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  1. Your eating habits (binge eating and vomiting point towards bulimia nervosa. You have also been self harming which is not normal. I think should see a clinical psychologist and/or a psychiatrist soon.
  2. @notme Lassi is when the yogurt's been churned/whipped till the milk fats(butter) emulsify and start floating at the top. YUM!
  3. Oh yes there is. I will post it if I get the time. The longer life expectancy of people living in the west are due to better enviornment and healthcare facilities. Cardiovascular diseases are now labelled an epidemic in the western world,what do you think is the cause?
  4. Okay. Enough. I am renaming this 'The Official Lassi Thread'. Only those members who have first hand experience with the things shown in the picture can post.
  5. While this might to true to some extent in real life it doesn't apply to this thread because the people desis look up to are usually 'goras' English speaking white western people of which we do not have many on this forum. Nor do the desi members of SC come from the population of average brown people who lookup to the goras. It's the Arabs and persians on SC looking down on pakistanis and indians. But Vader this requires hand.... for hours! Whipped whole milk homemade yogurt is lassi enough for me. Next,you will be saying we are not desi enough because we don't mill our own flour at home anymore. This made me remember the time me and my colleagues made the grave mistake of drinking real lassi one fine summer morning. We spent the rest of the day sleeping on our desks in various uncomfortable Gatka is traditionally associated with Sikhs so maybe that's one of the reasons it died in Pakistan.
  6. @Darth Vader There is always a jug of Lassi with a big block of ice in our fridge throughout the summer months.We still make butter at home sometimes. We enjoy desi ghee parathas for breakfast. No one in my family watches Indians movies or soaps. Stop being so bitter... unless you are anticipating getting a job in Iran, then carry on with the bashing, you are moving in the right direction.
  7. @Shaykh Patience101 It's not about self criticism. It's about looking down on people of other races.
  8. One of my childhood friends announced yesterday that she is closing the very successful baking business she ran from home to go work as a dentist!!! What could be more creative and meaningful than baking cakes to fill people's life with happiness,right? I wanted to hold a majlis to mourn the premature death of her business but since half on my friends from that group are wahabbi.... oh well.
  9. Can you please state which additions have been made to indo pak azan here?
  10. Here is Ayatullah Khamenei being 'dishonest'. I can look up other marjas too if you want.
  11. What marbles said. Mutton is loosely used for both goat and sheep.
  12. Mutton is sheep. Goat meat is called chevon.
  13. Thought: What's the difference between 'Spam' and 'Junk' email?
  14. Lots of mainstream sunnis name their sons Muawiyah and Sufyan. Makes me cringe every time I hear the names being said.