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  1. Muslim Scholars’ Views on Education Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/muslim-scholars-views-education-hamid-reza-alavi
  2. @Repentant After a year long absence, you returned! :)

    Please do not make personal topics in Tech Support. Mods have been approving your posts in other forums. 

  3. @baqar As a member, you can send a PM to any Admin. Attaching a file is simple. At the bottom of your message box, click on 'choose files' or drag the file into your reply box.
  4. Sometimes a member will use an avatar from a site that is known to have malware. Or a link posted to a questionable site will trigger an error message not to go to that site.
  5. Which topic were you reading?
  6. Dad eagle is sitting on egg #1 right now while Mom eagle takes break. A flock of geese just flew over the nest and Dad turned his head to watch them. So cute.
  7. Woman’s Value and Role Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/womans-value-and-role
  8. Some Shias wear black clothing while mourning, during the Holy Month of Muharram and the following month of Safar.
  9. @Zahra1 Good news! Muslims in Cuba are finally going to build their first mosque. http://en.abna24.com/news/america/muslim-to-build-first-mosque-in-cuba.html
  10. Salam. Every country has concern on what other countries do. Surely there are Muslims in North Korea and even if there aren't any Muslims, there are oppressed people there.
  11. The guest who started this topic has asked to delete it. While that is under review with the Moderators, the thread is now locked.
  12. ShiaChat does not delete all the posts of an account, especially the posts by previously banned members. Instead of threatening legal action you should have simply sent a PM to one of the Admins.
  13. Prophet Daniel AS is buried in Khuzestan, Iran.
  14. For many years Iran has been fighting against westernization, Gharbzadeghi. Iran's motto is No East, No West, Islam is the Best.
  15. You can search the Internet for accommodation. Search for room to rent in Dubai or hostel in Dubai. Check their locations and prices.