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  1. Salam. Since you already have a visa to go to Ireland, that is good. To find out about a work permit for Ireland, please do an Internet search with these words: Ireland work permit for Pakistani
  2. @alimurtaza321 You have posted at least 10 times asking about mother al qasim ibn muhammad ibn abi bakr. If you repeat this again, you will receive a warning for spamming. Please wait for members to reply to you.  

    1. hameedeh


      @alimurtaza321 Have you read the ^ above message or not? 

    2. hameedeh


      @alimurtaza321 If you want to discuss your question, please post in your own topic. Here: 


  3. Salam. I know someone similar to you. She was upset that her husband worked long hours 7 days a week. She was lonely a lot. She talked to her husband and explained to him that she wasn't happy. He reduced the hours that he works. They spend more time together. Men don't know what women want unless they tell them. He is not a mind reader. Keep the communication open between you. Don't say I want a divorce to get his attention! Say I love you and want to see you more often. When can you be here for me? Etc.
  4. @hasanhh I think @pwwnd123 is asking about creating a new poll every day.
  5. I am shaking my head. Still cannot believe this!
  6. @sunni_to_shia Your topic will be approved after it is edited. Please do not mention the occupation, ethnicity, language, etc. of your husband. Otherwise some will assume that you are creating this topic in order to insult people of his ethnicity or country.

  7. guest lounge rules

    ***PLEASE READ. STRICT RULES APPLY*** The Shiachat Mods and Admins appreciate that, at times, our guests also need to ask questions on the forum without the need to register as a member. While we cannot provide them with all the features that are offered to our members, we have created this forum as a trial so that they can ask genuine questions or share valuable answers. It is one of the many baby steps towards making our forum more user-friendly. Importantly, this forum also allows our registered members to anonymously ask questions. However, moderators still have the tools to cross-check and identify trolls, previously banned members, suspended members etc. One of our main concerns was that this bold step is likely to be abused by trouble makers. Therefore we have decided that double penalty applies to this forum. This means that any troublemaker who willfully posts as a 'guest' to get back at the moderating team, or another member, or whine or insult or break other rules of this forum will immediately be suspended or at worse banned permanently. Please also refer to the following rules: 1. Guests can only make 5 posts per day in a 24 hour period. If things go well and the demand increases, we can increase their post count too. 2. All of the posts by guests are subject to pre-approval by the moderating team. Please be patient as we review the content to ensure that it is in line with our forum rules. 3. Please note that guests can only post on this particular sub-forum. If you wish to participate in other sub-forums and have access to features such as personal messenger, the 'like posts' feature, status updates, unlimited responses, and no restriction of pre-approval of posts etc. you will have to register as a member of Shiachat. 4. Guests will have to complete Captcha to post. They will also have to select an appropriate display name. A guest display name is not a permanent id. Multiple members may use the same display name or one guest may use multiple display names. 5. Please note that the purpose of this sub-forum is to allow guests and members to ask sensible questions or provide answers. All other posts that are irrelevant will not be allowed. Registered members who repeatedly ignore this rule will be suspended/banned. Guests who break this rule will have their access removed from this sub-forum. 6. Important Note for Registered Members: Although this forum allows you to post anonymously from other members, please note that the moderators can still link a post to a member using the IP address. This may be worth consideration to those seeking absolute privacy. Please do not post questions in which you mention personal details. Our forum policy is that we do not delete any post but may decide to hide it from public access.
  8. Lessons about Allah, Prophethood and the Prophet of Islam, Justice, Leadership (Imamate) and Resurrection Get PDF
  9. SC Twitter page now has 59 followers.
  10. Only people who know Arabic can answer this. You can answer since you know Arabic.
  11. Salam. Welcome. Your username is fine. Please don't post your real name or personal information at ShiaChat. People can google your name and find what you write here.
  12. We don't know what is going on here. Don't you think it would be better to apologize in the topic where you said something and now you changed your mind about it?
  13. May Allah bless your father. He is in my duas.
  14. @rxdbx Salam. Your dream topic 'cut with a knife' was not approved. Please do not post this topic again. Find a sheikh who can discuss with you instead. 

  15. Holy Qur'an 34:37 says it is not your wealth nor your children that will bring you near to Allah but your belief and good deeds. Did all Prophets have wealth and children? Prophet Isa AS did not have either wealth or children. For us, if we use our wealth properly in good deeds and we teach our children to be good people, then this will bring us blessings.