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  1. intra-convert or not

    Ever since the forums existed until today there have been hundreds of people who were converts from Sunni to Shia, just go through the old topics/posts and you'll find them. If you mean how many of them are still active on this forum, there are many, but I don't want to name any names. This is one of many threads:
  2. Khomeini fatwa

    It's true, there is no age limit for marriage [there is no proof for it to be forbidden] and this is the view of every marja'. Here is a fatwa of Imam Khamenei below. Q: What's the minimum age females or males can get married at? A: There is no limit for that. However, if they are not baligh, their guardian (father or paternal grandfather) can marry them out to another person along with observing shar`i terms among which not resulting in vile consequences. However this doesn't mean it's permissible to have sex with them, that is haram and disgusting. There are rules and conditions to it. This thread has been one massive logical fallacy.
  3. Najasat impurity

    And I said above that it depends what nijasah it is and how many pours he/she did. The first pour that touches the nijasah is najis, the second pour is najis if the nijasah is urine.
  4. Najasat impurity

    I'm not sure what Sayed Sistani specifically says, but according to the mainstream fiqh, pouring qalil water once on any nijasah except urine will purify it. If the nijasah is urine, one must pour twice.
  5. Ending up Salah with Salam - Different Ways Why?

    The allahu Akbar thrice after taslim is not part of salah, and some people even say it is bid’ah (innovation). The only part that ends salah is taslim, the rest are not obligatory.
  6. Wudu questions

    You can continue with your Wudu. Feet and head always have to be dry before wiping them.
  7. Question to Sunnies

    Tafsirs are commentaries of the quran or hadiths, either from infallible individuals (The Prophet and his household) or fallible individuals (companions or scholars). Many of our tafsirs differ from theirs, and many are the same. I don't know too much about non-twelver Shi'as.
  8. Can a person do mutah with his sister or mother?

    Are you trolling?
  9. Wudu questions

    You don’t want to touch your head again with wetness after you just wiped it, or else the validity of your Wudu will be problematic. Refer to the link in my signature for more info.
  10. Can wudu water be mixed?

    Click on the link in my signature and go to the ‘Head’ and ‘Face’ part of Wudu and read the fatwas, it will answer all your questions.
  11. Can wudu water be mixed?

    If it was one or two drops of water on your hair, wiping over them is not a problem. If more than a few drops, your Wudu is invalid and you must repeat it.
  12. Marjaa

    To make it easy for you, choose between Sayed Sistani or Imam Khamenei. Why? Because these two are the most followed maraji' in Islam and they have the most vouches from the ahlul khibra (scholars). Sayed Sistani website: https://www.sistani.org/english/ Imam Khamenei website: http://leader.ir/
  13. Question to Sunnies

    No, the Sunnis do not believe in the hadiths that mention the 12 names, they think they are fabrications even though it's written in their books and ours. Why don't they believe them? Because if they do, their entire sect and ideology will collapse and crumble. The sad part is, the majority of the Sunni world are not familiar of what is written in their books, all they are fed is nonsense and lies from their scholars in their mosques while the truth is concealed from them. That's why you see thousands and thousands of Sunnis converting to Shi'ism every year around the world when they realize the truth, and extremely insignificant amount of Shi'as converting to Sunnism. That's why Sunnism is a dying sect (it actually is) while Shi'ism grows larger and larger every year, mainly from Sunnis and people of other religions converting to it.
  14. Where to study Shia fiqh

    Wasalam, do you understand Arabic?
  15. Marriage advice

    Before you married him, did you give him a condition by saying "I will marry you with the condition that you will not marry anyone else but me" and did he say "yes I agree to this condition" ? If not, then he has the right to talk to her and marry her if he wills, but him lying to you is a sin and he will be punished for it if he doesn't repent.