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  1. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Made these for dinner with egg fried rice . While my son jumps excitedly every time he sees me making these, my daughter thinks I am being oppressive by making her finish her portion.
  2. Antibiotic Resistance

    I agree with everything stated in the OP. Liberal use of antibiotics is leading to emergence of resistant strains of bacteria especially in countries like Pakistan where antibiotics can be bought over the counter and people start taking them if they sneeze or sniffle more a couple of times a day.
  3. Sis,we have locked horns (lol) on a number of occasions and we have agreed with each other on others.In all those discussions I have always refrained from commenting on your choice of a life partner,let me take the liberty at just this one occasion and let me assure this will be the only time! Our life in this dunya matters very little in the bigger scheme of things. The time our souls spend in this mortal dunya is relatively insignificant as compared to the passages and destination that follow. Eventually, we all have to make the journey to the next world where we will be rewarded or punished based upon our actions. Part of Fatima Zahra's (as) dowry is intercession for the sinners among Muslims on the day of judgement. Surely,you would want to be among those for whom Hazrat Fatima (as) intercedes on the day of Qiyamah? And not among those who grew ties with supporters of people who oppressed her. And you would want your beloved husband to join you in jannat Inshallah? Being someone's spouse is such a sacred and blessed relationship in my eyes because this relationship is the only thing we can carry from this world to the hereafter, apart from our deeds of course. IMHO this is the reason Allah and Ahlulbayt (as) haved stressed so much upon the criteria for spouse selection. Judging from your numerous posts I know how much this relationship matters to you but we should love and hate only for the sake of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى and Ahlebayt (as). If you leave him for the love of Bibi Zehra (as) I assure you Allah swt for your love of Hazrat Fatima (as),the Mistress of all women,the Mother of our Imams (as) which include the masters of youth of Paradise and the the Imam (as) of our time, will bless you with an even more loving and kind man,Inshallah. I knows this seems impossible when you think about it now but remember nothing is outside Allah's realm. I don't need a reply for this post. You get attacked too often over this.I hope you don't perceive this as another one for this wasn't my intention. Wish you all the happiness in this life and success in the next. xxx
  4. Why are you worried about what people will say when your father isn't?
  5. People never change. It's wrong to expect people to change. Listen to your father. We girls are driven by emotions and can't see through men the way other men can(your father in case) He is very controlling and manipulative, this isn't love. Don't confuse his controlling tendencies with being protective as we women tend to do. People who love you trust you, support you and don't put you through emotional roller coasters. Leave him. Trust me you won't regret it.
  6. Don't focus on Hijab for spouse selection?

    The same arguments can be applied to namaz too. There are many people who pray namaz yet are bad in akhlaq and morals. Just because someone practicing a wajib act has other flaws in him/her doesn't lessen the importance of that act. Hijab is wajib.Nothing that Allah made wajib should be considered a triviality.
  7. Looking to move to Islamabad

    I don't live in islamabad but I have friends and family there. Exactly what kind of information do you need? Maybe I will be able to help.
  8. Don't focus on Hijab for spouse selection?

    Something that Allah made wajib ....... is a petty detail?
  9. Hijab

    “….Their women will be dressed, yet naked; on their heads will be like the humps of lean camels; do curse them, for they are truly cursed.” Kanzu 'l-'ummal, vol. 16, ch. 6, p.401, hadith no. 45106;
  10. Thoughts 2017

    Don't! Just get it photocopied and read from the paper or booklet or your smartphone until you know them by heart. Keep them ready (bookmarked etc) in your hand so you don't have to look around during namaz.
  11. Thoughts 2017

    ^^^Mashallah! I used to offer it quite regularly until sometime ago.Alas!life took over According to a narration the person doing this namaz gets whatever he asks for! Please keep us in your duas.
  12. Depression

    Show me where I said this.
  13. Depression

    @monad Every needs love and support and sympathy. Some deserve it more than others like the people you described in the above scenarios but everyone needs it. To briefly answer the rest of your questions, Allah isn't unjust. He compensates in other ways. I was orphaned at a young age but we got support in unexpected ways. I ended up married to a man who made my life difficult in ways I had never imagined(may Allah help him) but I found friends who worried and protected and cared for me more than sisters. It was upto me, either I could continue wallowing in the misery or I could focus on the the good and use it as a stepping stone to raise above the misfortunes. Off topic but in my difficult times I often thought of this saying by Imam Ali (as) He who is deserted by friends and relatives will often find help and sympathy from strangers. Bottomline being people need help and sympathy but after the initial crisis has somewhat passed they need to make efforts to pick themselves up.
  14. Depression

    Let's agree to disagree because we differ on how we perceive the emboldened part above so no point in continuing. For me this isn't my 'own life'.My body belongs to Allah and I am answerable for whatever I put it through. I am living this life with a set of duties to accomplish-duties towards Allah, towards my spouse, my children,my parents, towards other Muslims and humans. If I choose to act irresponsibly with the any of the resources(health,time,money) Allah has given to me not only will I be accountable to Allah for I that I will also have to answer for any grief I caused to the people around me with my irresponsible attitude. I can start eating unhealthy,stop exercising, start taking drugs which knock me out for the whole day,at the slightest inconvenience life throws at me, and my husband and little children and old parents can look after themselves because you know it's 'my own life',I can live it the way I want. Don't you dare judge me! We weren't sent to the world to enjoy.We were sent here to be tested and one of the tests is illnesses. So we have a choice,either we can add to our troubles by complaining or we can be strong and positive and not let that one misfortune take our lives and the lives of those around us.There are people who can only dream of the healthcare we can afford and while we waste the day complaining about our physical afflictions to sympathetic family members there are others suffering from the same or worse who go out to work to feed their children. Life is about constantly pushing ourselves to do better,it's a constant struggle so I couldn't disagree more with what you have been repeatedly saying about everyone doing their best. Obviously according what you believe and follow it would be wrong to judge mothers who give birth to babies with fetal alcohol syndrome, parents of little babies who kill themselves after drug overdose and obviously since you are such a non judging person labeling people "weak in strength and character" is completely non judgemental. Lol. This thread has gone completely off topic,if you think it needs to be closed please do. @notme @Hameedeh @Khadim uz Zahra
  15. Chaotic Muslem's back

    .................................................... ***repeats to self 'won't do ghiba,won't do ghiba'**** *blurts out* @Chaotic Muslem Did you manage to find the necklace you lost sometime ago??