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  1. Do looks matter to you

    I think our brain automatically judges someone as soon as we see them due to which looks may matter, but I think once you genuinely admire someone for their personality they automatically seem beautiful regardless of how they look and I think true beauty is derived from someone's personality, due to which in a way I think the internet is sometimes a better way to get to know someone(considering they're being themselves) that first you talk them and get to know them as a person and then you see them. Hope I make sense lol.
  2. Doesn't matter at all as long as it's her past regardless of what it was, we all make mistakes and we all go through difficult times, what matters is who she is now. I would prefer that she is comfortable enough and vice versa that we are able to share most things from the past and present.
  3. Jewelry. - What do you wear?

    A carnelian(a variety of Chalcedony which is known as aqeeq) ring in my right hand and a silver chain around my neck which is always tucked inside my shirt.
  4. Finding the one and personality

    Agreeing with what everyone else has said, I think sense of humour is very important because I don't think I'd be able to live with someone who doesn't laugh with me when I joke around lol, I think if you talk to someone for a while(a while not meaning the one off sitting) then you should be able to see the persons level of seriousness, maturity as well as sense of humour, when you talk about different things share thoughts how they reflect on things would be an indicator of their personality related to that topic(however there's always hypocrites :/) it would also be important as a good sense of humour helps to create a friendly relationship leading to openness and feeling more comfortable but it can be the case that maybe 2 people have a sort of dry sense of humour or prefer not to joke or laugh much then those two would get along better as compared to one of them being with someone who's sense of humour isn't like that.
  5. You? Religious? LOL

    Very well said, and similar applies to things aside being religious, don't let anyone's taunts and opinion affect you or your decisions, most people will think what they want rather than be able to perceive reality and their opinion is mostly invalid because they don't know you as well as you know yourself.
  6. Mom speaking through my lips

    I don't think I have words to describe how much of a blessing are good parents, I strongly feel that there is no greater unconditional love among human beings than what a parent usually has for his/her child. God bless you & your family as well!

    When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. Hellen Keller
  8. Heard this at a Shia funeral

    It's a Noha/Nauha(Wikipedia)
  9. I Don't Want To Wait

    I think by now you probably should have a great level of understanding with him and should be able to express pretty much anything(atleast I would want it that way if I were with someone), so best thing would be express this to him and discuss it through, maybe how he responds can be an indicator towards things. Also I feel there's slight hypocrisy where he's doing mutah but says would not be happy if his sister does it(not assuming there could be nice guys too and her sister is a human being as well just like him), so he basically prefers something for himself and another girl which he doesn't prefer for his sister. I'm sorry something feels fishy(not judging, just expressing what I feel) adding this to the years bit, but I'm sure you know this guy much better than I or anyone else on the forum does, InshAllah you have a great future.
  10. [LAWS]Exam

    You're basically going to make it difficult for whoever didn't know about this and used to cheat :P Read the last two lines: http://www.sistani.org/english/book/46/2050/
  11. Quotes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up - Mark Twain
  12. Feeling Lost

    Salam, I just felt like sharing something which is that when a person is in such a difficult situation and has strayed away from obligations and religion for long that he/she can't even get himself to pray again feeling ashamed and dissapointed, I just want to stress on this that Allah(swt) is extremely forgiving, don't let your past or sins whatever they may be prevent you from turning to him now, ie don't let your disappointment and hopelessness prevent you from praying even if it is something which may seem small like reading a single verse of the Quran or just "trying" to pray obligatory prayers as something is always better than nothing, as an example if you feel that because you didn't pray asr it's worthless for you to pray maghrib, it isn't! or to think that because you didn't pray the entire day it's worthless to read the quran or recite a dua, it isn't!, no matter how guilty or disappointed you feel his doors are always open we should realise this and take advantage of it while we still can. The "hole" you say you're takes time to get out off and I can understand it's extremely difficult to have any motivation at such a point however do not loose hope in his mercy and try as much as possible to turn to him. I hope my message gets across and helps you.
  13. Quotes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    If they say "it's impossible", remember that it's impossible for them not for you.
  14. Quotes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Do not call onto any beings other than Allah. These are capable of neither benefit nor harm. To do so is therefore guilty of wrongdoing. When Allah inverts you with an affliction, none can remove it except Him Quran Chapter 10 Verse 106-107 It is not who you were at birth that matters, but what you do with the time you are given Unknown
  15. What's your best childhood memory??

    Seeing my mom waiting for me at home after coming back from school when I was in 1st Grade, I still remember her smile vividly