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  1. Salam, I'm originally from Lebanon, but I'm currently abroad... What about you ?

  2. bismillah. salam, brother. Congratulations on your name change. hope you like it. :)

  3. ok well thank you brother

  4. I don't live in Iran right now. But I am originally from Yazd and I lived mostly in Tehran. You are from Saudi, huh? How is it there? In Iran we are told that the Shias there are treated like animals, is this true?

  5. Salam Bhai Jaan. Kefal haal?

  6. Does Qamah Hurt ?

    I think he is young, he should wait for some more year. 13 years old kid man. I mean i feel sad when I see pictures of these small kids who are not even 5 years old are forced to do qama by their parents. The kid is crying and shouting in pain but the parent is still doing it. The 13 year old is doing it by his own will but still, I think he should wait for couple of more years. For the time being he can do other types of mourning and mataam. Others might have a different opinion. But as far as the age group is concerned, i would say. No, wait for a few more years, because he is still in the development stage, i.e. his head, brain, emotional and religious strength etc. I agree with your comment.
  7. Change Name

    from "learn" to Umair Jafri
  8. Salam man how are yaa. I like your comments on different forumz.

  9. Suplications for Imam Mahdi AJ

    Thanks for the info guys. Regards, Umair
  10. Same here... It's a great saying, the best way leading a life... We should learn to balance everything... Salam

  11. Salaam. I am good brother, how are you?

  12. Cigarette Kills !

    @ JimJam hhhh I like the last quote. Very funny.
  13. dude i need to eat something.

  14. Work For Your Life As If You Were To Live Forever...

    And Work For Your After-life As If You Were To Die Tomorrow.

    Imam Ali (a.s.)