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  1. Have i seen a jinn?

    They can appear in shapes, in white or other colour maybe. My specific experience was with white colour, during two weeks appeared to me, and once my sister was able to see it. During those weeks, I was able to see the djinn not as a white shape, but as a humanoid. Had a white tunic and colourful gems over his bald head. Couldnt see his face, but after reciting al-Falaq and al-Nas, the djinn disappeared. He did nothing to me so far, wasn't scary, just surprising. Most of the time they are not aware you see them even though they see you, and aren't looking for any kind of interaction. It is better to avoid all thoughts related to such experiences, just accept them and ignore them afterwards. It is also good that, whatever you may have done to see a djinn, stop it. Whether simple thoughts or spiritual practices (such as adivinatory techniques relying on spiritual concentration), it is better to stop when you start experimenting such things, it is a red flag.
  2. [Android App] 1000 Virtues of Imam Ali a.s.

    May Allah reward you for this contribution. I honestly find it very necessary to offer mobile solutions to the religious community. Especially considering youths spend around 2 to 4 hours per day using their smartphones (as per the last global mobile report). I hope apps like this one inspires other people to develop their own apps offering different services (duas, daily recommendations, routine and health related knowledge/ahadith, quran learning, etc.) I would also like to share a site where its good to advertise islamic apps as well as finding ones you may be interested in: http://www.islaminmobile.com
  3. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    Absolutely agree. I do think it is important to listen and give all support possible to those suffering from either bullying or any type of abuse for wearing hijaab. Nonetheless, it is commanded by Allah, and wearing it with a pure intention will surely protect us. One shall have faith in God and in what He has commanded, even though we may only see dangers and potential damage. We should, at least, do our best. فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْراً Then, surely, with hardship comes ease. (94:5)
  4. Haram?

    Can't specifically answer the first question, but there are common duas for going to the toilet and even while in the toilet, as well as after finishing. So there is dhikr, and it is not makrooh but mustahab to do it. I would refer you to this site with useful information that you could implement within your routine. http://www.duas.org/routine.htm#MANNERS_AND_TAHARA_IN_THE_TOILET_
  5. Help decode my dream please

    The thing about a man seeing a kid may depend on interpretation. In your case, so far as I can describe, what you may have seen in your dream is that iA you will have a son who will be a supporter of our Imam, may Allah hasten his reappearance. Nonetheless, if you want further understanding, go to sleep with that intention in mind.
  6. Individualism

    I liked this post. I believe it has a solid base to say humanism is a conclusion of individualism, but I somehow think that merely because individualism may result in harm for the soul, it doesn't mean that humanism by itself will, or that it will necessarily lead to the perpetuation of individualism in oneself. I think we naturally develop that individualistic approach in our life, and deciding to take distance from it must be a consequence of our convictions. In this case, these can be religious and spiritual convictions (eg Islamic convictions), but also ones developed by people and the way they understand the meaning of life (humanism). What I am saying is that humanism doesn't necessarily leads to individualism, as far as I can understand.
  7. Marrying an Iraqi sister (Advice)

    I believe it will pretty much depend on their parents, but Spanish/Iraqi marriages are kind of common here. Older generations tend to accept more marriages where the man is Iraqi and the woman is Spanish. As for the contrary, when the woman is Iraqi, it is becoming more common as more marriages like this are celebrated. Time they have been in Spain does matter as well. Second generation iraqis are way more open about marrying a Spaniard than their parents, however, I have heard quite many cases (apart from the closest ones to me) of Iraqi women marrying Spanish men lately. Also, most of unmarried iraqi women I know here do warn their parents that it is very likely they will end up marrying a Spanish convert. It is good you converted before marrying, for me that is a great plus and probably to her parents too, as they would be extremely worried about future upbringing of your potential children otherwise. They will probably want to know how your relation with your family is and what they think about you being muslim.
  8. Virtual Currencies

    Always DYOR, or follow the trend and buy for the long term (XRP, XLM, ADA, IOTA, etc.) I think it is more stable than it seems (although not compared to stock market), and it is still a pretty unknown market considering that the global market cap has still not crossed 1 trillion dollars. Volatility is pretty high, so use that for your own benefit.
  9. Virtual Currencies

    Depends on how much you invest at first. It's better to say %/month. You could have easily made up to 2-3X your initial investment in the last two months. Many of those who committed no significant errors made 10X amd even, in some cases, 100X. Basically, one zero or two zeroes more to your initial investment.
  10. Virtual Currencies

    Even though most crypto world is full of scam, in the long run and after the bubble crashes (and it will), the actually worthy coins that offer a significant technology will remain and will surely be of much more value than fiat.
  11. Virtual Currencies

    It's volatility is high, yet it is not necessarily gambling nor all people invest in it for that reason. Some find fiat currency useless or obsolete in the future, and decide to invest in cryptocurrencies in order to support development and hold them (proof of stake) to become a real thing in the future. If one dedicates time to their study, one may find they would solve many real world problems, save us time, protect our privacy, reduce our transaction fees, making smart contracts, etc.
  12. Virtual Currencies

    People buy it for FOMO. Bitcoin is, in many senses, obsolete. Digital currencies on the other hand are the future. It's a very risky market, yet if you have time to invest in it, and you enjoy learning about such stuff, I believe it can be a good experience. Nonetheless, remember that there are better investments in life than bitcoin. Don't waste important time and efforts in it if you can dedicate it to learning, improving your academic and professional skills, enjoying time with your dear ones. If the FOMO is killing you, put 1000€ and forget about it.
  13. Messy, lazy and unmotivated

    If you move and start living alone, you will forcibly wake up and be responsible. It's natural to be like this if your parents have always done everything for you (to the point of begging you to do things). I guess that two jobs should allow you to save enough money to start living by yourself (unless you are as terrible as me in finances lol), am I not right?
  14. Question - converting to (Shia) Islam

    Sadly I am not residing in Barcelona, but afaik there are shias there although the community is small. Maybe there are other members in SC from Barcelona.
  15. If it is causing you mental problems, you are torturing yourself and giving it an importance way more than expected. Focus on the good emotions to substitute this addiction. Torturing yourself and consciously lowering your self-esteem isn't helping in overcoming an addiction, but the exact contrary. What is important is not to lose your track, slips can be committed by anyone. Stay positive about yourself nonetheless, because that's a necessary step for any goal you want to achieve in your life.