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  1. Full on celebrations !!!
  2. Hasanhh's mentioned it plenty of times.
  3. ^^ why does everyone think of me as a ninja?
  4. No, there is no separate forum for brothers and sisters. Just put [Brothers only] at the start of topic title if you don't want sisters reading it.
  5. Hahahaha Thank you for sharing. This will be put into practice at the next occasion. I will make them learn fractions. Right, I am nutty for all types of nuts. Being covered in chocolate makes it even better.
  6. Make posts that people will like. This number reflects the number of likes you get for your posts.
  7. No, it's not. The Imam of our times is Imam Muhammad Mahdi (as) , may Allah hasten his reappearance.
  8. What happened? Did you try something from there and ended up with a 'pintrosity'?
  9. Ali

    Ayatollah Sistani Fatwa: Q3) Is it right to say ya Ali madad? A3) It is permissible as a supplication
  10. I am waiting for my kids to fall asleep so I can eat the last bar alone. Disclaimer: Before you go on to judge me for stealing my children's candy I would like to say that I had an absolutely crappy day and I haven't eaten a chocolate in months. Thank you.
  11. Yeh aapko post share kerny se phele sochna chahiye tha na! Khayr Imam Tirmizi Hakeem Ilaahi Sayyidi Muhammad bin Ali who is a contemporary of Imam Bukhari (radi Allahu ta'aala anhum) narrated in Nawaadirul Usool that the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) himself said, “If anyone writes this dua on a piece of paper and places it under the kaffan of the deceased, then the deceased shall be spared from the torment of the grave and nor will he see Munkar and Nakeer.” (Ref. Fatawa Kubra with ref to Tirmizi Vol.2 pg 6) Usko baatayein kaffan per dua likhnay se agay hisaab kitab main aasaani hoti he :p Ab deobandi dost nahein yakeen kertay to na karen, unhon ne to waisay hi apny Ameer muawiyah ke peechey waheen pahunchna he jahan wo hazrat jayen ge.
  12. Get this out of your mind. You won't die, people go through far worse and no one dies. There is nothing you can do about your parents fighting.Just accept this, NEVER take sides, keep yourself busy and move on with your life.
  13. Agree with @monad depends on the situation, there are no clear black and white situations.
  14. Only if he is marrying his wife's niece.
  15. Tanolis come from a area of the same name in hazara KPK,Pakistan. Islam does not put a restriction of caste when it comes to marriage, only faith.