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  1. Aren't cats known for finding their way back? There are no organisations in Pakistan who will take in stray cats AFAIK.
  2. Man, you give up too easily !!! *exasperated* If it were me I would be like 'If you want me to quit smoking 'like' my post. If I get 100 likes I might give up smoking'
  3. How do you manage to survive the whole day on so little?
  4. 9 gm of sodium chloride in 1000ml of water would give you isotonic saline. Make a batch and store it in the fridge. You can then play around with it by adding fruit juices for flavour or sugar and a pinch of soda bicarb, squeezing a lemon in it etc.
  5. You join the group, give book suggestions and hopefully we pick a book and start reading and discussing it soon.
  6. Try now. I changed the settings.
  7. I have created a group here if anyone wants to join I will upload a better profile pic when I log in from my laptop. Currently, there are only two of us in the group but hopefully more people will join and we will have some activity there (fingers crossed)
  8. @sidnaq bonafide Shia hater. I will try and translate the video for you later. I don't have my headphones with me right now.
  9. Lol and I thought it was another new element in the periodic table after Nihonium and Moscovium.
  10. @Ali-F Are you interested in joining? @Pearl178 @noortalpur @alimr313
  11. I am already on goodreads. I know of another SC user who is a member (besides marbles) I started a dicussion on an Islamic book there but it kind of fizzled out but I am ready to give it another try.
  12. SCers should start a group on goodreads and maybe some other people from there will join us too.
  13. Sort through the two boxes of papers from college that I had shoved under the bed and had been conveniently ignoring for the past six months, file the important ones, scan and save the ones I might need in the future and repurpose the rest as art notebooks for kids.