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  1. Ahlul Bayt Followers In Norwich

    Assalamualaikum brother, Sorry for the late reply and Its been long time I did not open this forum. AlhamdulilLah, at last I found another Shia in Norwich. It is true that there is no husayniyyah centre or majalis take place in Norwich but we can create the network of ahlulbayt followers in Norwich. So, we don't feel isolated and away from the teaching of ahlulbayt. That is the least we can do at the moment. I believe there are many more Shia in Norwich and in time we can get in touch with them InshaAllah. Anyway brother, where about is your living in Norwich? I live in NR5 9AY. Please reply to me ASAP. Thanks so much Wassalam
  2. Ahlul Bayt Followers In Norwich

    Assalamualaykum... I was formerly Sunni and now reverted to Ahlul Bayt path. I am living in Norwich and currently looking for the network of ahlul bayt followers or individual around here. If any of you living in Norwich please chat with me. Thanks