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  1. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    Ahhh so does it become necessary when the government tells us it is? Does it become necessary when we have come in contact with hep b, etc.? Technically its not the same as taking blood from another person as the person giving must give consent. Its not the same as cooking with wine because wine also cannot give consent. So consuming trace amounts of a fetus aborted in a haram manner without the souls consent is allowed if by necessity. Anyone who reads this I hope understands that for every disease there is a cure as mentioned in The Quran.
  2. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    Indeed email Ayat. sistani and Ayat. khamenei asking if we know certain vaccines contain trace amounts of killed human being may we absorb it?
  3. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    Basic logic dictates you need the persons consent before a transplant. Did the fetus give consent for its cells to be used? If not how is that the same? What are the exact changes that happens when you replicate fetal cells? and so as you've said above and one time before your cool with ingesting trace amounts of an aborted fetus as you feel it has no effect on you. Lol cool thanks for you input man.
  4. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    Ok you didn't have anything to do with killing the baby perhaps lol. And as for point two we don't eat food if we know it has been touched with wetness from non Ahlul kitaab and there's a reason for that. But even if a Muslim cooks your food and his/her enzymes are on it does that mean your cool with consuming trace amount of dead babas that were killed (not halal like the burger or veggie ).
  5. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    According to al Sistani alcohol is tahir beta. Are fetal cells also tahir?
  6. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    What rights does a mother who has killed her unborn child have? and yea I'm only talking shia Islamic ruling not government laws.
  7. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    Ok ok just wanted to know if you were cool with ingesting those trace amounts. Thanks for your input man. And bro one baby was killed and it's cell was used for that vaccine. There's a book you may have read that mentions killing of innocent is like killing all humanity.
  8. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    Ah my bad was a long night lol let's use the term consume or absorb. And if someone gets killed we can't take their organs Without their consent first.
  9. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    *sigh* lolllllll when does the fibroblast go through chemical changes? When they remove as much of the cells as possible there are still trace amounts of something we know is haram regardless if its a copy of a copy of a copy etc. So according to sistani if we know that gelatine was taken from an animal not slaughtered by sharia standard it's not a allowed unless there's a chemical change. We know the abortion was haram. So you went from saying it's never right to kill babies nevermind ingesting them, to the complete other side. You must be a kevin durant fan. @DigitalUmmah
  10. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    Lol no it's not being ignored. It still contains trace amounts of the aborted fetus. So I'm assuming you as well feel it's okay to ingest trace amounts of a baby killed in such a manner ?
  11. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    So you mean it is okay that killing a baby and the ingesting trace amounts of it are ok? I mean by that logic anyway? Interesting indeed and the marjas do not answer these types of questions.
  12. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    Lol apologies for my "problematic language" hahaha but I find many millennials now need some shock to add value to info every now and then. and those abortions fifty years ago, were they halal? Is ingesting even trace amounts of fetal matter that was aborted in haram fashion allowed at all? If I give you a bone marrow transplant that may not be haram as if you needed one I'd Be willing to help. Is the same true for the murdered baby?
  13. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    The vaccines listed above are like mandatory in North America. Lol and your article actually says what im saying. Please re read the original questions. If you want I can try to break it down in even simpler terms??? If that's possible lol. i asked is it okay to kill babies (abortions) is it okay to then ingest even trace amounts of that baby? do you think Imam Mahdi will use these cocktail serums on his children? why do scholars not mention this? Why are more ppl pushing for halal McDonalds as opposed to halal vaccinations????? (I miss chicken McNuggets).
  14. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    Chill out don't assume things Hep A (Havrix) MRC-5 human diploid cells, formalin, aluminum hydroxide, amino acid supplement, phosphate-buffered saline solution, polysorbate 20, neomycin sulfate, aminoglycoside antibiotic Hep A (Vaqta) MRC-5 diploid fibroblasts, amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, non-viral protein, DNA, bovine albumin, formaldehyde, neomycin, sodium borate, sodium chloride Hep A/Hep B (Twinrix) MRC-5 human diploid cells, formalin, aluminum phosphate, aluminum hydroxide, amino acids, sodium chloride, phosphate buffer, polysorbate 20, neomycin sulfate, yeast protein https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/b/excipient-table-2.pdf
  15. Sacrificing a masoom without his/her consent

    According to most marjas vaccines are highly recommended. Many of these vaccines are created from the cells of aborted babies. How is it okay that we ingest these trace amounts of fetuses which were aborted even if it is one possible way to save lives? What about other animal ingredients? Would Imam Mahdi let his kids ingest these vaccines? Why do scholars allow this? Because the babies arnt Muslim? Are these scholars simply unaware of the process? If they are why is there no push for halal vaccinations? https://catalog.coriell.org/0/Sections/Search/Sample_Detail.aspx?Ref=AG06814-N&PgId=166 https://catalog.coriell.org/0/Sections/Search/Sample_Detail.aspx?Ref=AG05965-C&PgId=166 Even a quick google search will show you all the vaccines that are created with the mrc-5 and wi38 cells. @starlight @YAli @Salsabeel @DigitalUmmah @kirtc