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  1. Your favorite mosque(s)

    I also love those stone mosques, Cairo is full of them.
  2. Question: West/East Marriage Culture

    Well people such as yourself do, that's for sure.
  3. Question: West/East Marriage Culture

    This reminds of an old thread in which a member asked reverts if they had trouble adapting to Islam because in western culture, parents teach their children to be evil, so they had to unlearn everything their were taught. This is one of the reasons that people oppose immigration from certain areas, because - and this is especially true of Muslims - they teach their children about how evil the 'West' is and how evil and twisted the people there are, so what hope is there of peaceful cohabitation when from the start the people have no interest in it.
  4. Thoughts 2017

    Did anyone in the Uk watch the show The Truth About Muslim Marriages (that could also have been called why women have no brain) Thoughts?
  5. This is why (on top it is Muslim scientists/scholars from the old days vs now) Every moron who spreads rubbish like Ali is written on the moon is part of the problem.
  6. Is "mansplaining" Islamically legitamite?

    I'm not really sure what this is, but if it is like 'man spreading' I don't like it when people do that either, especially if i am sitting next to someone who is doing it as it is an invasion of my personal space.
  7. Marriage Websites

    Sounds like someone sent out a few unanswered messages
  8. Translation of " Attering "

    What is the context?
  9. Translation of " Attering "

    In french the verb atterrir means to land. Terre = land I haven't heard it used in English. But looking on Google to atter is a Scottish term meaning to corrupt matter from a sore
  10. Can't marry the person i love

    I suppose that I depends on the root of the problem, is it your or her parents or her ?
  11. Wearing kalawa/kara

    It is a silver bangle that Sikh's wear, but Shias man in the Indian Subcontinent also wear it, but they say it is to represent the chains worn by Imam Sajjad peace be upon him. @op, salam brother, there are no rules to wearing it.
  12. National Pizza with Everything ...

    These days I lean more towards those Lebanese pizzas, I prefer the sharper flavours. The Turkish style ones are good as well.
  13. Sons of Jafar as-Sadiq

    He claimed to be the imam after his father.
  14. Sons of Jafar as-Sadiq

    al-Aftah was a son of al-Sadiq peace be upon him who deviated.
  15. Thoughts 2017

    I made my first youtube video today.
  16. Deceived into a polygamous marriage

    All that you said in your first post could be put down to him being weak and stuck between a rock and a hard place etc However, someone who actually says things like this - whether it is true or not is another issue - but to actually use this as an argument is a bit of a scumbag thing to do. This is low level, unsophisticated emotional blackmail.
  17. Al-Wilayah Al-Takweeniya

    Wa 'alaykym assalam, Sorry for the late reply brother. Well if the question is do I believe that this is the belief of the said individual, then my answer that it would be very surprising. If the question is do I have an issue with what is stated, then no, what is stated seems fine.
  18. Statement given by Shokat raza shokat wrong..?

    Sure I know that is a generalisation and there are many normal Iraqi brothers, but you do hear a lot of weird stuff coming from Iraqi clerics.
  19. which gemstone or stones will suit me ??

    I like to colour coordinate with my eyes and shoes
  20. Statement given by Shokat raza shokat wrong..?

    Well let's put it this way, the least stupid thing that he said was that one piece of chocolate can cure an entire clan of people. Aside from that he comes out with the usual extremist dribble.
  21. Statement given by Shokat raza shokat wrong..?

    I am against this type of nonsense and even stopped attending lectures when the poets invaded - however I still find the stance of the Iraqi authorities to be inconsistent because there are so many people that are making shirky comments over there. I guess one deviant down is still good, but I think that this is motivated by racism rather than a genuine desire to stop extremist ideas.
  22. what is your favourite recipe for pasta?

    In a large frying pan cook some mushrooms in butter, then add your cooked pasta, then add in some garlic and herb boursin cheese (I'm not sure how widely available it is) It is easy quick and tasty
  23. Statement given by Shokat raza shokat wrong..?

    Again, Iraqis will often say things like that, Basim al-Karbala'i has also taken verses out of the Qur'an concerning actions of Allah and said that Imam 'Ali did them. There is an Iranian singer (who is also quite popular here) who has song in which he said Qul huwa'llah is about Imam 'Ali peace be upon him. So why the double standards when a Pakistani guy does it?
  24. Footsie with aunt

    The thing is, without knowing your ages, it is hard to know what is going on. But if it is 'footsie' in the way that that term is commonly understood, then of course it is unacceptable, or at the very least very weird. Personally I believe that there is foot touching that doesn't fall under the 'footsie' umbrella, as an older person would do as a joke or a wind up to a small child - and your auntie might view you as a small child and is doing that. When you are 16 and think you are grown up, you never think that a 16 year old can be seen as a child, but it is possible. To sum up, weird behaviour depending on age and situation, but it could just be innocent.