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  1. Your Own Captured Photos

    Maryam's first attempt at street photography, from a moving car (ISO 3200; f2.8; 1/1000):
  2. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Straddles the boundary between documentary and art. Some swearing towards the end in the monologue by the factory owner (around 2.00 of this clip), but excellent on so many different levels.
  3. Pakistan Army in Saudi Arabia.

    I don't know whether Clausewitz or Sun Tsu have a more apt way of saying this, but IMHO "the best war is waged against an enemy that does not know it is at war".
  4. Pentagon allocates $550 million to SDF (Kurds)

    The funny thing is that if you read any western commentary, they always stress that Israel has been completely neutral with regards to what has happened in Syria. Nothing could be further from the truth. The evidence is that western leaders have been talking about the removal of Assad with such conviction that you'd think it was a religious belief. Given the interest that Israel has taken in more distant countries such as Iran and Iraq it's inconceivable that it does not have a 'view' regarding Assad and a country on its door step. If the strength of western opinion is so strongly against Assad, I think it's a safe bet that they've been given the green light from Jerusalem. Plan A must have been the removal of Assad and its replacement with a more pliant Sunni regime, such as in Jordan. Since Plan A seems to have failed, what they are looking at is Plan B, which is many more years of instability.
  5. Useful digital magazine

    I've posted a link just now to a specific article from this magazine. But here's some background to anyone who wants something intelligent to read: https://aeon.co
  6. Fascinating article about how the East India company stifled development in India and there's particular attention to the development and growth of the Indian arms industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. Lots of parallels with the arms industry in the middle east in modern times, I think. For example, the British in India were very wary of selling their Indian enemies arms, but they were even more worried about those enemies acquiring the ability to develop arms themselves. And as a result, some arms sales to potential enemies took place. There was also a concerted attempt by the British to ensure that an Indian arms industry did not develop and there were parallels with British attempts to discourage the development of industry in what would become the United States. All in all, this is one of the reasons why I think that sanctions against Iran have not been purely a negative for that country. https://aeon.co/essays/is-the-gun-the-basis-of-modern-anglo-civilisation
  7. One of the readers of the Post's article had the right answer:
  8. Thoughts 2018

    I think he'd be a model (for a posed picture) who'd likely signed his life away when he took the contract.
  9. Thoughts 2018

    Reader asks the obvious question in a comment about a newspaper article which advises people against using their phones in such a way as to facilitate theft by moped thieves: https://www.theguardian.com/news/shortcuts/2018/feb/16/28-phones-later-how-phone-zombies-help-fuel-street-robbery
  10. Thoughts 2018

    Robert Fisk. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/holocaust-israel-poland-history-difficult-acknowledge-netanyahu-jewish-polish-government-a8212071.html
  11. Thoughts 2018

  12. Your Own Captured Photos

    It's of the river Thames in London. Taken from Waterloo bridge towards St. Paul's cathederal and the City of London. On the right is the walkie talkie tower (smaller at the bottom than at the top).
  13. Your Own Captured Photos

    Went to the Andreas Gursky exhibition earlier today, inspired to take this:
  14. Anglo Iranian Oil - PhD thesis

    Sorry, try this: http://etheses.whiterose.ac.uk/1417/1/PhD_thesis.pdf