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  1. FYI: The Minimalist podcasts are rambling and might use a mild exclamation of profanity that some people find acceptable but I don't. I have decided not to listen to their podcasts, but their animated videos are well designed and thoughtful. Episode 1: Episode 2:
  2. Most people believe that Dua Kumayl was dictated to Kumayl by Imam Ali AS. For those who believe in it and read it every Thursday night, that is to their own benefit, may Allah bless you in all your amal. For those who have doubts about Dua Kumayl, they have two choices: 1) Stop reading Dua Kumayl (their loss) 2) Read Dua Kumayl with the intention of raj’a matlubiyyah (do it with the hope that it may be a Godly desired act).
  3. Justice, Peace and Prophet Muhammad Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/justice-peace-and-prophet-muhammad-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi
  4. Your son-in-law is very sweet to say all that! With my firstborn I went through 17 hours of labor and then had an emergency c-section. The pain of healing took 6 weeks. However, it was sweet times. I understood the love of my own Mother toward me, only after I became a Mother myself.
  5. Salam. Is your website still providing this service? The payment calls for £ so how to pay with US dollars?
  6. The Core of Islam Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/core-islam-sayyid-fadhil-milani
  7. May Allah accept your amal in the month of Rajab. https://www.al-islam.org/articles/merits-month-rajab-excerpted-mafatih-al-jinan
  8. The birth of 5th Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir AS and birth of Syeda Sakina AS is Rajab 1, corresponding to Wednesday, March 29, 2017 in North America. In some countries, Rajab 1 will be on a different day, depending on your location. Please check with your local authorities.
  9. Thanks, Brother. I found the link to the news about the conference: http://www.aimislam.com/event/conference-on-saudi-arabia-geopolitics-in-a-troubled-region/ Maybe those in London who have more information will reply here.
  10. Is the conference free? I'm sure that I'm not going (no airline ticket), but I hope that others are able to attend. They can let their contacts know about it.
  11. @Shaykh Patience101 A well deserved promotion, Brother. Your patience is welcomed to the Mod team.
  12. Good news! Read all about it!
  13. Ah, the good old days. I was a guest since 2002, but lack supporting documents. Congrats to Veteran members who joined and participated and now reap the benefits of our kudos.
  14. Oh, my. This is outrageous!