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  1. @-Enlightened #ShiaChat now on Twitter! @ShiaChatForum

  2. Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    I'm vegetarian !
  3. Some scholars believe that it a forbidden act per fair that you may worship the prophet , that's why in ancient mosques, there are only calligraphies and not drawings , but i still like the shabe-e me'raj drawing that was made in teheran (the one that Yoel just posted).

    The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel." - Steve Furtick
  5. Asian Cup In Australia

    Iran to the Quarter finals !!
  6. Eye Colour

    she has the ring on the wrong finger
  7. Making Up Missed Prayers

    That person is so organized :D these are not a lot of missed prayers . Just pray once a day a missed prayer until it gets over
  8. Shia Draw Images Of Ahlebait

    and you are the salafi guy that killed charlie ..
  9. What Bag Are You Currently Carrying?

    This is so unique :)
  10. What Bag Are You Currently Carrying?

    btw guys i'm not carrying a grocery bag, i was just kidding :P
  11. What Bag Are You Currently Carrying?

    you're carrying a grocery bag too ? guess we're in fashion ^_^
  12. What Bag Are You Currently Carrying?

    a grocery bag :P
  13. What's Your Ethnicity?

    I can relate. I don't like being asked where I'm from just because I have a Hijab, even if I'm coming from Immigrant parents . It just causes trouble.. nothing personal. But trouble like language barriers . For instance, they assume if my parents are Iraqi that I fully understand 100% arabic, including all dilaects , egyptian, algerian, lebanese ,(which I don't) Then they speak to me in their language and I just end up nodding my head, pretending I understood lol