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  1. 1991 shia uprising

    But did Iran promise them of any help ??
  2. salam. yahan koi pakistani he jo iran me rehta ho specially tehran me ??
  3. What duas do you do?

    May Allah bless us all with Tawfeeq to please Him and His choosen ones.
  4. What duas do you do?

    Ziarat ashura, surah yaseen and dua ahad almost daily. I try to recite manzil once a week and blow it on water. Recently started dua kumayl on thursdays. Really want to start reciting Joshan Sageer every thursday especially for all the Muslim brothers being oppressed by the enemies.
  5. 1991 shia uprising

    I know , But what broke my heart is the fact that they were begging for help from inside the shrine of Imam Al-hussain a.s . There must be a reason why their cry for help was not asnwered by the Imam himself and they were left at the hands of merciless saddam hussaim.
  6. 1991 shia uprising

    Salam , i just saw the Ahlulbayt documentary about the 1991 shia uprising. I . just want to kow why did the uprising fail ?
  7. salam . I wanted to send u a message but its giving an error . I wanted to ask you some details about the 1991 shia uprising . Mainly wanted to ask why did it fail ? The reason i want to ask you is because you are an Iraqi and you will have more information about the incident than anyone else would . Kindly reply me and as i m new to this site please tell me why couldn't i send you a message. Thanks in advance . 

    1. repenter


      salam...who told you im iraqi?

    2. suki


      saw your comment on a thread location was bain ul haramain 

    3. repenter


      its more like a wish than a reality

  8. Salam , i cant attach a profile picture. the upload fails :S