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  1. Maintaining a Just Economy through Belief in the Hereafter Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/message-thaqalayn/general-message-thaqalayn/maintaining-just-economy-through-belief-hereafter-majid
  2. The Sisters Consultancy Group (SCG) is only available to ShiaChat members, not to guests. Members who have access to their private messages can send a PM to one of the sisters. Please see this topic:
  3. Are your parents paying for your education? If they are, you need to graduate and pay them back. If you are paying for your own education, you could be selfish and leave the family, but wouldn't it be better to stay with your family and try to make their lives better? What will happen to your little brothers when you are not around? Will they be blamed because you left the family?
  4. @Heavenly_Silk Welcome as a Blue Moderator!
  5. Allamah Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i, Philosopher, Exegete and Gnostic Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/allamah-muhammad-husayn-tabatabai-philosopher-exegete-and-gnostic-dr-hamid-algar
  6. You have an About Me page on your profile. I have filled my About Me page with links that I want to find quickly. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/profile/66196-hameedeh/?tab=field_core_pfield_17
  7. Dua'a Jaushan E Sagheer in Arabic and English. Transliteration is at the bottom of the page: http://www.duas.org/jsagheer_alt.htm Dua'a Jawshan Al Kabir in Arabic and English. To see the Transliteration, click on the word Transliteration after the introductory paragraph: http://www.duas.org/jkabeer1.htm
  8. A religious minority in Iran can join the military as a simple soldier but cannot move up in the ranks to be an officer. Also a religious minority cannot serve as a Judge because the laws in Iran are based on Islamic law. So there is an economic incentive for them to push for these rights, but it probably won't happen.
  9. Prophet Muhammad (S), a Divine Mercy for the Worlds Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/articles/prophet-muhammad-s-divine-mercy-worlds-shaykh-mansour-leghaei
  10. Br. Abu Hadi has good advice:
  11. Salam, Sister. Those are all good wishes. I have had many relatives pass away in my family. My one wish would be that my children live a long life so that I die before them. Allah knows that I never want to see a tragedy like that.
  12. You are all so brave! Any place on earth that normally has snow, ice or blizzards, No, I don't want to go there. Below freezing is just too uncomfortable.
  13. Friday, May 26 (2017) is the 29th of Shaban (in the US and Canada). May 27 is EITHER the 30th of Shaban OR the 1st of Ramadan, according to the sighting of the crescent moon, inShaAllah. Some duas here:
  14. @DeafShia (Not saying these are Shia stores. Just halal.) There is a halal restaurant and market, but I couldn't remember how to spell their name. Shahrazad Cafe, 12605 Metcalf Ave in Overland Park, Kansas. Pak Halal is 12259 W. 87th Street Parkway, Lenexa, Kansas. Jerusalem Bakery (on the Missouri side) is 1404 Westport Road, Kansas City, Missouri. EDIT: State Line Road separates Kansas City, Kansas from Kansas City, Missouri.
  15. Exactly, and when you are in the room, you are asleep so it doesn't really matter if the room doesn't look fancy.