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  1. 4 Protesters Killed

    All over the media, the demonstations and violence in the streets of Iran. as we read, in western and arab media, and from bumbers of iranian bloggers, it looks like that "the people" are revolting againts oprerssion and dictatorship, and want non islamic republic! we have the image of majority of people going against police, and being killed and crushed brutaly. Today from goverment media, Millions are demonstating is support of the Islamic republic! blaming deaths on the gangs that vandalize public property where is the truth? how many are really against the regime, and how many do support it who leads the protest? are these reports about crulity valid§ what do the supporters of the regime think and say
  2. Twitter Hacked by 'Iranian Cyber Army'

    a cowardly act, who ever did it
  3. Mistakes in the Bible?

    to be precise, what was mentioned in Quran is not THE BIBLE, but THE INJEEL (Fr. Evangile, Eng. Gospil), so Quran talks about one and only one THE GOSPIL....... the bible is composed now of 4 gospils, canonical gospils choosen by men, plus some other texts like psalms and letters.... there are also many lost Gospils... spo we do not know what was the original true GOSPIL, but logically it should be the GOSPIL OF JESUS not Gospil of Mark or Mathew or others...
  4. this is a medical condition called dermographism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dermatographic_urticaria
  5. bravo skinee i think you are right
  6. why shia and sunni hate each other so much ?

    we don't hate sunnis Wahabis do hate us, and it like we can't love those who hate us
  7. complete non-sense quack site
  8. yes under certain circumstances
  9. what is the problem,,, go convert the westerners, and we will convert your sons and daughters to shia :)
  10. [merged] 2012-please Discuss

    be assured the world will not END in 2012 and Imam almahdi will not appear before 2012, and unlikely before 2040, after that i can't tell and btw i can bet on that :)
  11. Even all the hairs on your head are numbered

    it looks nice... GOD knowns all i did not get why fatalism is related to it?
  12. Translation of same words

    one word can mean two different things depending on context, and there is no 100% equivalent word for word in translations... i mean in any two lanuages, there is no 1:1 relationship between words.. that is what makes translation not an easy job to do
  13. The Universe?

    you are welcome,,, there is no hardship.... i have already came across many of these things...