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  1. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    Salam. When the two of you talk to each other there should be no lust between you, because you are not married yet. Talk about normal things, what the two of you will do, such as education or career, where to live (apartment or house), what to buy (furniture, dishes), where to go on your honeymoon. You can ask about having children, such as has he thought about how many children he wants or how long to wait before having children (male and female birth control methods), but these kind of talks might scare him. If you talk about intimate things before the wedding night, he might get the idea that you are already sexually active. Read "Handling Sexual Urge before Marriage" in Chapter 3 of this book: http://www.al-islam.org/marriage-and-morals-islam-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi
  2. How to insert image URL

    @Fatima Zehra110.. Salam. It is possible that Basic members cannot post images other than in their profile. Try again after you become an Advanced member.
  3. #22 Indoors or Outdoors?

    I voted indoors because I don't like mosquitoes.
  4. Moderator to approve my posts - How long

    Salam. Sometimes when you post there is no Moderator online. If you see your post has not been approved, you can post a profile comment on my profile here: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/profile/64837-shiachat-mod/?status=86207&type=status
  5. If you are new to ShiaChat and your post has not been approved, let me know by posting below. I will look at your post or another Mod will help you. Thanks.

    1. Hameedeh


      Nobody replied. Everything must be okay. :) 

  6. Thoughts 2017

    Thanks to those Team members who were popular contributors last week. @Hameedeh @notme @Dhulfikar @starlight @repenter @Gaius I. Caesar @Qa'im @Abu Hadi @Hassan- @Reza @Anonymous @wolverine
  7. #22 Indoors or Outdoors?

    I think this poll is a trick question.
  8. mutah

    Mutah (temporary marriage) has rights and responsibilities. Read more here: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/30563-books-on-family-and-womens-issues/?do=findComment&comment=2840016
  9. ya wadoodo tasbih wazaif

    As a male or a female, you can't say these words: he/she loved me, bring him/her back in my life, he/she is mad at me, put love in his/her heart. You have to pick one or the other. If you are a male, then you must be referring to a woman. Marriage duas: http://www.duas.org/matri.htm Marriage duas 2: http://www.duas.org/matri2.htm
  10. Financial help!

    A reminder that ShiaChat does not allow topics about financial help. See the posts above in this topic.
  11. Salam and Welcome

    Salam. Welcome new members! To learn how to participate, read the first post in this topic.
  12. Marriage help and advice.

    A reminder. ShiaChat is a discussion board, not a matchmaking site. Marriage proposals (either mutah or nikah) are not allowed. Please tell the Muslims where you live that you need to get married. Or see the links above in this topic.
  13. Help

    @Ron_Burgundy I read about a woman who had twins and was on bed rest for several months and the twins were born early, but much more near to the due date. Hang in there, Brother.
  14. @Aisha1998 Salam, Sister. Since you are not a guest, your topic 'Is Ahlul-Bayt mentioned in the Quran?' was moved to Theology.