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  1. You're having trouble reading it because you don't know how to? Or you know how to but there's issues going on in your life that is making it hard for you to read it?
  2. You haven't proved me wrong yet when I said USA and its allies are directly involved in Syria, by funding and supporting terrorist groups to oust Assad. So I take it that you admit what USA is doing is evil and wrong. I'm glad you came to realize that. To talk about ISIS and its growth, you have to study the issue hard. But to summarize it short, ISIS started to have a presence in Syria after the civil war, and during the time USA, EU and Saudi Arabia got involved in Syria. When you see a terrorist group grow in size and strength in such a short amount of time, you have to realize something is going on, something must not be right. For a terror group to gain such strength in just a few years via military supplies, it's only logical that a country with the motives to destroy and eradicate Iran and its allies (the Shias) would fund such a terror group and back it up. To say ISIS has no support of any country would be impossible and illogical. Which country funds and supports ISIS indirectly? It's mostly Saudi Arabia, along with USA and EU. There is compelling evidence that shows Saudi Arabia funding ISIS (which also happens they have the same ideology as them), and no one can deny this. USA has given air drops with military weapons and gear to the rebels on many occasions like here, and here, and here. These rebels however, who are considered 'moderate', were not so moderate as we thought. They've been proven to be Islamist terrorists that commit evil acts, and these so called 'moderate' rebels gave those USA weapons to other terror groups like Nusra (source: here) and ISIS (source: here). Putin also telling everyone that ISIS was being financed by many different countries like here, and countries like USA, EU and Saudi Arabia did not even deny it or prove Putin wrong. Even Trump who isn't scared to say the truth to the public, admitted Obama being the founder of ISIS over here. Hillary and Obama didn't say anything about it. You know it's right when even western news who always back USA say this. When you study this issue you realize it's evident that USA and EU were part of ISIS's growth and strength in Syria. USA continued to fund Saudi Arabia with more weapons, KNOWING that Saudi Arabia would be funding terror groups to oust Assad and kill more Shias. It's obvious that USA will do anything to remove Assad from power and gain control of that crucial land that's called Syria, even by supporting terror groups in Syria and supporting a country that funds terror groups in Iraq and Syria. There are videos on Youtube showing the Syrian Army finding thousands upon thousands of weapons and gear made in USA and EU, that the terrorists left behind after Aleppo was liberated. As long as USA get what they want, they are happy. They don't care about anything but themselves.
  3. As long as you feel it wont corrupt you, lead you astray or break the law, you are fine.
  4. Weak hadiths are considered unreliable due to many different reasons. One of the reason of a hadith being graded as weak is from the trustworthiness of the chain of narrators. If one narrator in a chain is considered a known liar, the hadith will most likely be graded as weak. But just because a hadith is weak or unreliable, it doesn't mean it's not correct, it could still be correct, but also could be very likely incorrect. For more info on this, read brother @Qa'im's blog on it:
  5. The entire al-Kafi is said to contain 16,199 traditions, including 11,156 traditions of the Furu` al-Kafi. Not all traditions of al-Kafi are of equal reliability. According to the great Imami scholar Zayn al-Din al-`Amili, known as al-Shahid al-Thani (911-966/1505-1559), who examined the asnad or the chains of transmission of al-Kafi's traditions, it consists of 5072 sahih, 144 hasan, 1118 muwaththaq, 302 qawi and 9485 traditions which are categorized as daif.
  6. The majority of the hadiths in al-kafi are deemed unreliable and that hadith you mentioned is most likely unreliable as well or you have misinterpreted it brother.
  7. If there's music or dancing involved, it's haram.
  8. Ok, if you ever find a reference let me know.
  9. The proxy soldiers are sunni extremists from all around the world. Some are trained soldiers, some are mercenaries and some are brainwashed to thinking they're doing the right thing. Some have also been soldiers of Saddam in the past.
  10. What do you mean?
  11. Can you show me a reference to that brother? I'm not too familiar with Sayed Sistani's rulings, only Imam Khamenei's rulings.
  12. Are you talking about before the war that Assad promised democratic reforms, or during? The protests are what triggered the civil war, but the USA, EU and Saudi Arabian intervention is what triggered the actual war. Assad may be the man to blame for the civil war which lasted maybe 1-2 years, but he is not to be blamed for the 6 year war in Syria which is still going on till today, there's a huge difference. None is more responsible than USA, EU and Saudi Arabia, and you cannot deny that. None is more responsible for the growth of ISIS and other terrorist groups than USA, EU and Saudi Arabia.
  13. Re-do it with your intention to be cautious and on the safe side but it's best you wait till you get your answers from your marja.
  14. I don't think Sistani says obligatory percaution.
  15. You can only refer to another marja if Sayed Sistani said 'obligatory caution', but that doesn't seem the case, he said it is necessary. Now according to your situation, where your father is not Muslim and he doesn't care what you do is something you must also ask your marja. Ask here: http://www.najaf.org/english/?#ask but keep your questions short and simple.