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  1. @starlight InShaAllah see you back to ShiaChat on May 1st. Allah bless you and your family.  

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    2. Hameedeh


      Sister, that is personal information. She has important things to do in her real life. If you need help, please send me a PM.

    3. Laayla


      I'm just asking about her wellbeing.

      I respect her privacy of course.

      That is why i asked on the thread.

      Goodnight sister.


    4. Hameedeh


      Thanks, Sister. She's not ill. She's just taking a break. :) 

  2. Help

    37 weeks is full term. Yippee She is will have a quick labour and inshallah an easy one too. May Allah keep both her and baby Zainab safe behaaqe Muhammad (saw)and aale Muhammad (as)
  3. Describe The Poster Above You

    @Ali-F Someone whose is done with all his Qadha Namaz mashallah (so so so envious) and whose posts sometime made me go through high school biology books Thank you for brightening up my day !
  4. When the women is jealous

    Some years back when I started working in ob/gyn there was a couple who used to come to us for antenatal checkups. It was their first baby. Always accompanying the husband and wife was another woman roughly the same age as wife. She used to be very caring towards the pregnant lady helping her up etc. I assumed she would be a sister in law or cousin but I later came to know she was the first wife! After trying unsuccessfully to conceive for years(do not know the exact reason for the couple's infertility) she got her husband married to her best friend who due to certain family circumstances was facing difficulties in finding a good match. The two lived in the same house and got along well. The couple had their first child, a baby girl, which the second wife gave to the first to raise as her own.
  5. When the women is jealous

    Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى doesn't demand perfection from us only efforts to constantly improve our faith and actions.
  6. When the women is jealous

    Protective jealousy (gheera) over their wives.
  7. When the women is jealous

    Salam, 1. We being muslims follow rules of Allah and believe that there is goodness for us in every command of His, some of which might be obvious but others that we cannot readily see.A man having the permissibility to have multiple wives is one of them, so being muslims we should believe that there should be goodness in it for us. 2. The woman should keep in mind that being jealous is not going to achieve anything. It's a very negative emotion and leads to other negative emotions like anger, hatred and last but not the least suspicion. Together these eventually turn a woman into bitter person. So, if a woman does not kurb her feelings of jealousy and hence anger, she will only manage in driving her husband farther away because stating simply, which man would want to spend time in company of a bad tempered woman.This would be opposite to what she wanted to achieve. 3. The goal of a human's life is to develop a love for Allah in his heart, a love that supersedes all others and that includes love for one's husband. So, if a woman finds herself in a situation where her husband has another woman(wife or girlfriend) a woman should remind herself that the primary objective of her existence is not to enter into a competition for her husband's attention with other women but to strive hard to achieve a closeness to Allah. If she manages to elevate herself spiritually the problems that come with dunya will seem trivial to her. 4. I don't believe any human in this world apart from the infallibles(as) is capable of completely ridding oneself of negative emotions and acts.We can only try our best. In the akhira we won't get judged for the results but for the sincerity of our efforts. So if a woman tries her best to not get jealous and more importantly not let her jealous feelings translate into actions like negligence of her husband's rights, creating misunderstandings or harming the people involved, I believe Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى will be merciful enough to not waste her good deeds for the flashes of jealousy that take over her mind from time to time.
  8. #28 How often do you pray Salatul Layl?

    That might be because 'tahhujud' is the more commonly used name for night prayers in sunni faith and the sunni version has just 8 rakats prayed in 2 units(no witr)
  9. Environment does play a big role. So,while haram activities like drinking, zina, homosexuality are by no means uncommon in Muslim countries they still aren't socially acceptable are carried behind closed doors mostly,in contrast to most of the western countries where such things are not only socially acceptable but also legalised by the government.
  10. #28 How often do you pray Salatul Layl?

    Witr is salatul layl (a part of it) unless you are talking about the Witr namaz sunnis offer after isha?
  11. From my personal experience giving sadqa,gifts to relatives,spending money on family members(especially parents) always gave me barkat in rizq. Not sure if other someone else has experienced this too but I have noticed is that whenever I rush with my namaz(rush as in offer it right after adhan in the prime time,rather than delaying it) I ALWAYS get barkat in time. Without fail I always have time left over even after the zillion chores I have to do in each time slot if I give priority to namaz.
  12. Have you written a will?

    Nothing depressing, in fact thanks for bringing up a very important matter that people tend to ignore. Coincidentally,this is something that has been on my mind about for past few days(and for the past couple of years off and on)There are two things to be done before I can write a will. Firstly, I gave to read a book or some articles on the rules and etiquettes of an Islamic will.Secondly, I have no one who I can appoint as an executor,my children are too little,my mother too old and in case I die in the near future there are no trusted family members who I can rely upon to take care of what little I will leave behind for my children until they are old enough to look after their affairs themselves. This has been weighing heavily on my mind recently. InshAllah He will help me come up with a solution.
  13. Salaam sister, sorry for troubling you!
    There are several posts that haven't been approved by a moderator yet since yesterday, if you could please take a look, I would not like a brother or a sister to feel that their question has been ignored or neglected.

    Thank you!
    JazakilAllah khair b haq Muhammad w aal Muhammad.

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      Have gone over most of them.Please be patient about a couple that are still left. 

      The mod team does try that everyone's posts gets timely approved but we are all humans and prone to making mistakes. Please accept my apologies for the delay.

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      It's completely understandable, definitely inshallah.
      Thank you very much!

  14. Please don't get hurt by my words for my intention is not to twist knife in the wounds. I am writing these words with the most sincere intentions and duas for you and with the hope that some other young sister might read this someday and not fall in the same trap as you did. Islam is the best of religions and way of life. This thread is tells us why Islam forbade relations even casual friendship between people of opposite sex without a halal relationship. It also tells why islam recommended that a 'Wali' oversee the affairs related to a girl's proposals and marriage.