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  1. This is a new project that you might be interested in: Marriage Opportunities Network.
  2. A new project you might be interested in: Marriage Opportunities Network.
  3. Staff usually edit or hide posts upon request only if there's sensitive personal information or special circumstances.
  4. This mechanism is in place to prevent abuse by trolls or troublemakers. If you want your account unregistered, an admin can do it for you. I hope you enjoyed your stay here on ShiaChat.
  5. From what I've read, procrastination is either due to: Fear of failure (gives anxiety) Fear of success (an added burden of additional responsibility and expectation) Perfectionism (better if something is not done, than it be done imperfectly)
  6. Red one:
  7. This topic is for hadith. If you want to discuss a certain hadith, please find a topic discussing that hadith or start a new topic. Off-topic posts without any hadith will be removed. Thanks for your cooperation.
  8. Sorry, but you were warned and your PM was turned off by an Admin in January. In the forums and on member profiles you asked members to reveal where they are from and where they are living and asked them to call you on the phone. Members are smart enough to know that they should be cautious about such public questions, however you were reported for sending inappropriate messages to a sister. Initially your PM was turned off during the investigation and it was only temporary. However, in May you posted in the 'I Want To Get Married' topic and in July you said in the Guest Lounge that you are looking for a wife for your friend. Admins decided to keep your PM closed.
  9. @313 Seeker I put you on my ignore list. Please reply here in this topic and when I come back to ShiaChat I will see if it works or not.
  10. Salam.
  11. The Important Question ANSWERED topic gets updated once a week. If you have a suggestion for a special question and answer, please tell a Team member by PM.
  12. TroubledTeen, you are young. Your thoughts are about university and how your life will be changing, the future that is just around the corner. Everything seems horrible when your parents remind you of the things you do wrong and if you haven't done anything wrong they remind you of the things you used to do! This is something that most teenagers go through, but you can deal with it. Please stop being angry with your parents, because they are stressed out and worried about you. Are you living at home while going to university? If you are going to another city they might be wondering when they will see you again. If you will be living at home they are still worried about you, traveling there and returning, what and when you will eat, who you will meet, etc. This is a stressful time for them also. If you want a better relationship with your parents, have a talk with them. Let them give you advice, because they probably want to tell you a thing or two! Listen patiently. Thank them for listening to you and thank them for giving you advice. Give them a hug. Hoping your relationship with your parents will get better very soon.
  13. Great advice! There are a bazillion ways to keep busy instead of thinking about wimmin. Go to the gym or go for a walk. Study, read a book, help other people, etc.
  14. I am not an Arabic speaker, but googling the name Zavon shows this: Zavon, gender: Boy/Male has meaning: Leader