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  1. Ali_Hussain

    Thoughts 2018

    To be fair, there hasn't been much about Pakistan in the western news for a while now, the press seem to have set their sights on other countries. But given the amount of bad press that there has been over the last decade, it will take a while for people to view the country in a good light (with regards to the security situation) About the body guards, aren't those mountain areas a little bit more dangerous than the cities? I don't think that he was accompanied everywhere in the country. But it is a good service offered by the police, at least it shows a willingness to make the country more attractive to tourists - although it probably isn't very fare to waste money and resources like that when they could be better spent elsewhere.
  2. Ali_Hussain

    Mistakes Reading Holy Quran

    Salam, * please note that this is just my personal opinion. Don't be too harsh on yourself, we all have to start somewhere. Everyone who isn't a native Arabic speaker especially those of us who don't speak languages that use the Arabic script struggled tremendously when we first started trying to read. I can remember taking 15 minutes or more to read a single page and absolutely butchering it. But little by little it comes along in sha' Allah. You can see that major scholars have very little grasp of how to pronounce Arabic properly, if you ever watch any of shaykh Wahid Khorasani's videos, he clearly can't pronounce Arabic words in the correct way. I would say that respecting these signs is more important than getting the letters absolutely right. Good luck in sha' Allah
  3. Ali_Hussain

    Medieval music

    Just to point out that the suitable for gatherings clause is subjective.
  4. Ali_Hussain

    Medieval music

    This is from slightly after the medieval period, but you can see the type of music that was used for gatherings. I'm sure that even in Beethoven's day people used to boogy to his 5th symphony even though people wouldn't today.
  5. It is quite easy to find a list of things that would make one's fast void, what you mentioned is not one of them
  6. Ali_Hussain

    Thoughts 2018

    @ Pakistanis, do you think this is a realistic / fair depiction of the current state of the country? https://www.thebrokebackpacker.com/travel-to-pakistan/
  7. Ali_Hussain

    Do men have a harder time accepting rejection

    I've sent a group message to all the admins, need to correct my post before I loose any credibility that I have
  8. Ali_Hussain

    Do men have a harder time accepting rejection

    I think she means someone you meet online.
  9. Ali_Hussain

    Do men have a harder time accepting rejection

    It all comes down to experience, obviously younger guys will react differently, but you grow, you learn and you know the score. Men tend to get infatuated quite easily, and being rejected when you have that kind of emotion does hurt, but you get over it quite fast. Women on the other hand tend to be more cautious in the early days, but they tend to actually fall in love, and love makes them do stupid things, be it to stay with an abusive man or even to go full on psycho when a man leaves her.
  10. Ali_Hussain

    Muta Marriage disaster

    wa 'alaykum assalam, It sounds like you are dealing with quite a scumbag. One thing is for sure, sadly you do have to tread softly as our communities have no mercy, especially when it comes to women. By the sounds of it, you aren't capable of dealing with this guy, and you probably don't have any men around who you can count on, so you are going have to dig deep and get some courage. Realistically the only thing that you can do is to get rid of this guy, what you should look into is a way to really screw him over. As I understand it, Malaysia has extremely strict drug laws, you have to somehow get him arrested whilst he is in possession. Try and find some women's refuge or group or something who can advise you on the best way to go about it, maybe something along the lines of he hits you, you know there are drugs in the house, you call the police, and in sha' Allah they can do the rest. Make sure that you don't have any drugs in your system, check online to see how long whatever it is that you took takes to get out of your system. Do some research, get some legal advice, and be very careful. Whichever way you choose to go out this, good luck, I hope it ends well and you can turn over a new leaf.
  11. Ali_Hussain

    Revert Name Change Rant

    Those are good points, but I fear that people who hold these kind of views aren't particularly deep thinkers, I personally know of two different cases in which people raised objections to the name 'Adam' so I think that it is also a racial issue with some rather than a religious one.
  12. Ali_Hussain

    Thoughts 2018

    ...that is kind of slanderous what you did there Not that I disagree with the statement, but still
  13. Ali_Hussain

    Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Forget about bad jokes, if you want pure raw comedy gold, read negative reviews (google reviews and amazon are good because you can sort them from the worst to the best) went here for mothers day today with family at 2 and spent 73 pound the 7up that we ordered was flat and disgusting one of the managers tried arguing saying it was 7up clearly not also your kebabs are not fresh they have given me a upset stomach and vomiting tasted horrible we complained to the waiter and he said it's not my problem.. the young waiters wer very helpful but the management is rubbish as no help wat so ever would never recommend this place the Manchester one is alot better no customer service asked them a few no times no help stay away unless u want a runny bum and food poisoning.. change your management absolutely rubbish - Man named Shohaib was very rude, aggressive and confrontational towards guests. And the whole building stunk of gas and chemicals! Utterly disgraceful! No remorse shown from the managers, whom every member off staff claimed to be. - I usually eat Seekh Kabab ...there were no Seekh kabab and every time I asked the staff they lied to me saying just 5 more mins ..after talking to the manager staff gave me uncooked kabab and I had to wait one hour for cooked kabab and eventually my times up. Sad to see how restaurants lose standard .Chinese rice was not chinese rice they were not even fried they were boiled rice and tasteless, standard was very low, time to change the restaurant approx £20 does not justify overall it was a bad experienceNever trust if they say 45mins waiting time I remembered they said 45mins on eid day and after 45mins they said 2hours and 50mins they just want you hanging I've actually eaten here, it is true that the main courses are awful, but to be fair the starters and the desserts or ok,
  14. Ali_Hussain

    Thoughts 2018

    Is that some kind of racist comment because he's from Africa? Just kidding, I enjoy the Sudanese style of recitation as well.
  15. Ali_Hussain


    w salam, I know, I specified that at the beginning: "You can make up a salat al-layl any time that you want"