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  1. @'Eesa Ibni Hammaz Salam. None of your topics were allowed. Members cannot discuss a hypothetical situation. Prophet Isa AS would not fight Prophet Musa AS. It's contrary to history and irrelevant. 

  2. @eAhlulbayt 

    Salam, eAhlulbayt. Rules do not allow promotion of a business unless you buy an advertisement banner at the top of the homepage.

    What is suggested is that you put the link to your site in 3 places:

    1) on your profile in the URL field
    2) on your 'About Me' page on your profile
    3) in your signature 

    Whenever you participate in a topic, members will see your business link, without you needing to 'sell' your product. 

    1. eAhlulbayt


      Salam dear sister,

      This is Salman from team, apologies for pushing our content, understand the rules and we abide.

      More than selling we happen to be a non-profit as we are working with a goal to spend back everything to our community, and we are looking forward for your support. We are looking to advertise on your page for the month of Ramadan, Inshallah, can you please provide us a discounted price on advertising?

      Really appreciate your assistance, Jazakallah.


    2. hameedeh


      Salam Brother Salman. I have posted your website link on your profile, About Me page, and signature. 

      To contact the owner of ShiaChat to purchase an advertising banner (and ask for a discount), please email Br. Ali via:

      If you put the subject line something like Need an Ad Banner! inShaAllah he will see it and reply to you. 

    3. eAhlulbayt


      Jazakallah, thank you very much. Will drop an email to Br. Ali soon

      Thanks again,

  3. ShiaChat does not allow posting one-word/one-line replies, however, since you posted the name of two books, your post was allowed. Members should not reply to your post with insufficient one-word/one-line replies.
  4. guest lounge rules

    If you have a financial problem, tell your relatives and friends who can help you. If you inform the mosque near you, I am sure that they will help you as much as they can. If you do not live near a mosque, then seek help from a local NGO where you live. ShiaChat does not allow topics asking for financial help, due to a prevalence of online scams.
  5. guest lounge rules

    The Guest Lounge is for questions NOT rumors or personal statements. If you do not ask any question your topic will be deleted.
  6. If you are not willing to pay a small fee to register at a website to find a wife, how can you afford to get married? Ask the people where you live to help you find a wife for free.
  7. Proof? If a marja allows a person with a psychological problem to have a surgery, that does not mean that the surgery will be funded by the government.
  8. @GD41586 Happy Birthday!
  9. Insha Allah
  10. Faridah (pronounce it Fareedah) means unique or 'One of a kind'.
  11. Evil people will have torment in the Barzakh. Those who are infallible will not be suffering. Imam Ali AS says faithful people will he happy after death: Asbag bin Nubatah says, “I saw my master, Amirul Mu’minin (a.s.) standing at the gate of Kufa looking towards the desert. It appeared that he was busy talking with someone but there was no one. I also stood up. After a long time I felt tired. So I sat down and got up again after a while. But ‘Ali (a.s) was still busy talking. I went a step forward and asked, 'O Amirul Mu’minin! Who is it you are talking to?' He said, 'This talk of mine was to please the spirits of the faithful.' I asked, 'Which faithful? No one from those who have passed away is present here.' He said, 'Yes, they are present here.' I again asked, 'Are they present here physically or in spirit?' He replied, 'Their spirits. Had you been able to do so, you could have seen how they gather at a place, talk mutually and please one another remembering the gifts and bounties of God.'“
  12. Accusation without evidence will not be approved.
  13. Congrats! @Hassan- @Mohamed1993 @QuranandAhlulbayt @Sindbad05 @E.L King
  14. Congrats!