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  1. It's simple., One sect follows Islam as Allah swt and His Prophet (pbuh) wanted Muslims to follow while the other one is trying to tell Allah swt and the Prophet pbuh what they think should be part of Islam. So if you follow the former then you know you are on Haq and if you are following the latter then you are doomed. Allah swt states in Quran that only He appoints Caliphs. If you look at one sect they abide by it where as the other one have their own man-made Caliphs clearly against the Quran. It's really not that difficult.
  2. SAQIFA!

    One of the most important thing to consider would be that our Holy Prophet pbuh who did even not curse his worst enemies came out in a state when he was sick to chase everyone except a few out of Medina & cursed those who disobeyed him & did not leave Medina at once. "Make haste in joining Usamah's legion. May Allah curse whoever fags behind Usamah's army." We all know that Abu Bakr and Umar were both supposed to be in that army under an eighteen year old which means they disobeyed the direct orders of the Prophet pbuh and were part of those who were cursed by the Prophet. Just imagine what is going to happen to those who are cursed by the Holy Prophet pbuh. Now the point to consider is why would our Prophet pbuh take so much pain to make sure everyone he wanted was out of Medina in his final days? Could it be that he envisaged something like Saqifa happening that he wanted to make it a clear ground for Imam Ali's elevation?
  3. Please stop your deceitful attempts. You know by yourself who the Ahlulbayt are. Going by your logic, it wouldn't be a surprise when people like you will start including Abu Lahab in the Ahlulbayt and add r.a after his name. The select few Ahlulbayt are those who have been mentioned it he Quran and Hadise Kisa. You are trying to deceive people purposefully. It doesn't matter what you believe because the history tells us that the rights of Ahlulbayt were taken by man-made Muslim Caliphs. Instructions of the Prophet (pbuh)? Please tell me you are joking. You have no proof to support your baseless claim about Abu Bakr.'s fabrication Regarding the Khutba, it is strange that you call a khutba with Quranic verses as a fabrication but even after so many years you and your likes have not been able to refute the Quranic verses presented by Bibi Fatima (s). If you want to give it a try then why not give us one Quranic verse which proves the absurd claim made by Abu Bakr? Infact, Abu Bakr did not have a verse to support his fabrication. I am interested if you can go one step further than your master and bring us a verse to prove your point. If you can't then you know that you are supporting an usurper. We all know what has Allah swt promised for usurpers.
  4. Debating in speakers corner with opponents.

    The Salafi guy has very poor aqlaq. Clearly, the narration of 12 Caliphs is from Sunni books which he at first rejects and then says that it mentions Quraysh and not Bani Hashim... He expects caliphs are from Bani Hashim to be written in Sunni books? Lol.... Either he is ignorant or is acting as one to not answer the questions which were originally posed to him. He couldn't answer the very question which has been a thorn in the backside of all the Sunnis till date regarding the 12 caliphs, Despite being asked repeatedly, he kept on dodging the question this despite claiming to be having superior proofs for Sunni Islam. May Allah swt save the ignorant masses from such devious speakers.
  5. Abi talib

    Simple, because he was a Muslim and a best one of his time.
  6. Divisions

    I need to understand your definition of a Muslim. So do you mind explaining?
  7. Why shi'ism?

    Please read what I had mentioned in the last 2 paragraphs of my previous post: Also, are you really a Sunni, coz if you are then you need to read the Sunni brothers view on Tawassul: http://www.ahlus-sunna.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57 An extract from the above site: Question: When Allah is most Qarib (close) then why does He not say: Ask me in your houses and I will answer you? Why does He put the condition of going to Prophet (Peace be upon him)? Answer: If the deniers of Tawassul understand this point then In shaa' Allah this article shall be a source of guidance to them and their generations to come. This verse proves from the Nass (categorical proof) of Qur'an that Tawassul in sight of Allah is an approach which He likes & prescribes. Please remember that we as Ahlus Sunnah consider both the ways to be right i.e. a) Asking Allah without an intermediary. b) And also asking Allah through an intermediary.
  8. Why shi'ism?

