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  1. Marja

    Brother, the second link is actually against what you are saying. Ayatollah Tehrani allowed it only because Shiekh Bahjat passed away, but he would not have allowed it if he was still alive. When a marja' dies, I agree that we can refer to a second marja' because most maraji' say this. But when the marja' is still alive, you either believe he's the most knowledgable or you don't, there is no 'equal knowledge' comparison because by logic that can't be true. There is one marja' that is more knowledgeable than the rest, and it's your duty to find out who and follow him. This is from your second link: As for when one can't identify which of several marja’s is most learned, he is free to choose one from all of them, meaning that he can choose from any of the ones he is sure is a mujtahid and being the most learned will no longer be a condition because it isn't possible to adhere to (please note that he can't follow any mujtahid he desires, but must choose one from those he knows are higher than the rest, so for instance if there are ten mujtahids out of a hundred he knows are more learned than the rest, but can't identify the most learned out of these ten, he is free to choose from the ten, not the hundred).
  2. According to Imam Khamenei one should not add any additional words to the tashahhud. “The prayer and tashahhud — as one of its parts — are mentioned in the books on practical laws of Islam. Therefore, one should suffice with them and avoid adding any word to them even though it is a correct and true word.”
  3. Prayers, Traveling, & Taqiyyah?

    Anywhere outside your home city that’s beyond 22km will be considered a travel. If you go to multiple cities, the cities must be 22km apart for the ten day period to reset (remember when I said if you reside or intend to reside in a city for 10 or more days you will not be considered a traveler). As long as you reside in a city other than your home city for less than 10 days you will remain a traveller. If you travel to another city but the city was not 22km away, the 10 day period will not reset.
  4. Prayers, Traveling, & Taqiyyah?

    Wa alaykum asalam. Travelling 22km past the borderline of your city [the city you live and reside in] is considered a 'travel', and your prayers are turned into qasr, and your fasts will be broken if you are fasting. If you to remain in the other city you traveled to for 9 days or less, then you are still considered a traveler. If it is more than 9 days, you are to not pray qasr, and your fasts will not be broken, except on the day of your travel from your home city to the other city. If you are unable to perform wudu or tayammum, then you can pray without doing them.
  5. Marja

    Yes I know that fatwa but I don’t think any marja is ‘equal’ in knowledge with another, every marja’ are leveled in degrees of knowledge and only one of them is on top of the food chain. For example, if you follow two maraji’ and one says this is halal and the other says it’s haram, who would you follow? The fact that one of them is right and the other is wrong proves that they can’t be equal in knowledge as you thought, logic would dictate that the marja with the wrong ruling is less knowledgeable. Q 20: What is your opinion concerning the necessity of following the most learned mujtahid? And what is the proof for such an opinion? A: If there are several mujtahids who are qualified for issuing fatwās and their fatwās are different, it will be of obligatory caution upon the mukallaf to follow the most learned one unless it is proven that his fatwā is contrary to caution while the other’s agrees with it. The basis for this view is reason and the way rational people behave, because the mukallaf is certain that fatwās of the most learned mujtahid are valid while the that of other’s is possibly valid.
  6. Marja

    If the imams told us to follow multiple people why has every single marja’ said you must only follow one? Are they that clueless? They are the experts not you or Ammar Nakshawani. In fact this ruling is not even disputed among the maraji’, most of them if not all say you must follow only one that is considered the most knowledgeable.
  7. Marja

    And who is Ammar Nakshawani to tell you that? Follow what the maraji’ tell you, not a lecturer. The majority of the maraji’ say it’s not permissible to follow more then one.
  8. Raising hands during prayer

    It’s mustahab but not wajib.
  9. Chest, Tummy and Back Hair Removal?

    I have not came across a fatwa that prohibits shaving those parts of the body, so I believe it should be fine.
  10. Cigarette Quitters, Come Here

    Not just Imam Khamenei but I think every marja' says anything that causes significant harm to ones body is haram.
  11. Cigarette Quitters, Come Here

    Islam prohibits smoking cigarettes or shisha.
  12. Raising hands during prayer

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by raising our hands during prayer, and which part of the prayer?
  13. Help in terms of parents

    Wasalam, it is haram for a Muslim women to marry a non-Muslim man, and the marriage will not be valid.
  14. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    That was a really good show too.
  15. #22 Indoors or Outdoors?

    summer - outdoors winter - indoors