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  1. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    Bloomberg and aljazeera.com both reported 12 days ago that the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority sent a list with hundreds of names to lenders, telling them to freeze any accounts linked to them. Today (November 20, 2017) Reuters is reporting that over 2,000 bank accounts have been frozen.
  2. Nasir al-Din al-Tusi and Wine

    Salam. According to Shias drinking wine is haram and in some hadith it is a major sin.
  3. Dear Mrs.Hameedeh,

    Good morning, hope you are well.

    I am Dr Rowa Adnan Shwekh who asked last week about shrines in Egypt.

    I want to thank you for your quick reply and help.

    kind regards



    1. Hameedeh


      @rowa adnan Salam. Welcome to ShiaChat. It is not very often that a former guest will let me know that they joined. :) 

  4. #17 The Population of Where You Live

    For 7 years I lived in a city with two million people. I am now back in a small town again.
  5. What path do I chose?

    Salam. If you have one year before you start your Masters degree program, then there is no need to leave your family to go study Islam. Stay with your family and do as much independent study about Islam as you can. Do research on your own by reading and studying. After you achieve your Masters degree, inShaAllah you can take a break and reassess your situation to decide whether you want to take hawzah classes or other educational opportunities or if you need to work to pay off debts for yourself or your family.
  6. Allah's Creation

    Flower farming in Holland.
  7. Imam Ali and Um al baneen

    Salam. Umn al-Baneen AS is well known for her love and loyalty toward the Holy Prophet SA, Fatima Zahra AS, Imam Ali AS, Imam Hassan AS, and Imam Hussein AS. No doubt that Imam Ali AS loved her because she loved Ahlul Bayt AS. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/37432-umm-al-baneen-sa/
  8. Hatred/jealousy

    Salam. That must have hurt a lot to find out that your relatives went to Iraq and did not take you with them. I'm sorry. Maybe you can use Skype to talk with your grandfather. There is a phone app called FaceTime. At least call and talk to him.
  9. Durood e taj

    Salam. The website duas.org is a Shia website with Shia duas. You can find Dua Taj there, which is similar to what you have posted, but Dua Taj is longer and the Arabic and transliteration (how to pronounce it) is available. https://www.duas.org/Duataj.htm
  10. Recommend Some Good Shia Books For Beginners

    Salam. The others have given you the name of many books that are great. This is one that I would like to recommend. It is not too long and it might be too brief, but as an introduction to Shia Islam, it might be useful, inShaAllah. The Truth As It Is Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/truth-as-it-is-jafar-al-hadi
  11. @ZahraZubaid Do you see how your OP (opening post) sounded kind of worried and how your later posts were more calm and thoughtful? When you are angry, hurting, feel stressed out or overwhelmed, never take any action that could harm yourself. Tell yourself that you need to relax and then think about things carefully.
  12. The Prolonged Lifespan of Imam Mahdi (aj) Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/message-thaqalayn/vol-13-no-3-autumn-2012/prolonged-lifespan-imam-mahdi-aj-zainab-musawi
  13. Salam , a clothing issue.

    Thank you, Dear. I am praying for you to find a friend. If you go to the nearest Shia Center where you live I'm sure you can find someone to talk to. Have you been friendly to a classmate?
  14. Rabi al-Awwal 9 - Eid al-Zahra

    Eid al-Zahra (The Day Imam Zaman, may Allah hasten his return, started his Imamate, after mourning the martyrdom of his father the 11th Imam AS on the previous day [Rabi al-Awwal 08]).
  15. Rabi al-Awwal 08 - Martyrdom of Imam Hassan al-Askari (11th Imam) AS.