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  1. PhD course?

    Salamun alaikum. I am here to get help from anyone to have a scholarship to pursue my PhD course in any country. Thank you.
  2. Taharah/wudhu/ghusl

    We perform ablution because Allah is the one who asked us to do it when we want to be closer to Him .And the Holy Prophet is the mediator between us and Allah.The Holy Prophet has explain to his Umma that whoever has performed ablution and a gase passed from his anus must renew his ablution.So this order is called amr ta'abbudi.Which means by doing so you obey Allah because He is the one who asked you to do so through His messenger.Here there is no matter of asking why Allah says :We should say :Ash-hadu anla ilaha illa allahu wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu, Why Salat, why fasting,Zakat and Hajj? We may continue asking why obeying our parents? These all are been practising because Allah ordered us to do so. I would like to ask the questioneer : Why ablution and not bathing ? Sleeping breaks wudhu with conditions :A deep sleep which takes your hearing and sight. Let us say : when you are sleeping you are not able to hear what is going on around you then this sleeping breaks your wudhu.But light sleep does not break your Wudhu.When sleeping if your eyes cannot see and your ears can hear that sleep cannot break your ablution.