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  1. Promise with Allah

    Do you mean breaking an oath, as in swearing in the name of Allah? If yes, then the Kaffarah for breaking an oath is feeding 10 poor people [that are Muslim] or fast three days.
  2. "Surely those who conceal the clear proofs and the guidance that We revealed after We made it clear for men in the Book, these it is whom Allah does curse, and those who curse do curse them." - [2:159] The truth is very clear if one really wants to look for it. When you try to justify or deny the wrongdoings of the caliphs, even when their wrongdoings is evident in your own authentic books, it means you are concealing the truth. May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى guide the people of Ahl as-Sunnah to the straight path.
  3. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/234979956-who-is-ahmad-al-hassan/
  4. Martyrs skip Barzakh and go straight to heaven.
  5. Divorce grounds

    No one was arguing against that, that a husband can give wikalah to his wife... We've literally been saying that since page 1, I don't know who you are trying to prove wrong. A women can't put in the contract she can divorce her husband, but her husband can give her the wikalah to act on his behalf.
  6. Divorce grounds

    The women can act on his behalf ONLY WITH HIS PERMISSION. Read the fatwa you posted, please! Read here what you said: "The man can make the woman his representative (wakeel) to perform Talaq". The women can divorce him only if HE allows her to act upon his behalf.
  7. Divorce grounds

    What I'm saying is from the words of Imam Khamenei, not my own opinion. You are not understanding the concept of Wikalah here. You need the permission of your husband to be his representative to divorce him. As you can see in the fatwa you put, it says "The man can" meaning the only way for the women to divorce him is only if the man wants to, in which he would make you his representative. If he doesn't want you to be his representative, then you can't divorce him. I don't know how it's so hard to understand this.
  8. Divorce grounds

    Did you even read the fatwa properly lol? "The man can make the woman his representative (wakeel) to perform Talaq." It's the same fatwa I posted in the previous pages, read the second sentence of the answer: Being the wakeel means the woman cannot have the right of divorce directly, she can only have the husband give her the position of wikalah for the divorce. You would still need permission from your husband to divorce him. Also, no one on this thread said a women can't stipulate in the contract that her husband can't marry a second wife, a women can do that if she wills, and only if the husband agrees to it.
  9. Mutah

    It's invalid. Speak to a shiekh about this. If he says your mut'ah is valid than show him this if he speaks Arabic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aUkVGldPSM&t=33s EDIT: It's invalid unless you guys knew the exact date of when you guys will get married. If the "till we get married" time period does not have an exact date, then it's invalid.
  10. Please help.

  11. Mutah

    A mutah marriage can't convert into a permanent marriage so long as your contract is still on going. The only way to make it permanent is if the husband cancels the mut'ah contract himself, then says the permanent aqd to you while you're still on iddah.
  12. Mutah

    Who told you the majority of the Ulama have this opinion? That is not true. According to most maraji' if you don't specify the time period of your contract, your marriage does not turn into a permanent one because your intention of the aqd was for mut'ah marriage not permanent. Yes, there are "some" maraji' that say your contract will turn into a permanent one, but according to the popular opinion your aqd is invalid.
  13. Mutah

    Your mutah marriage is not even valid lol, as Notme said you need to have a specific time period for the contract, and there’s no such thing as a “mutah convertible to marriage” condition.
  14. Paying Interest

    @learn It is halal for both of your questions as long as paying interest to them is not part of the deal.
  15. Thoughts 2018

    Make sure you vote up