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  1. Banned Members

    Pretended to be interested in Shia Islam, but promoted a Salafi (anti-Shia) publisher by name, posted a non-Islamic video, disrespected the 12th Imam AJ, etc. Shah Khan was banned.
  2. Ideal Looks of a Couple

    Does the famous celebrity really have a neck that thin or are these images fixed by photo shop?
  3. SC Addiction?

    Some off-topic posts were moved to another topic. Please don't go off-topic here. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235056131-ideal-looks-of-a-couple/
  4. New Feature...Clubs!

    Don't forget that you can join a club. Some clubs are only for Advanced members, so if you have 0 posts in the forums, learn how to participate by reading the first post here: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235038227-salam-and-welcome/
  5. High ESR

    Salam. If the high esr is from your blood test, please talk to your medical doctor.
  6. Thoughts 2018

    So sorry for your loss, Brother. Don't tell anyone his religion, please. Otherwise it could be a disaster here.
  7. Ramadan help

    Alhamdulillah Phoenix has a low humidity so the heat is not as bad there as other places. What are your hours? 8 or 10 or 12 hours a day?
  8. Stephen Hawking died

    Most people are sad because he was so intelligent. R. I. P.
  9. Thoughts 2018

    Thanks to the ShiaChat Team members who were popular contributors last week: @notme @Hameedeh @starlight @Heavenly_Silk @Gaius I. Caesar @Qa'im @Abu Hadi
  10. #29 Which country would you live in?

    Yes, everyone please vote. Off-topic and/or inappropriate posts have been or will be removed.
  11. Thoughts 2018

    If you are not going to eat something within 3 days you should freeze it. I would NOT eat that since it already went bad.
  12. Is your mother a Muslim? If she is, then maybe she thinks you will do too much praying and fasting and get tired and weak. If she is not a Muslim, then she doesn't really know.
  13. Children’s tv is now normalizing same sex relation

    That "Play school" with "Two Dads" is on youtube. It's not good at all. I think you are right to not watch that.
  14. Blood in egg yolk - haram egg?

    @Aflower Salam. You can carefully try to remove the blood with the tip of a knife. According to Ayatullah Sistani, if the blood cannot be easily removed, then the egg becomes haram.
  15. #27 What subject in Islam interests you the most?

    Mods want members to summarize a video and ask their question so members know how to respond. At least they should write the name of the video they are posting. That way members can read the title and know what the video is about. If they have seen the video before, they don't need to click on it to watch it. Also if the video stops working in the future, you can search to find a similar video.