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  1. New dars have been uploaded on SMForum.org, shedding light on the struggle of Imam Baqir (as) and Imam Sadiq (as)'s struggle on different fronts to save Islam and guide people. Seerat-e-Aima-e-Sadeqain (as) by Maulana Syed Ali Murtaza Zaidi Sincerely, BuZari
  2. New Hawza in TX?

    Some information I received through an email list... Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 22:21:05 -0700 (PDT) Subject: [DFWMomeneen] HAWZA (ALQAEM INSTITUTE) in DALLAS, Texas. (Opening Ceremony Oct 12th,2003) ........................................ FROM: Moulana Safdar Razi, Austin, Texas Salaam Alaykum, With the help of Dallas Shia communities, and our ALMAHDI CENTER of Austin, and with the support of the scholars of Texas, and the Islamic center's leaders in Texas, Inshallah on this coming 15th of SHABAAN (11th October in Austin, and 12th October in Dallas), we will do the Opening ceremony of the first HAWZA (higher Islamic Education Institute or Seminary) in TEXAS, which will be named as ALQAEM INSTITUTE in Dallas, and in Austin the Hawza classes will be in our ALMAHDI CENTER the system of classes will be as of the Islamic University in London, the one which is accredited by the British board of accreditation. The lessons will be in English for non Arab students, and in Arabic for Arab Students. The ALMAHDI CENTER - Austin, classes will be every Saturday from 8:30-1:30 pm, and in ALQAEM INSTITUTE in Dallas will be every Sunday 9-3pm in English, and 4-9 in Arabic. Scholars of Dallas will participate in teaching. I offer my greatest appreciation and thanks to all those who encouraged me towards this great project (may Allah reward them with the great rewards), especially our respected officers of ALMAHDI CENTER, MOMIN CENTER, ELM CENTER, IQA, IMAM ALI CENER (as), and the President of the World Fedaration Respected Br. Hasnain Walji.May Allah bless them all and keep them united forever on the path of Islam. Beloved respected brothers and sisters, I am not asking for your financial support, ( who ever wants to pitch in that will be left to him, to come by him self, yes the only one I will ask for the financial help is my 12th Imam (AJ), he will indeed arrange it by his ways, It is his project that headache I will leave it upto him, But for you the greatest support I beg from you is your duas for our sucess, and an encouragement to your youth (male and female) to attend the HAWZA. To know more about our studies please click on the link below. http://www.kolieh.com/English.htm click on courses Faculty of Islamic Law For detailed information please click on the same link, and http://www.kolieh.com/Arabic.htm If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail me on alqaem@msn.com . This is the first attempt in Texas, please support us with your Duas and Prayers, if this gets great success it will spread our experience, all around the United states. I will send the details of the course in English later. Salaam Alaykum. Safdar Razi Plan of Action for HAWZA classes : 1. We will implement the plan Islamic University in London, and if the student feels he wish to go deep we will arrange for higher education, either by providing here, or sending him abroad, and the expencess will be covered by ALQAEM INSTITUTE. But the student must work hard to pass the four years tests given to him here. 2. The classes will be held every Sunday 5 hours for Arabs (one hour per subject), and 6 hours for non Arabs. The non-Arab student will be given extra hour for Arabic language. 3. The class will start at 9 am and will end 9pm. 4. The final exams will be held in 1st week of Shabaan every year, and on 15th of Shabaan , the best students will be given appreciation rewards and gifts. 5. The study will be for 40 weeks i.e. each subject will have about 40 lessons annually. 6. The classes might stop (if a substitute is not available) for 4 weeks of Haj, 2 weeks of Moharram, 2 weeks of Safar, and 4 weeks of Ramadhan. The total of 12 weeks out of 52 weeks every year. 7. After the 5th year the student has an option either to continue higher level in USA or in Qum. 8. The exams can be coordinated with the accredited Islamic University by the British board of accreditation to continue for PHD. 9. There will be an annual meeting between the Scholars and the leaders of Islamic centers in Texas, to follow up the evaluation, and to discuss further improvement of the HAWZA. 10. After the 5 years the subject will be more study of USOOL (third HALAQA), FIQH MAKAASIB, and other studies.
  3. Razanne---the Muslim Barbie!

