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  1. #17 The Population of Where You Live

    About 6 million people here.
  2. Sons of Jafar as-Sadiq

    He'll be back again for sure.
  3. marriage

    What’s your gender? If your a women then it depends on your marja’.
  4. Question to God

    I would ask Him when will Imam Mahdi (af) reappear again.
  5. Namaz

    If they have reached the age where prayer is obligatory for them, your kids must try to pray at school or any other place before the time expires.
  6. For Sayed Sistani and Imam khamenei. Not sure about other ulama.
  7. You pay the khums based on how much they’re currently worth. One bitcoin costs approx. $6000 usd.
  8. The kaffaarah of breaking an oath is to feed 10 needy persons or provide them with clothing. If you cannot afford that, you have to keep 3 fasts.
  9. Salaam From Texas

    Http://www.al-islam.org is a great website to learn about Islam.
  10. husband has become against majlis

    Why do you feel the need to mention that you are a syed and your husband is not, as if it’s any relevant for us to know regarding your problem with your husband?
  11. Hariri kidnapped in Saudi Arabia

    He resigned but he is still the prime minister. The president must accept his resignation for it to be official, which he did not accept yet, and everyone knows Saad Hariri was forced to resign against his will, it wasn’t his decision.
  12. The Best Book to understand Twelver Shi'ism

  13. Sons of Jafar as-Sadiq

    Hello @Fahad Sani aka @Ya Allah Madad
  14. @Shogun you’re making this hard on yourself. Just simply ask yourself, do you believe Sayed fadlallah (ra) is the most knowledgeable marja’ out of all the maraji’? If you really think so, provide reasons and proof, if not then you must follow a living marja’ that is the most knowledgeable. Imam Khamenei and Sayed Sistani have the most ahlul khibra (scholars) that vouch for them (according to common knowledge) out of all the living maraji’ today. This means choosing between one of those two maraji’ is a good enough reason to consider them as most knowledgeable.
  15. What is one thing in life or certain things in life you despise/dislike/hate the most? For me, one thing that I absolutely hate are thieves, I can't stand these people.