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  1. salam, do you know where we can buy the following calligraphy ? http://al-islam.org/gallery/photos/ahl_kisa.gif baraka Allah fikum, salam
  2. salam, I don't know this book, could you give us a brief summary ?, thanks. Edited By Al_Radhiy on 1029388550
  3. Am i a - Wahabi?

    salam, thanks for the quiz : ouf, i'm not a wahhabi ! :D, i think that i would had a very bad rank in wahhabi class :cry: May be you can add : wahhabi think that the earth is flat and don't turn around the sun, wahhabi ordered palestinians to du hijra from palestine ! Edited By Al_Radhiy on 1029361276
  4. Imamat vs. prophethood - Who is higher?

    salam, Concerning the original question we have, the following diagram as bro. Mujahid did :) might be useful. A Rasul is also a Nabi and also an Imam, a Nabi is also an Imam but not a Rasul, and an Imam is nor a Nabi nor a Rasul. Concerning the Rank, the imams following Muhammad-sawas- are "greater" to the Prophets-as- since they are the representants of the Seal of the Prophets-as- and hence are as important as him ; this is linked to the notion of Muhammadean Reality, Wa Allah a'alam. Edited By Al_Radhiy on 1029360331
  5. Imamat vs. prophethood - Who is higher?

    salam, this is not really true. Jesus-as- is the Seal of the General Walaya and when he will return, he will 1. apply Sharia'a of Muhammad-sawas- like he is applying it now, but he will close also the General Walaya. So he is not a regular person. The Seal of the Muhammadean Walaya is al-Mahdi-as- according to shia'a and else 'Ali-as- or al-Mahdi-as- for sunnis. The Seal of the General Walaya is Jesus-as- in both sources, Wa Allah a'alam,
  6. 1. May be it is like the other turuq, but it is known for its anti-shiism. Moreover, it is from the rare turuq that don't recognize the walaya of Imam 'Ali-as-. 2. I didn't say that, just read the two links that i gave you above, and you'll see my point of view concerning sufism. 3. At least you're clear, so what are you doing in this forum ?, don't you think that talking to people with a false 'aquida will polute your heart and deviate you from the path ?
  7. Can women become mollahs?

    salam, sister, sister, sister :) nope, what Sayyid Fadhl Allah said is that there is no theological constraint which proves that a women can't be a marja'a as i explained in the sketch of fetwa before. Concerning the qualification, you're giving the same arguments concerning the method that the brain works for women, and showing the limitations, and i told you that these limitations are exactly those which were used by some men to prove that women can't do mathematics. And you're a perfect example proving that they were wrong, since you told us that you were very good in mathematics, and hence you're in some sense the proof that you're wrong since you're the perfect counter-example of the theory that others enunced before you concerning brain limitations of women. nope again, i'm based on the Fetwa of Fadhl Allah. The mathematics detour was only to show that you're your own refutation of your arguments :P. Moreover in the case where you forgot, socrates think the same thing as me concerning this topic.
  8. Can women become mollahs?

    salam, Well the link is as i said before, the same problem was posed for scientists and for those who were denying to women to do mathematics since they didn't have the abilities, with same arguments you're giving, and these arguments were wrong :P again i think you didn't read me. By applying the arguments you're giving there would have been no women mathematicians, but they exist and their number is not null. I didn't say that the contributions of women are greater then those of men, but they still exist. Which is the same thing for marja'a women, you're trying to prove that they don't exist while i'm saying that there might be few of them which would be interesting, even if we have 1 per generation or 1 per 2 generations... So the problem is the existence or not and not their proportion with respect with men. Well, hum, as you said your opinion is yours and not of all women :P, so you represent only yourself :D eh... :D 1. Well, Sayyid Fadhl Allah say that this kind of mariage is invalid, and is equivalent to zina. 2. again you're talking about CE2 :P Edited By Al_Radhiy on 1029305312
  9. Can women become mollahs?