    Razanne---the Muslim Barbie, or may be better, Muslim Bibi (khanum, lady). Anyway found this link reading a Yahoo story, thought should share here. See Razanne in Muslim Scout, Eid Mubarak, In and Out, PlayDay, Prayer, SchoolGirl, and Teacher get ups. BuZari
  4. Congratulations On The Birth

    Jazakallah shabbirh. May Allah(swt) hasten Imam Mahdi's appearance and may we be a contributor in his cause.
  5. (salam) A new symposium is uploaded on SMForum.ORG. Beyond IRAQ, US policy of Global Domination by Maulana Ali Murtaza Zaidi, MPhil. Political Science. Do check it out. BuZari
  6. Ok, I am applying for an intern position in a research organization in US. This organization is focused on S. Asian and ME regions. They require an eassy about "an event in world politics within the last 12 months in which individual leadership made a difference in the outcome." So far, I have sacrificed a lot of my brain cells searching for a suitable event, but unsuccessful. One major event in last 12 months was ofcourse the war in Iraq. But, I don't want to suck up to the people who involved US unilaterally in it. Or for that matter, I don't want to write about any American involvement around the world. I know, many other significant events have happened in last 12 months. But, the second condition is the problem, i.e. the leadership role. I can't think of anybody in those events who is really worth writing about. Please help me. If you can think of any event, preferably related to S. Asia or Middle East, I would appreciate your ideas and references. Thanks
  7. In principle, it can be both, directly and indirectly. He can influence free will for the simple reason that human free will is by Him (refer to the last hadith). But, it's not necessary He will do that (in your given example) or He does it all the time.
  8. Wanderer, Can above doesn't imply a necessity, that He will do that action too. No, it's not necessary, esp. if something is against His Adl (Justice). Revelation is also a form of inpiration and God's "intervention" in the working of this world . All prophet were inpired by God in this respect. Morever, I find alteast two instances in Quran that talk about God inspiring non-prophets. In 66:12 see, "And Marium, the daughter of Imran, who guarded her chastity, so We breathed into her of Our inspiration and she accepted the truth of the words of her Lord and His books, and she was of, the obedient ones." In 16:68 see, "And your Lord revealed to the bee saying: Make hives in the mountains and in the trees and in what they build:" This "intervention" can be through spiritual and/or material causes. Since the working of this world is based on causation, God's influence (through causation) can't be technically called "intervention". For example, a possible material cause that taught honey bees to make hives can be the evolution, which is a causal, natural process. On page 90 of Man and his Destiny, Shaheed Mutahhari quotes a hadith from Majma'ul-Bahrayn: "Allah declines to carry out the affairs of the world except through their causes. He has appointed a cause for every thing. Every cause has a reason behind it. Every reason is a piece of knowledge and every piece of knowledge has an eloquent door." On spiritual causes: "But from spiritual angle the reality is not confined to matter and body and their physical reactions and susceptibilities. The world of events has a more complicated structure and there are many more factors which contribute to an occurence...That is why prayer is an effective cause. It produces certain occurences and prevents certain others...The Holy Prophet has said: 'Prayer changes even confirmed destiny.' " (Man and his Destiny, pg. 86-87) Pg. 89 "In the Tuhaf-ul-Uqul Imam Riza is reported to have said: 'When Allah wants his decree to be carried out, He wrests their thinking power from the people concerned. After the decree has been carried out this power is restored to each one of them. Then they wonder how it was that such a thing happened.' " Pg. 100-101 "There is a hadith in the Tuhaf-ul-Uqul, which appears to be a letter by Imam Hadi, the tenth Imam, to some of his supporters in Ahwaz (Iran) on the doctrines of predestination, absolute dicretion, and justice. In this letter he writes: 'A person asked Imam Ali whether man has power and ability or he lacks them. If he has the power to do things, then how is it posible to say that 'there is no power nor help but from Allah'?' From the working of the hadith it appears that the questioner believed that man had the power and ability to do things. Hence he was unable to understand how the question of Allah's Will and Divine Decree could fit in. In reply the Imam said to him: 'You asked about the ability. Do you have this ability with Allah or without Him!' The questioner was baffled. The Imam said: "If you assert that you and Allah share this ability and power, I would put you to death (because you would be claiming to be a co-partner of Allah). If you say that you have this ability without Allah, again i would put you to death (because you would be presuming that you are independent of Allah. Such a presumption is again infidelity, for independence in any affair means independence in essence).' The questioner said: 'Then what should I say?' The Imam said: 'You have ability by the Will of Allah. He has it independently. If He endows you with it, that is His favour. If He takes it away from you, that means He is testing you. In any case, you should remember that whatever He bestows on you, He is still its owner. If He enables you to do a thing, that thing is still within His power.' " For further details about compatibility of Divine Will and human freedom, causation and free will, etc. please refer to the above mentioned book by Shaheed Mutahhari. Above is only an attempt to understand this issue. I hope this addresses your question. It would have been really nice, if any student of Islamic seminary had answered this question. I would appreciate any correction though.
  9. I think it would be valid to think that He can. God can inspire one's heart towards loving or hating someone.
  10. Women are half the population and mothers of the other half. Now who thinks they are inferior?
  11. Our Philosophy

