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  1. Free book delivery by Imam Reza Shrine?

    Salam, There used to be topic about free book delivery by Imam Reza Shrine. I remember a lot of people confirmed getting books after applying. I cannot seem to find the topic, even using search, so I wonder anyone here happens to know where it is? Thanks!
  2. Regarding you questions on marriage go to


  3. Marriage Questions

    (bismillah) (salam) Okay, now this may be rude but what else can i do? I've had a couple of chances to know everything about mariage a couple of times, but decided not to listen because I thought it was way to soon to know these things (ofcourse because they would make me shahvati and that wouldn't be a good idea at that age!) But now im thinking otherwise. I've grown up and now i'm 19. I was going to ask for a full description of marriage but right now i've changed my mind. Do you think 19 is a good age to know these marriage descriptions? I mean what happens for instance in the...er...bed?