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  1. Possible start of Ramadan?

    The beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan is subject to moonsighting in the location where you live.
  2. Askarollah - Traveler (Spoken word) video

    Thank you. May Allah bless you and strengthen you in your Islamic endeavors.
  3. What is your goal today?

    The good thing about today is if you didn't reach your goal yesterday you can try again. Let's do this!
  4. Thoughts 2018

    Congratulations to the ShiaChat Member of the Week! @LadyNadine http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235035410-shiachat-member-of-the-week-chosen-every-friday/?do=findComment&comment=3128154
  5. LadyNadine @LadyNadine "I will keep doing what I'm doing and study while I keep applying."
  6. This topic is to refute the myths and misconceptions of the past. We are not discussing the future events.
  7. Salam. Go back to the same masjid where you married him and report him. Show them your marriage document and make sure they write down his name in their records as being a troublemaker and ask them not to allow him to marry and cheat another woman. Ask if you can get a divorce from him without paying money because he did not pay your mahr and you cannot afford a divorce.
  8. What is your goal today?

    He is too busy to contact me about his book, but I am bound to read it and email him my summary. I have put it off far too long.
  9. What is your goal today?

    My brother mailed me a book 6 weeks ago and I texted him to say Thank you. It is so embarrassing that I haven't finished reading it yet. Never buy a book for someone else unless you see it on their own Amazon wish list.
  10. Iranians Openly Declare Atheism

    You do realize that anyone can get a Twitter account and say anything. There is no way to check the truthfulness of that anonymous person. It could be a Russian fake account.
  11. Prophet Muhammad SA was fighting in defensive wars, to protect Islam. He wasn't attacking people to conquer them. See Chapter 14 the link below: Chapter 14: The Motives of the Wars of the Prophet Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/glance-life-holy-prophet-islam-dar-rah-haqq/chapter-14-motives-wars-prophet
  12. Thoughts 2018

    Condolences for you and all your family. I am sorry for your loss, Brother.
  13. Help

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby Zaynab! Many duas for your wife and precious daughter. You, too.
  14. Imam Jawad: A Blessed Newborn Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/message-thaqalayn/vol-17-no-2-summer-2016/imam-jawad-blessed-newborn-muhammad-nassir-hussaini-alai
  15. @sara shah Salam. In order to join the club you requested, you need 25 posts in the forums. To  learn how to participate, please see the first post in this topic: