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  1. Just look at the battle of the Camel where there was a total of 10k deaths. Aisha went to war with Imam Ali (as) where she had an army of about 30k to Imam Ali (as)'s 20k. She hated Ali and didn't like the fact that Ali had became caliph so she accused him of being the killer of Uthman. Aisha hated Uthman and wanted him killed, but when Uthman died Aisha saw an opportunity to remove Ali from power so she lied to everyone and said she wants to go to war with Ali for being the killer Uthman. Long story short Aisha created one of the biggest fitna in Islam and was an extremely disrespectful Muslim. If you want full details of the battle of the Camel watch this. And @uponthesunnah I'm not sure why you keep referring aisha as ummulmumineen.
  2. I explained #3 to you. For #1, that is a personal question where asking him directly will get you the best answer, but if you want my personal opinion, even if finding a job would be harder it would still be haram to wear it unless you are very very desperate finding a job and wearing a tie is the only way to finding one. For #2, it is not haram to look at women with make up on unless it's in a lustful way. I think he must have made an English mistake on his ruling when he said "provided that they are unadorned ". If this wasn't a mistake, than I will be highly surprised. The best thing to do is to ask him directly.
  3. I don't think there is any problem with it since they're terrorists, but I'd ask a marja to be sure.
  4. I don't think there is any problem with it since they're terrorists, but I'd ask a marja to be sure.
  5. and the shias are the only ones following the true Islam.
  6. Ok I'm just curious and I want to ask you these questions. What would make you believe in God? Do you prefer a reality without a God and heaven/hell or do you prefer a reality where God and heaven/hell does exist?
  7. 1. That report doesn't provide details such as what he was prostrating on. Regardless though you're providing me references from sunni ahadith which we do not consider reliable ahadith. The reason why I quoted a narration from Sahih Bukhari about the prophet prostrating on mud is because even in your own books it states it, so why do you guys say its bid'ah? 2. Here are shia ahadith which shows the shias are following the sunnah of the prophet. 1. A group of hadith scholars {muhaddithun} recount the statement of the Prophet (S) in which he defines the earth as the place of his prostration, when he says: “The (pure) earth has been made for me as a place of prostration and an agent of purification.” From the word “ja‘ala” {“made”} which is used here to have a legal and legislative sense, meaning (“ordained”), we understand that this issue is a decree ordained by the Divine for the followers of Islam to abide by. This proves the legitimacy of prostration on earth, stone, and some other parts of the ground. 2. A group of narrations verify the fact that the Holy Prophet (S) used to order the Muslims to place their forehead on (pure) earth while prostrating. Umm Salamah, a spouse of the Prophet (S), narrates that the Prophet (S) said: “Place your face for the sake of Allah on earth.” There are many more ahadith about this. 4. If cotton is from the earth, than there is no problem in prostrating on it. But we both know that cotton isn't the only thing sunnis prostrate on. I seen sunnis pray on many other things such as regular carpet, asphalt (on the road), tiles and etc. They don't always pray on cotton.
  8. I like all of them. I learned a lot from @Haydar Husayn and @Qa'im though.
  9. I don't think it's a good argument to use in a debate.
  10. 1. In that case, you have to ask the marja yourself here http://leader.ir/en/istifta 2. I don't think the marja explained that sentence properly which can bring a lot of confusion. There must be an explanation for him saying "unadorned" so in that case you should again ask him. 3. Not all clothes in the west promote its culture. If I wear jeans and go to the middle east for example, would the people there even notice my jeans or think I'm promoting the western culture? They won't because they all wear the same thing or something similar. Clothes that stand out are the ones that should be avoided such as a tie or this or this or that . These are just examples that if someone sees another wearing these, they can easily realize these are of western culture. Where as if you just wear normal clothes like the rest of the world does, than it is not a problem.
  11. At least our salat is the true salat of Ahlul Bait.
  12. 1. Only your forehead is suppose to touch the earth, not the rest of your body. Narrated Abu Sa'id al-Khudri: I saw Allah's Apostle prostrating in mud and water and saw the mark of mud on his forehead. [Al-Bukhari, Sahih (English translation), vol. 1, book 12, no. 798; vol. 3, book 33, no. 244] 2. We prostrate exactly how the prophet did. According to the student of Ibn Taymiyyah in the book Ighathatul Lahfan (which you guys consider it a reliable source), he clearly said the prophet never prostrated on rugs but only on earth. If that's the case than why do sunnis not follow the sunnah of the prophet? 3. Again, only your forehead is to touch the earth, not the rest of your body. It doesn't matter what carpet you pray on as long as your forehead came in contact with the earth like what the prophet did. 4. Carpet is made from polyester. Polyester fibers are formed from a chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol. That is clearly not from the earth. Paper is made from trees which is from the earth, which is why it's not forbidden to prostrate on them. You can clearly see from your own books that the prophet prayed on clay or mud, so why aren't you guys following the sunnah of the prophet?
  13. The mathematician you're talking about is Sir Roger Penrose. "The eminent mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose calculated the chances of a life-supporting universe happening by chance to be 1 in 1010^123. Let me try to put that number into perspective: 1010^3 is a 1 followed by a thousand zeros, 1010^6 is a 1 followed by a million zeros and 1010^9 is a 1 followed by billion zeros. These numbers are practically impossible to imagine, but 1010^123 is so big that it is totally inconceivable to the human mind."