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  1. When did men stop being men

    Yeah, blame it on the women. Would a righteous,self respecting,well brought up 'man' act different if girls around him were behaving like drama queens or trying to act like starlets. Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has appointed men as leaders, then why do they let their behaviour be dictated by how women around them are acting? How we conduct ourselves should not be controlled by people,that alone shows weakness of character. A gentleman will always treat her woman with respect at least in public. The conflicts can be settled in private. If a woman is having melt down or lost control over her emotions that's no excuse for the man to act likewise.
  2. Are there any Mutah networks?

    No. They don't. [Edit] once we SCers start discussing something we do it in complete depth.
  3. Are there any Mutah networks?

    Thanks. Its not there in the urdu version either.That's so sad that even the risalas haven't been fully translated. Only yesterday I was fretting over the unavailability of our hadith books in languages other than Arabic
  4. Are there any Mutah networks?

    How can she demand something when her marja says she's not even entitled to it? Sistani doesn't leave this open ended,he explicitly stated she isn't entitled to it. There are no witnesses to Shia marriage contract. Suppose she is pregnant and facing financial problems what do you think would be the reply from marja's office if she decides to take this up with him?
  5. Are there any Mutah networks?

    Yessss. You said exactly what I always thought. I am sure there is something wrong with this ruling. What if a woman falls pregnant and doesn't have the means to support herself? This ruling gives the man the right to abandon the woman who is carrying his child.
  6. Jannnah/Jahanam

    One day the Prophet (S) of God was seated when Gabriel came into his presence, with a sad face and changed complexion. The Prophet (S) asked as to why he was looking so sad and grieved. Gabriel answered, ‘O Muhammad (S), why should I be not grieved, while today I saw the bellows of hell being set in. The Prophet (S) asked him what the bellows of hell were. Gabriel told him that it referred to the hell-fire, which according to the Commandments of God Almighty was ablaze for one thousand years. After it became red hot He ordered it to burn for another one thousand years till it was white-hot. Then He commanded it to burn for one thousand years more till it turned black. Now that it was black and dark, if a slice of seventy cubits of it was to drop on this world, verily its heat would be sufficient to melt the whole world into fluid. If a single drop of its Zaqqum (an infernal tree, mentioned in the Quran proverbial for its extreme bitterness) and dari (something in hell more bitter than aloe, more fetid than carrion, and hotter than fire, which will be the food of the condemned) trickles down in the water reservoirs of the earth, everybody therein would die due to its stench. Thereupon the Prophet (S) wept and Gabriel also wept with him. On seeing this, God sent His angel, who came to them and said that God sent salaams to them along with the message that He exempted them both from the committing of sins and the consequent punishments.
  7. Salam everyone, I just came across this hadith: It is narrated from many companions of the Prophet (S) that once as the Prophet (S) came to them they were engaged in wrangling over a religious issue. The Prophet (S) of Islam was greatly displeased and was indignant to this extent that they had never seen him before in such an anger. The Prophet (S) told them it was because of this habit of wrangling that their precursors were destroyed, and he added that a true believer would never wrangle. The Prophet (S) asked them to stop wrangling and told them that he would not act as an intercessor to any wrangler. Wrangling occupies the second place after idolatry among the things forbidden by God Almighty. I was completely unaware of this and it really shook me. Can anyone knowledgeable on Hadith comment that does this refer to arguments in general or on religious discussions only? And if the latter is correct what about the several pages long heated discussions we sometimes have on SC? @Qa'im @Ibn al-Hussain
  8. Is Iraq safe ?

    We had quite a few reverts in our group. There was a sister from Poland and another couple where the husband was a revert(British). You won't have any problems inshAllah. I walked alone several times to and from the harram in hours between midnight and fajr and never felt unsafe.(I am not European but telling you that's it's generally safe) Please read this. I didn't go to Baghdad.
  9. feeling down

    Salam, 1. Get your thyroid levels checked. 2. Stop the diet you mentioned. After ruling out any medical problems I would suggest you start the keto diet. If you do it right you will lose weight quickly, would be feeling very energetic and there would be no need to starve yourself. Until then, follow the advice by Imams(as) one third water,one third food and one third air...that's how your stomach should be filled. Don't eat until you are hungry and stop eating before you are full.
  10. Turbahs - What makes them shiny

    I think the oven baked ones are shiny (and more expensive too)
  11. What is your goal today?

    If you have lost interest and it's not going to benefit you in life then I'd say don't finish it just for the sake of it. I had this problem where I had this guilty/uneasy feeling if I left a book unfinished then I realised life is too short to read boring books
  12. Also what if the wife's sister or close friend is going through marital problems,why does a husband have to know? Or if the husband is getting a BIG diamond ring, or a surprise holiday trip for their next anniversary how would he able to keep it a secret if she is going through his stuff?
  13. Your Username Or Avatar

    1. My Avatar has always been 'sabr' -something I have tried training myself in over the years. 2. My Avatar always has pink colour in it because I haven't completely outgrown my childhood obsession with the colour.
  14. How to avoid haraam in western world

    Yeah. You are right.Muslim countries are in the list.