    salam sister, i'm not denying the contribution of men to mathematics, since my option is mathematics. But it is you that are denying for women the possiblity to do mathematics, especially when you say which is wrong. ** It is the reality. I think that you have to read the history of Ja'afari Fiqh to see that women have more rights in shiism than modern sunnism, for example ; since, the Ja'afari fiqh is dynamic. I think that you didn't read my answer isn't it ? : i said that the 'Urf is the part of the Customs that are [u:post_uid0] compatible[/u:post_uid0] with Islam. You're talking about CE2, above ; and i'm talking about CE1 which are auto-exclusive. Edited By Al_Radhiy on 1029288206
  10. salam brother Saleh-Ali-Sufi, thanks for the answer, the Naqshabandi tariqa is well known to be against shiism, i hope that you're not here to attack shia. We had a discussion on tassawuf in this forum, you can see the links : http://pub116.ezboard.com/fshiachatfrm5.sh...picID=123.topic http://pub116.ezboard.com/fshiachatfrm18.s...picID=294.topic So you're welcome here, and we consider you as a brother, unless you will not respect us :) Edited By Al_Radhiy on 1029276811
  11. Can women become mollahs?

    salam, I did not say that intuition is limited to women : i said that intuition was [u:post_uid0]more[/u:post_uid0] developped than for men ; and the process of logical enchainments is less developped for women as for men. As i said above, this is wrong (cf. the example of Emy Noether and her contributions in Mathematics). The manner that the human brain works is quite complex, but what we know is that the manner of deducing for men is based on logical links between elements while the manner of deducing of women is based on intuition and "illogical" links. For example, the spatial perception for men and women is very different : while men peceive space as the sum of local regions, women perceive the space in its globality, which is very important in geometry. the definition of 'Urf in usul al fiqh is the set of customs that are compatible with Islam, i.e. suppose at an epoch E, we have a sets of customs CE1 (compatible with Islam) and CE2(uncompatible of islam) (It is clear that CE1 and CE2 depends on the epoch E and that CE2 is automatically rejected since uncompatible with Islam.). Then, the fiqh can be extended to the sets CE1, but this extension which was valid at an epoch in the past might not be valid in the present while being valid in the future and vice-versa... In our epoch it is clear that there are problems that only women can feel them and hence it will be very important to know her point of view. it is exactly its opposite that is used in Islamic Laws : using 'urf for islamic laws and hence giving more rights to women. Edited By Al_Radhiy on 1029277420
  12. Can women become mollahs?

    salam, I don't think that this is true, nor its opposite. As pointed by socrates above, all depends on the 'Urf, and 'Urf is very important in Ijtihad. So, there are median solutions depending on the epoch. For the link between majority and the point of view of Sayyid Fadhl Allah, the notion of ijma'a do not exist in Fiqh Ja'afari. Moreover, you didn't answer my question above on the women questions that appear in the modern world which were inexistent before and the fact that only a woman can understand them, and hence can find a solution to them ? which would imply the necessity of a woman marja'a. Also, you didn't answer on the importance of intuition which you seems to be neglecting. Edited By Al_Radhiy on 1029195572
  13. salam, i saw that you are a "sufi", from which tariqa ?, Naqshabandi ? Edited By Al_Radhiy on 1029192018
  14. Simple question

    salam, the sunnis believe in this, indeed they have the same Quran and know Surat al Qadr !
  15. Can women become mollahs?

    salam, this is the case for men also, but not all the men are marja'a no ?, i think it is the same case with women, if we apply the same conditions to be marja'a on women as for men, we will get a few women marja'a as for men. And certainly less in number, if we have 20 men marja'a i'm sure that we will get a 2 or 3 women marja'a per generation... i think that you don't see the importance of intuition for rationalists. For mathematicians, intuition is more important than logical enchainments, in globality. Edited By Al_Radhiy on 1029131111