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  1. What about calling someone stupid? This was a general warning for everyone , please dont make us take harsher steps.
  2. More than 20 people killed and 40 injured in the Shia town of parachinaar,Pakistan in a bomb blast this morning. The wahaabi organisation 'Lashkar e Jhangvi' has claimed that it carried out the attack. :((
  3. @A true Sunni @haideriam & @shiaman14 I advise you to reply to each other only if you have something new to add to the discussion and if you can do it without resorting to insults.
  4. @notme She is soooo adorable mashallah. May Allah bless her.
  5. @shiaman14 @A true Sunni As if I have any idea which post you two are talking about and even if I did it was taken down for a reason so I doubt if it's ever going to see the light of the day again.
  6. You sound scary!
  7. Salam, This is not a marriage website.If you are looking for a spouse please register at Shiamatch or some other marriage website. W/s
  8. The goals for today set by me last night: 1.Do laundry 2. Bake a cake 3. Start organizing my notes for my review book 4.Work out Review of goals this morning ( after dropping the kids to school in freezing weather) 1. Download and watch a movie in bed 2. Eat lots of crisps At 1:12 pm Sudden realization ! Wasted the whole morning lazing in bed doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING besides refreshing SC newsfeed and annoying magma ( well that kind of makes up for everything else but still) New goal 1.act like a responsible grownup :p
  9. Haha.... I thoroughly enjoyed this whole exchange Magma. There are few people with whom I have such a strong personality clash so it's nice for a change...
  10. Simple, the core solution to most of life's problems.
  11. @magma To me it's pretty simple. Hopefully, someone else will come along and give you the answer you are looking for.
  12. I gave my answer three posts back. We don't live our lives by other people's perspective. Islam sets the standards for us. I will repeat, if you live in the west, when in public don't compromise on wajibs unless doing taqiyyah but leave out the non wajib.
  13. Lol. Why is this even important?
  14. Yes. But the question was where is the line drawn, so wajib/non wajib gives us a good reference point. Don't do PDI for non wajibaats. Don't compromise on wajibs unless it's a life threatening/unsafe situation.The decision about the latter is purely subjective.
  15. Hijab is wajib. Listening /playing to the azan is not.