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  1. Qaim (A.S) will burn those two.

    Salam. Sorry that I cannot copy and paste the Arabic. The terms used were dha’if (weak) and Majhul (unknown). https://www.al-islam.org/fr/printpdf/book/export/html/35579
  2. Chatroom broken?

    Well I am using google chrome and the chat room is working fine for me. I see 9 people, including you, using the chat room. If they can tell us what browser they are using, maybe you can use one of those browsers, other than the one you are using right now.
  3. Chatroom broken?

    Salam. I see you are in the chat room now. Is it fixed for you?
  4. How to avoid inappropriate comments

    Does the store have a cart? If so, put your toddler inside the cart so there won't be any running around. When you see that the worker is not working in that section you can safely shop there and get what you need very quickly.
  5. Thank you for posting the video. It's 1 hour long and I only watched the first 15 minutes, where I saw verbal prejudice of and hatred for Shias. Does it show -- later on -- any Shias being arrested, beaten or physically harmed? I don't think I could tolerate watching that.
  6. Allah's Creation

    Redwood National Park (USA)
  7. What is your goal today?

    This is a serious topic. No jokes, please.
  8. Grammar Test

    Must be British English. You scored 35 out of 40.Your grammar level is: Upper-Intermediate - CEF Level B2
  9. Thoughts 2018

    Anti-inflammatory SPICES that are good for your health are: hot chili peppers, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric, onion powder, ginger root, curry, and fresh garlic. Of course others are good for you, but these are the super healthy ones.
  10. I'm not sure what this means

    Salam. You left out a lot of details so it's hard to say. Are you female? Are you married? In Islamic culture the groom's family gives jewelry as a gift to the bride of their son at the wedding reception. Take your dream as good news. You received a gift.
  11. Ghusl for an infectious person?

    Salam. This is a good question. We had this discussion before (burial without ghusl), but I am sorry that it did not come to any conclusion. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235046545-burial-without-ghusl-cremation-questions/
  12. Going to Ziyara

    Salam, Sister. Please remember all of us at ShiaChat when you go. Thank you!
  13. Thoughts 2018

    What you eat, especially if you do not take a vitamin every day, has a huge effect on your mood and your health.
  14. Chatroom broken?

    For people who report having a problem with the chat room, change your browser to something else. If that does not work, then you might need to install Java. There are people in the chat room so I know that there is no problem with the chat. It's your own device.
  15. Chatroom broken?

    This is not factual. You are in the chat room yourself.