of reasons. Firstly, a lot of things that get published in scientific journals are based on dubious studies. There is so much pressure on academics to publish new results that they often fudge the data. When you factor in the social and political biases surrounding a topic such as homosexuality that becomes even more likely. Secondly, often it takes time for counter-evidence to come to light, so if you keep changing your views based on what recent studies show, then you will be in a constant state of flux. Obviously, solid and settled scientific evidence needs to be taken into account, but you can't keep changing your religious views based on recent studies that are open to all kinds of biases. Now, like I said, I don't believe that in this case, the purported scientific studies even are that clear. You could just as well ask the same question of people born with certain severe physical or mental abnormalities who have very little chance of being able to get married. Or people born into cultures where forced marriages are commonplace. It's unfortunate, but people have different challenges in this life. The important thing is to remember that it's the next life that is most important, not this one. But if we decide to forget about the next life, then of course nothing makes any sense any more. This whole concept of the most important thing in life being romantic love also needs to be challenged. Most people in human history probably had romantically loveless lives, but there are plenty of other forms of love and happiness. Yes, but the two are not equal. Sexual desire between two people of the opposite sex is natural, and produces life as a result. Men and women are made in a compatible way for this purpose, unlike two men or two women. Not to mention that homosexuality tends to lead to disease. It is only through artificial means such as condoms and drugs that this disease is controlled, but even then there are still very high rates of STDs among the homosexual population. What would the purpose of this be? How can you explain the reason for something when you start the discussion by pretending the principle reason doesn't exist? Reasons can be given as to why homosexual acts are not a good idea, but we now live in a society where the guiding principle is to do whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn't directly harm anyone else. As such, there is no argument you can give against homosexuality, or transgenderism. However, there is no argument against incest either. So when society gets round to ironing out that inconsistency and decides to accept it, are we going to start discussing that as well?
  14. attempt 2

    I don't see what is unfair. People have free will, so of course they can do whatever they want. But yes, if you want to be a Muslim, then you need to follow certain rules. There are no good reasons. The only real reason people want to do it is that they have 'fallen in love' with a non-Muslim, but this isn't a good basis upon which to select a spouse, and in any case a Muslim should avoid putting themselves in that position in the first place, that they have developed such a deep relationship with non-mahram. I don't know anyone who says this is a good thing, and many scholars actually forbid it under many conditions. However, it should still be acknowledged that there is a difference between a man marrying a non-muslim and a woman doing it. In theory, a man should have more influence within his family, especially in regards to the religion of the children. Anyway, people can always find things to complain about. If women were allowed to marry men from the ahlulkitab then we'd get questions about why it's not allowed to marry Hindus or atheists. And if you can live life without marrying them, then why not Christians and Jews, especially when it's very hard to find practicing Christians and Jews these days, let alone ones that would want to marry someone of a different religion. When most people talk about marrying Christians and Jews, they are talking about marrying people who are functionally atheist.