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  1. hello,

    thanks for your welcome earlier.

  2. I Have Met A Real-life Akhbari

    salam, These are deviated pseudo akhbari and they really do give us a bad name. Unlike them, we akhbaries (those in bahrain, iraq, saudi, and kuwait) do taqleed to ulamas. Also, in our akhbari mosque, i have never heard or seen any akhbari shaykh or even a normal person who disrespect and curse the usooli marjaiah. I really dont know where these akhbari wannabes come from.
  3. Any Shia Imamia Ithna Ashari Akhbaris?

    salaam alaiykum i hope this will help the brothers to understand the difference between usoolies and akhbaries A PDF from muneyat al momareseen by Al samaheji where he lists 40 differences between our mujtahids and akhbaries (arabic also translated in english) 40 differences
  4. Who Is Ahmad Al Hassan?

    salam alaykum Ahmad al-hassan the dajjal of basrah. His real name is Ahmad ismael kati'e. He claims to be the first mahdi of the twelve mahdeyoon who will rule earth after imam mohamad ibn Al Hassan al mahdi (ajf). I had a debate with them on paltalk. They curse the usooli maraje3 and consider them bidah. To them, taqleed to someone who is not masoom or wasi is unlawful and haram. What a bunch of liars, i asked them if taqleed to a non masoom is unlawful then who was the hujjah or wasi before the appearence of ahmad kati3? they never answered me. I did my research on them and found out that he has a family tree >>> My link From the family tree, obviously fabricated , he is Ahmad ibn ismael ibn saleh ibn hussain ibn salman ibn Mohammad al mahdi (ajf). This is their main website My link
  5. Why Are Usoolies Called Usooli?

    Im akhbari and we do taqleed (im in taqleed of shaikh hussain al asfoor al bahrani who is known to be a famous akhbari scholar in the shia world). Also, we consider friday prayers as wajeb. The difference between us and the usoolis is that we, the real akhbaris not the deviated ones who even have the nerve to say that the quran is altered, prohibet doing taqleed of ulamas who derive their fatwas based on dhan or ra'ay ( deriving fatwas from their opinion ).
  6. Salam, We usoolis dont believe in tahreef el quran and i know an akhbari shaikh who dont believe in tahreef, but the akhbaries in this site clearly state that the Quran is altered :Hijabi: http://www.akhbari.org/English/aau.htm http://www.akhbari.org/English/tq.htm