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  1. Crescent moon is seen tonight?

    Rabi al-Awwal 29. Moonsighting.com is reporting that the crescent moon can be sighted only by optical aid (telescope) Monday night (December 18, 2017) in the Americas, and for the rest of the world on December 19 (Tuesday). If you live in the Americas, and your marja does not allow sighting the crescent moon by optical aid, December 19 (Tuesday) will be Rabi al-Awwal 30 and December 20 (Wednesday) will be Rabi al-Thani 1. For everyone, Rabi al-Thani 8 (wherever you live) is the birthday of the 11th Imam Hassan al-Askari AS. Rabi al-Thani 10 is the wafat (passing away) of Sayyidah Fatima Ma’sooma in Qom, Iran. Do you belong to a moonsighting group? Think about joining the Muslims where you live, to go out and look for the new crescent moon.
  2. Kazemi @Kazemi "Woe upon those who oppose the Truth"
  3. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    Sister, it's better if I send you a PM. The young people here will read this topic, even though the topic title has the Mature label.
  4. @Zuhair Rizvi You can only have one topic on the same subject. Your other topic was removed as a duplicate. Sorry.

  5. Dua

    Perhaps originally, during the time of the Prophet SA, the name Al "Ali (العلى) The Sublimely Exalted was (and still is) the name of Allah SWT. Over hundreds of years, when people said Ya Ali or Ya Ali madad they forgot that it was the name of Allah SWT and thought mistakenly that it is referring to Imam Ali AS. This is a possible explanation. I'm sure that nobody in my Iranian family asks Imam Ali AS for help. That would be shirk.
  6. Help

    Hang in there, Brother.
  7. Dua

    You're welcome. Other people might disagree with me. You should wait for other replies.
  8. Dua

    Salam. One of Allah's names is Al "Ali (العلى) The Sublimely Exalted. When a person says Ya Ali, he is mentioning the name of Allah SWT, just like saying Ya Allah or Ya Rab. So Ya Ali madad means Oh Allah help (me).
  9. @Vikram Hello. Your recent post was not posted in the forum but went to the Report Center. When you post, you need to click on the Reply button, not the Report Button. :)

    Do you have a copy of your post so that you can reply again? If you don't, please reply something in the topic and I can edit it to your original reply. Post your reply here:


  10. Prosecutors presented surveillance video and other evidence against him, and announced that they were seeking to upgrade the second-degree murder charge to first-degree murder.
  11. Witr Prayer Instructions

    Qunoot is not wajib, but at least say SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah. Start a list and soon it will be 40 or even more. Please add my name to your list.
  12. Thoughts 2017

    The Development Team tweeted the Important Questions ANSWERED thread. This week's question: Is working on Ashura haram?
  13. Man charged in Charlottesville car attack due in court
  14. Thoughts 2017

    This is a disaster. If cable and telecom companies block access to websites and apps that are their competitors or just tamper with the speed of connection, customers will be angry. I am sure that customers might complain about slow loading times to their favorite sites. If the service providers have a lot of negative publicity in their social media accounts, they will have to placate their customers.
  15. Confessions...

    I confess that when I am alone I talk out loud to myself.