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  1. Hanifa madhab is definitely the most followed of all 4 schools.
  2. You should watch the movie Interstellar, you will be amazed bro.
  3. Calling others a pig is not appropriate, no matter who he is.
  4. Yes it's ok to cut your nails at mughrib time.. why would it be not ok?
  5. Can you say it in english?
  6. Don't give him attention, he's not worthy of our time.
  7. When people call themselves sunni, they are asserting that they follow the sunnah of the Prophet. Sunnah means the teachings, deeds and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. When people call themselves shia, they are asserting that they are the followers of Ali because the word 'shia' means follower. Sunnis and shias are both Muslims, but there is nothing wrong with calling ourselves 'The followers of Ali' or 'The followers of the teachings of the Prophet'. Following Ali and following the teachings of the Prophet are extremely important, do you not agree? You're problem here is that the sunni-shia sects are causing a division in Islam. While that may be true, but what other way can we differentiate our beliefs and school of thoughts if we didn't have sects? Sects determine which school of thought we follow. Shias follow the jafari school of thought, in other words the ahlulbait (the Prophet and his family) school of thought. Sunnis follow the one of the 4 imams school of thought (hanbali, shafi, maliki, hanafi). If we only referred ourselves to Muslims, how can one find the truth?
  8. Ok I understand, may Allah guide you to the right path.
  9. No he was not, Khalid ibn Al-Waleed murdered him and Omar ibn Al-Khattab got angry at Khalid for killing a muslim. Omar wanted to stone Khalid to death for that but Abu bakr ordered him not to.
  10. The ridda wars were against the apostates. If you believe it was against the shia of Ali, than all I wanted was references to that.
  11. @Talut you seemed to have ignored my previous reply. I proved to you the illegitimacy of caliph abu bakr and how he forced Ali (as) to pledge. I also proved to you how the common vote to be the criterion of validity of the caliphate is not legitimate. Can you please tell me your thoughts?
  12. Show me references to that statement Show me references that they were his supporters
  13. @shiaman14 @Al Hadi Both marjas deserve our respect for how much knowledge they possess. Lets put their differences aside because no matter which marja we follow we are all still shias and on the same side.
  14. Surely your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods of time, [7:54] Would that verse be Absolute-structural?
  15. Interesting article.