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  1. What if you are divorced but your parents just want to control you because they can?
  2. Tell Me Something Good For Once

    Allah is the merciful of the merciful and he forgives all sins.
  3. Healing Dry Hands

    Salam sis, I don't know in terms of Winter/weather. But there is this cream especially for hands called Aqueous. I would really recommend it to everyone. It can be bought from the Pharmacy. It is really good, I have personally experienced it. However, do check with the pharmacist in case of any allergies, though I doubt it will have major chemicals for concern inshaAllah. Wasalam
  4. Human Zoo

    Oh my gosh :cry: That is disgusting.
  5. Divorced Women Studying In The Hawza

    I know because a lady scholar ld me. I agree. It isn't. That is the reason the lady scholar gave me. I don't know what hard it would be. I wanted to apply but as a divorcee I can't live there. I was told by a lady scholar who studied there and whose daughter also couldn't stay there due to her divorce. Luckily she has relatives so she could live there and study. I or anyone in my position can't.
  6. Salam sis, if the hawza question applies to you. I am in the same boat sis. I badly want to go hawza but need to find an alternative route myself. :/. Please delete this once you have read it. :)

  7. Divorced Women Studying In The Hawza

    Walaikumsalam wa rahmatullah, No, it is not true. Anyone who is married or has been previously is not allowed to LIVE in the dormitories within the hawza building. They have to live separately (rented accomodation) then study. They want to separate the married and divorced from single. They lady scholar said it is because they are girls, and the married/previously are women. :unsure: lol The hard thing then is, the divorced women would either have to live in rented accomodation (after they remarry) or find a relative they know. It does make them quite limited though. Hope this clears the confusion inshaAllah.
  8. Is Iblees L.a Still Alive?

    Satans and jinns are completely different entities. The only reason he is now a Satan was due to his obstinate actions so Allah cursed him. Jinns are jinns and will be held accountable for their actions on judgement day. As for birth, satans are born as satans (which try and misguide each human) jinns as jinns. In order to be a Satan, he wouldn't have to start off as a jinn.
  9. Is Iblees L.a Still Alive?

    Of course when the trumpet is blown, everyone will die but that is a sign of the day of judgement itself..
  10. Is Iblees L.a Still Alive?

    Lol @ stating the obvious. Yep, He is alive. In fact, when every person is born, an iblees is born with him to misguide him. He has promised Allah that he will misguide us until the day of judgement.. so Allah has given him respite until then.
  11. Please I Really Need Help!

    and no, you haven't commited kufr or shirk at all. Hang in there. Allah always helps. :)
  12. Please I Really Need Help!

    Salam nightly, please don't panic. Firstly, you only act on najasah rules when it is definate that it's there. Otherwise ignore it. secondly, Allah says in the holy Qur'an. When an evil enticement comes to you from Satan, seek refuge in Allah from Satan the accursed. Please read audhubillah hi minash shaitan nir rajeem. Satan instantly runs away. Finally reading the holy Quran also removes doubts. May Allah help you inshaAllah. :)
  13. Another Possible Potential.

    Salam Night_ inshaAllah, May Allah bless your efforts. He knows you are trying your best. I wouldn't recommend for you to ask to be someone's second wife. lif becomes difficult and hardly anyone is just. Have you tried asking through scholars?
  14. Saudi Arabia Kills Innocent Women

    There is no need to be rude. You said "how do you know she repented" that is an implication in itself that there is a possibility that she has done it, even if you were replying to the OP. That was my point. The rest of my post was a reply in general.
  15. Saudi Arabia Kills Innocent Women

    How do you know she was guilty? There has to be proof, then the circumstances have to be taken into account. After taking everything into consideration, and the person's attitude then decisions are made in Islamic law. Look at how degrading that was. They beheaded her, striking her with a sword on the floor, in public?. How disgusting is that? She isn't an animal to be slaughtered in broad daylight. No fear of Allah, surely the man who did it will be severely accountable before Allah. Their government is so rubbish, if a person steals, they cut off his hand straight away, No questions asked. Where is the justice?