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  1. @Mohammad Imran Salam and welcome to ShiaChat. There is no magic or jinn on your baby. Tell your wife or whoever is taking care of her to play with baby and keep her happy and awake as long as the baby wants. Talking to her, showing her a book with pictures in it and reading to her will help. Showing her a toy and shaking it to make some noise will make her interested and focus her eyes on objects. There are many things that can help your baby to grow up. If you know Ayatul Kursi, please put your hand on the baby's chest and read it out loud for her until she stops crying. If you think her stomach hurts, then put your hand on her stomach when you read the ayah. Brother, your baby cries at night because she is sleeping in the daytime. If you think she is ill, then please take her to a doctor and get a checkup.