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  1. Mosques In/near Manchester City Center

    Thanks !
  2. Mosques In/near Manchester City Center

    Salam habibies, So I've just moved to Manchester , going to live here for couple of years . any Shia or non salafi mosques around City center ?
  3. Steroids In Iran

    I've heard they sell steroids legally in Iran . Kids are buying loads of the aburaihan stuff. My friend who is a steroid junkie is going with me to mashhad , and i just want to know guaranteed pharmacy/ies there,that sell buraihan test,to avoid going to. Any help from our iranian bros?
  4. Very Weird Things Have Happened To Me.

    oh by God, those are the signs of sainthood!
  5. Why is this in the brothers forums ? are you implying that women are stingy?
  6. I know there is a similar topic about soap ,but i felt that its useless for me as i'm allergic to soap. What kinda shampoo do you guys recommend ?
  7. Why am i single? cause im happy this way! I can't say the same about my "married" friends .
  8. How To Avoid A Haram Look.

    Whats the point of staring at her unbuttoned shirt ? She's atheist; mutah isn't possible. Fight the thought and you'll be indifferent to the way she dresses.
  9. Tuna Madein Thailand "non-islamic Countries"haram?

    i know that , the question is, were the tuna fishes alive when then caught them out of sea or dead "technique of fishing"
  10. well since 99% of tuna in the market here isn't made in islamic countries , many are suspicious and my mom throws it away if i bought them. My questions is do you know how they fish for tuna in "thailand or non-islamic countries in general" is it umm a permissible way? Not sure if this is the right category .
  11. If A War With Iran Were To Happen.....

    I didn't say west/iran conflict started when Ahmedinejad became president ,Im saying Iran need a cunning intelligent President who can outwit the hypocrites of the west ,Clearly ahmadinejad blunt exposed policies has weakened Iran economically "atleast", Just because ahmedinejad says what we want to hear ,that doesn't mean its good for Iran.
  12. If A War With Iran Were To Happen.....

    Im quite worried of a war on Iran or more Economic Sanction that Could disable Iran , Hopefully Next iranian gov. will be more diplomatic And more experienced with dealing with the west , ahmadinejads blunt rhetoric has damaged Iran more than it benefited it. i couldn't vote ..but obviously i support Iran.
  13. An Urgent Call For Help From A Sister

    Lesson of the day : don't have relationships with non-mahrams "especially if your father a sheikh", it doesn't turn into marriages most of the time.
  14. Can't You See Were's Busy?!

    its a western media war on Iran they can't stop talking about Iran "intentions"of making Nuclear weapons like seriously INTENTIONS? who are you God? Iran didn't even Attack Iraq with Chemical weapons when they were attacked by it back in iraq-iran war "even tho they had them". Anywho Ahmadinejad is wayy too blunt to be in a high political position , Iran needs a president Cunning enough to beat these hypocritical snakes in the west.
  15. Opinion Of New Age Shias

    the only disturbing thing i have seen is the Tatbeer " head sword hitting " it is a controvorsial issue . Some Shia scholars support it some are against it , Anyway since you're asking for our opinions i see no point in this ritual and i find it as disgusting as you do.