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  1. Why dont shias belive in jinn possesion like Sunni

    wa 'alaykum assalam, Because this is one element of religion that Shi'a scholars are actually more rational about. I often read Sunnis discussing witch craft and jinn possession, it's pretty embarrassing. However their narrations indicate upon that, so they are sort of forced to believe in it. But you can find quite a few Shi'a who follow the Sunnis in their beliefs in such things, but it isn't the dominant view.
  2. Exposing Imam Shaikh Brother Mohammad Tawhidi

    He is trying to make out that there are no real links between Tawihidi and the Shirazis because he is a Shirazi himself, they funded him gave him a platform and allowed him to use their name to push his own brand and all his ijazas come from their clerics. Furthermore to this day there is no criticism of Tawihidi from any of the Shirazi offices even though they have probably received hundreds of requests from their followers.
  3. Really? In the Arabic he follows other mafassirs in that ghayb just means unseen. Man yansuruhu fi'l-ghayb Just means to assist him without anyone knowing it, doing the action privately only for the sake of Allah.
  4. Which vegetable/fruit do you cook with most

    Lentils, you can go wrong.
  5. You can speak Urdu, shaykh Makarim Shirazi's Tafsir has been translated so you should refer to that, it would be easier.
  6. You are reading the verse wrong, you cut out most of it and are trying to find meaning in a sentence that you are looking at out of context. Just read the whole verse, it is pretty clear.
  7. My "husband" wanted to use me for visa

    wa 'alaykum assalam, Report him to the authorities, get him kicked out of the country - if you're lucky he is doing something just illegal enough to serve a little prison time.
  8. Your favorite mosque(s)

    I also love those stone mosques, Cairo is full of them.
  9. Question: West/East Marriage Culture

    Well people such as yourself do, that's for sure.
  10. Question: West/East Marriage Culture

    This reminds of an old thread in which a member asked reverts if they had trouble adapting to Islam because in western culture, parents teach their children to be evil, so they had to unlearn everything their were taught. This is one of the reasons that people oppose immigration from certain areas, because - and this is especially true of Muslims - they teach their children about how evil the 'West' is and how evil and twisted the people there are, so what hope is there of peaceful cohabitation when from the start the people have no interest in it.
  11. Thoughts 2017

    Did anyone in the Uk watch the show The Truth About Muslim Marriages (that could also have been called why women have no brain) Thoughts?
  12. This is why (on top it is Muslim scientists/scholars from the old days vs now) Every moron who spreads rubbish like Ali is written on the moon is part of the problem.
  13. Is "mansplaining" Islamically legitamite?

    I'm not really sure what this is, but if it is like 'man spreading' I don't like it when people do that either, especially if i am sitting next to someone who is doing it as it is an invasion of my personal space.
  14. Marriage Websites

    Sounds like someone sent out a few unanswered messages
  15. Translation of " Attering "

    What is the context?