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  1. Hassan-

    Using Soap While Ghusl

    One second or one minute, it’s the mere fact that your starting off your ghusl with non-water that makes it problematic. I didn’t say one is not allowed to wash his face if it’s going to wake him up, I said one is not allowed to wash his face if his intention is to wake himself up. When I perform Wudu in the morning, the water to my face wakes me up but I was not intending to wake myself up, I was simply intending to perform the Wudu to pray. Whether the Wudu wakes me up or not is not my problem, but if someone says something like “let me perform Wudu to pray, but I will use cold water to do the Wudu so it can wake me up and make me feel less sleepy”, this will invalidate your Wudu. I can show you lectures of Sayed Sabah shubr explaining these issues, but I don’t think you understand Arabic.
  2. Hassan-

    Using Soap While Ghusl

    So what you are saying is the first 10-20 seconds of ghusl will be mixed with soap and water, then when the water washes off all the soap, only water will be used for ghusl. This can be problematic, because the first rule of ghusl is to use water only, but now you are violating that rule by intentionally using non-water at the beginning to perform your ghusl. Even if the soap will be washed off eventually and only water will be used, it’s the mere fact that you started your ghusl with non-water. What would be more proper is to wash off the soap without the intention of ghusl, then intend to do ghusl when all the soap is washed off from your body. A ghusl is not a bath, it’s a form of worship (‘ibadah) and its purpose is not to clean yourself. In fiqh one can have multiple intentions for ‘ibadah purposes only, such as performing one ghusl for multiple ghusls (ghusl for ghusl al Janabah and mustahab Friday ghusl), but a ghusl with the intention to perform ghusl and clean yourself is not allowed because that defeats the purpose of what a ghusl is truly for. It’s the same for Wudu’, if one wakes up for fajr salah and washes his face for Wudu with the intention of performing the Wudu and wake himself up with cold water, his Wudu becomes void. As for the ruling you mentioned, you need to know two things. This ruling does not say you are allowed to have the intention to clean yourself and perform ghusl at the same time, it means you are allowed to perform your ghusl while there are nijasah present on your body, and then the nijasah washes off during the ghusl. This ruling is also the ruling of Sayed Sistani, and correct me if I’m wrong, he’s the only marja’ that allows this. The rest of the maraji’ say one must clean the nijasah off before starting ghusl or else the ghusl will be void.
  3. Hassan-

    Using Soap While Ghusl

    @hassansaggaf No you can't do that for two reasons. One reason is ghusl must be done only with water, and by putting soap into the equation it will alter the water into another form of liquid (soap water), and will not be considered as pure water anymore. The second reason is ghusl must be done with the intention of performing the ghusl only, not with the intention to clean your body. You can't intend to do both at the same time, you can only intend one thing.
  4. Hassan-

    Non-halal collagen for the hair

    It’s only haram when you consume it. Putting it on your hair is not a problem, but your hair becomes najis and you can’t pray until you purify it.
  5. Hassan-

    Fasting (Roza)

    If you travel for 22km past your city’s borderline, it becomes permissible to break your fast. Don’t worry you do not need to pay kaffaarah by fasting 60 days, that’s only for when you break your fast without travelling or without a valid excuse. Your only duty is to perform its qada before the next following month of Ramadan begins.
  6. Ghouta has been officially liberated.
  7. Hassan-

    Am I a Seyed If my grandmother was a Seyed?

    Read this:
  8. Hassan-

    Third Testimony

    The issue of adding the third testimony requires a lot of research and analysis, and as of yet I have not seen any clear cut reliable hadith that makes it permissible. The only daleel we have is the maraji's opinion on it, in which they say it is permissible without the intention of being a wajib act. It would be nice if our maraji' today talked about this issue more and explain to us laymen why they allow it despite our ahadith and classical scholars being against it.
  9. Hassan-

    Sunni following Shia practices?

    In taqiyyah you are allowed to do it.
  10. Hassan-

    Sunni following Shia practices?

    It means if you do it purposely knowing full well that you’re not suppose to do that, your salah will be invalidated.
  11. Hassan-

    Is this haram?

    In my opinion yes it’s haram.
  12. Yes the next battle will be at Mukhayamat Yarmouk, which is right next to the town where the shrine of Sayeda Zaynab (as) is located. That area is mostly Palestinians, and consists of both nusra and Isis militants.
  13. Hassan-

    Sunni following Shia practices?

    There are some parts in salah that you cannot change. Folding the arms or changing the tashahhud are one of them, and if one did these their salah will be void.
  14. MashAllah brother, that's great to hear. Now it's time to research about Twelver Shi'sm, because in our belief one's religion is not complete until they believe in the wilaya of the 12 imams.
  15. Hassan-

    Lectures of Sayed Sabah Shubbar

    What happens when you divorce the same women 9 times? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5C4yhCvQ1Q