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  1. Superposition et transparence. Fran├žois Morellet (1926 - 2016)
  2. Yes, when people consider abolishing fee-paying schools, the next issue is whether we ban private after school tuition and if we do that do we then ban any help educated parents can give their children? Of course, scholastic help is not the only support parents give their children. It's also to do with lifestyles and behaviours. And there is an interesting interplay here. My children's Church of England school lays great emphasis on learning music, introducing them to dance and so on. The school's governors looked at me with horror when I dared to suggest that perhaps they should also have after-school support to encourage the kids to take part in the international maths Olympiad. So there you have it, the system is designed to encourage kids to become good little consumers who cannot control their nafs. Skills that will help them to succeed are frowned upon. This opens the door to parents who are willing and able to 'game the system'. The two best state (non-fee-paying) schools in the UK are predominantly Asian. Removing the parental factor would allow indigenous pupils to compete better.
  3. According to this site, Iran Air/Tours and Aseman have safety ratings no worse than PIA and better than Air India. Admittedly it's not much of a comparison, but it does show how well they're coping despite sanctions. http://www.airlineratings.com/airlines-ratings.php?l=I This would be an interesting challenge for Trump and his priorities. It pits his business and dealing-making strategy for making America great against his pro-Israel stance.
  4. ^ they've gotten smart, if you try and copy/paste something then only thing that pastes is the URL. Still, I guess the news is being carried elsewhere.
  5. Article refers to opening up of one of aviation's 'great untapped opportunities ... as global orders begin to slow'. Iran Air CEO feels that years of operating under sanctions have given the carrier a competitive advantage over international rivals. https://www.ft.com/content/9b64048c-d94e-11e6-944b-e7eb37a6aa8e
  6. You mean like this: https://www.aau.edu/Climate-Survey.aspx?id=16525
  7. I am not entirely sure about the cause and effect that you are implying. It could also be argued that these people are such savages that if it were not for segregation life would be hell for Saudi women. There are also countries where there is no segregation, but has been asked for by women themselves: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11824962/Women-only-trains-and-transport-How-they-work-around-the-world.html
  8. Regardless of whether you believe in any religion, I think the evidence is that, 'yes, children are punished for the sins of their parents'. This is from: Levitt, S. D., & Dubner, S. J. (2005). Freakonomics: A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything. New York: William Morrow.
  9. The first comment to that story is as follows: That view is held by the majority of people in western countries and has been assiduously embedded by the international media. It is, of course, 100% wrong. But it helps, for example, to support beliefs about the superiority of western culture and the legitimacy of western intervention in developing countries.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2017/jan/14/aid-in-reverse-how-poor-countries-develop-rich-countries
  11. This is the al Jazeera documentary that sparked this discussion:
  12. That in itself helps to define gambling - where the attraction is a very large potential payout, albeit at a vanishingly low probability of success.
  13. Long article about the culinary impact of curry on the UK: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/jan/12/who-killed-the-british-curry-house
  14. Sunni is also ok. Think of it as one in eye for Umar. Christians and Jews are ok if Bro isn't already married.