    Salaam, I agree with Br. Ali786. If one is starting a philosophical kind of study of Islam, my first recommendation is to check Professor Muhsin Qaraati's Lessons From Quran . This book consists of notes that the learned author used in his introductory classes. You will find a very logical approach towards the understanding of Islam and very accessible answers to the questions raised against religion today, in this book. BuZari
  12. Our Philosophy

    Falsafatuna and Iqtisaduna were supposed to be parts of a series in Islamic sciences. It's sad Shaheed Sadr didn't publish Mujtamauna (Our Society). He referred to this book in his earlier works, for e.g. at one place in one of these books, he promised that he would discuss Frued's theories and its implications in Mujtamauna. I read somewhere, when he was inquired, he replied, "our society is not ready for 'Our Society'". I don't know what were the political circumstances inside and outside the scholarly circle in Iraq at that time, but it sure was a great loss to not have this work.
  13. Salaam, I see many people here have Shaheed Ayatuallah Baqir Sadr's pictures and quotes in their signatures. Without any doubt, he was one of the greatest Islamic scholars of our time. I am myself his great fan. I consider him my teacher, and my connection with him is through his books. May Allah(swt) bless his soul. However, I feel I need to know more about him, his personality, life, and struggle. Lets have a thread dedicated to him. Please share things you heard from some scholar, from Iraqi emigrants, other people, may be personal experience, or anything you found on net---pictures, writing, speech. You can share your feelings about this great mujahid of Islam. Any contribution is much appreciated. Some links I found informative: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Cyprus/8613/index.html http://www.geocities.com/sadr_philosophy/ BuZari
  14. With Aya. Al Hakim's death we have lost another Baqir Sadr. It is indeed a great loss. Aya. Al Hakim had the ability to unite the shias, sunnis, kurds, christians, and other ethnicities of Iraq. He had good contacts with neighboring countries. His great leadership combined with his taqwa, ilm, and political awareness was an assurance to Iraq's prosperous future. I am sure he has now seen what Allah has promised to shuhada and joined ranks with his likes as Mutahhari, Beheshti, Musa Sadr, Baqir Sadr, Arif Hussaini, and Mustafa Chamran. We should mourn over ourselves to have lost such a great leader, again.
  15. Urdu Shayeri

    Mud'aa= plea, claim. I guess the spelling was confusing, may be this will help mud-da-aa.