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  1. Tatbir

    Salam aleykum. Will be grateful if somebody share ayatollah Sistani fatwa on Tatbir in Arabic with translation into English.What he says exactly?Is it mubah or mustahab? Thanks to everyone.Jazakallahu khayran!
  2. Darvishi was very expensive, over 200000 tomans for 3 persons/3 nignts. Meanwhile as I was informed, the prices in hotels usually goes up during summer vacations in schools/universities,Nowruz eve and also Fitr&Adha holidays.
  3. Sorry that was misprint 39000 Tomans and 150000 tomans.
  4. Hotel Safa(3 stars) in Qom (a little bit far from Haram) at price of 390 tomans per night for 3 persons(me,my wife and my son) including only breakfast.Hotel Emad(4 stars with sauna and swimming pool) in Mashad at Tabarsi(moderate distance to Haram) at price of 1500 tomans for 3 nights for 3 persons including breakfast,lunch and dinner.However Tabarsi is very crowded place not advisable to stay at. I'm sure that I could find even cheaper and closer to Haram at place however because of family I made reservation in advance through agency in Astara.
  5. Temporary Marriage And Culture

    Salam aleykum.Normally Mutah is allowed for the people whose social status doesn't allow to marry permanently (for example students abroad,overseas employment etc.) or the ones who couldn’t still find suitable candidate.The subject are widowed or divorced women especially who are in need materially or physically since long years interval can lead to various gynecological diseases. Mutah with prostitutes is strongly undesired action because prostitution is their profession and they do not wait 2 menstruation period before new intercourse. However scholars didn’t consider it haram as special case for exp.when the man is not able to find suitable woman for mutah whereas further celibacy can cause congestion prostatitis or other diseases as well as mental disorders. But always there are people who will misuse CANS. Using mutah only for sensual enjoyment is not mustahab (recommended) at all and can lead society to debauch thus public awareness campaigns should be conducted by scholars periodically.
  6. Thanks to everybody for your handy tips.I prayed for all of you all and inshaallah may Allah let us to have occasion visit Karbala and Hajj.Amin!
  7. So which ones 3* or 4* according to international standards are too close to Shrine in Mashad?Please advise.
  8. Does anybody have information about Emad hotel in Mashad?Is it close to shrine?
  9. I see.Darvishi hotel seems to be very close to Shrine.What about GhasrTalaee? Is that Toos hotel? Could you please share link if possible?
  10. Thank you for quick response.I've already checked the prices through website of the hotel however they are not real for Iran,actual prices should be far less,I think.Anyway, thank you for your support.
  11. OK,will do by best.Meanwhile can you help me with booking if required? Meanwhile what is the price for double room per night in Javad Hotel?
  12. Thanks you for your advise,PureEthics.Allah hafiz! Thank you,AmirHosein.Should I book through those agencies?And what are the prices?
  13. Salam aleykum dear brothers&sisters. I need your advice regarding hotels right near to Holy Shrines.During my last visit to Mashad 5 years back, I've stayed in Toranj hotel next to Bab-al-Javad, that was normal but apartment style.Could you please to advise which one will be better on all inclusive basis very close to shrine.Also regaridng Qom,Olimpic hotel was pretty good but not very close to Shrine.Which one else? Thanks in advance and may Allah rewards you for your help.
  14. Karachi,pakistan

    By the way which operator is the best in Pakistan to buy cell number for local use?