    Your assumptions are not factually correct... Let's see what we read in your books: Narrated Ibn ‘Umar: “The Messenger of Allah spoke to the People (buried) in the Well saying: “Have you found out that what your Lord had promised you is true?” then someone exclaimed: “Are you calling out to the dead!” The Prophet replied: “You do not hear better than they do, except they do not respond.” Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 23, Number 452 Even for ordinary people, it is mentioned in your own books: Al-Haafiz Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr narrated in a mu’allaq report that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “There is no Muslim who passes by the grave of his brother whom he knew in this world, and greets him with salaam, but Allaah restores his soul to him so that he may return the greeting.” Now if the enemies of Islam and the common people can hear us just think about Awliyas who sacrificed their lives for Allah and about whom Allah swt promises us are not dead and are alive? I will leave you to do the Maths. All we do with Tawassul is to seek nearness to Allah swt through the means of those Awliyas who Allah selected to guide us. We are bsically taking the same route back. What is the harm in following the route outlined by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى Himself?
  9. Divisions

    Brother, Please define 'a Muslim' as per your understanding?
  10. i just need help

    Brother, Try listening to Quran and/or some Manqabats & Nowhas. This might reduce your urge to listen to anything else.
  11. Why shi'ism?

    Your question has already been answered by the brother above. It is only your misinformation about our use of Ya Ali (as). It is mentioned in Quran that those who have been martyred in Allah's سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى way are still alive. Surah Ali-’Imran, 3:169: But do not think of those that have been slain in God’s cause a dead. Nay, they are alive! With their Sustainer have they their sustenance So what makes you think otherwise?
  12. Why shi'ism?

    I am not comparing. I am telling you that if you really are a Sunni then your question doesn't make sense as the same practice is allowed in Sunnism. So to single out Shias for doing the same thing is what baffles me. You are comparing apples to oranges. Saying Ya Ali is a sunnah of the Prophet. Don't compare Imam Ali (as) with Allah swt. Can you please provide the names of the 12 Caliphs you believe are being referenced in the narration?
  13. Why shi'ism?

    I have seen many Sunnis visit the grave of our Holy Prophet pbuh. Do you call it obsession too? More about visiting graves with references from Sunni hadiths: https://www.al-islam.org/wahhabism-ayatullah-jafar-subhani/visitation-ziyarat-graves-believers-view-point-holy-quran-sunnah About Tawassul: https://www.al-islam.org/shiite-encyclopedia-ahlul-bayt-dilp-team/tawassul-resorting-intermediary A4: So you believe in the 12ers?
  14. Why shi'ism?

    Welcome to Shiachat, brother. Let me try answering your questions very briefly. Q1. Why so much obsession for tawassul? Why so much obsession for the graves? Is it sunnah? A. There is no obsession for Tawassul or Graves. We visit the graves as advised by our Holy Prophet (pbuh). He used to visit the graves and encouraged his followers to do so. Regarding Tawassul, it is a tool to seek nearness to Allah swt. If you read the history books, you will find that even the wives and Sahabas used to practice Tawassul. So it is not something which is new. Btw, I am surprised that you call yourself a Sunni and have questions on these two topics as Sunnis have no problems with either of them as they practice it themselves. Q2. Why would I be shia? A. It is up-to you to decide. If you want to follow Allah swt and His Prophet pbuh as they want you to follow and not as how we think we should follow them, then be a Shia. Q3. What do you think of the hadith saying that the Ahlul Bayt (as) is Noah's Ark? A. It's the ark of salvation. Q4. Why should I be twelver, and not zaydi for example? How do you know Baqir is better than Zayd? Why? A. There are many reasons but let's just discuss a couple of simple reasons. 1) As you would be aware about the famous narration by the Prophet where he said that there are going to be 12 caliphs and you know which sect has 12 leaders. 2) Imam Sajjad (as) said his successor was Imam Baqir (as) and that is how we know who was the next Imam. Infact, Zaid never proclaimed to be a Imam himself.
  15. Thanks... I prefer a Preview button for longer replies but that's fine.