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  1. Taking off hijab

    You should look after the reasons and feelings you have developed towards hijaab, and ask yourself why you feel like this towards something Allah ordained for us. It is hard to acknowledge laws when they affect us, but we have got and believe in Islam for a reason. May Allah help you overcoming these feelings, and not allow you to take any step back in your path to Him inshaAllah.
  2. Specifically porn is destructive in future marital relations. I honestly feel ashamed how some people believe in these false stereotypes found in the porn industry, where both men and women have exaggerated features that have little to do with normality. They believe in these stereotypes and then expect them in their partners, to the point they even dare to bring the subject in public. And I prefer to stop it here because it is embarassing.
  3. You can also set up parental control in a router. Right now, skipping browser's history is as easy as pressing Ctrl+Shift+N. You can still find wesbites they visit as the network administrator. Or by installing a ley logger. I once had to monitor the use of my father's company's workstations, and used both hidden keyloggers and net monitoring. Even in workplaces you find people watching porn. I am with notme here, though. One has to teach right from wrong, the harm they do to themselves after that, it is pretty much up to them.
  4. I can only say that there is nothing like a "muslim" dating app. An app has no religion and cannot strictly prevent sinful use. Moreover, another thing to take into consideration is how successful are these apps (and by success I mean the number of halal good unions it helps creating compared to the abuse/harrassment cases). When I look at the statistics of the most known dating apps in the market, they are really inefficient (significantly weird in sexually "open" societies). Apart from the fiqhi standpoint which I am honestly unaware of, I believe this subject should take into consideration the big picture and evaluate the real data. Nonetheless, it is true that these app/sites have proven needed for many muslim men and women who, otherwise, wouldn't have found a suitable partner, so it becomes important for experts to do actual research on how to solve this problem. I believe technology is there to help, but we cannot design products based on apps and sites that have proven inefficient and leaving room for abuse and harrassment. TL, DR: there is an evident hardship to find a suitable partner nowaday, but dating apps/webs are most likely not the best way to solve this problem. More research to find solutions is needed.
  5. It is really saddening. Been the whole night worried about my father until he replied to me, alhamdulillah. Can't imagine what others are going through.
  6. My two cents to the hate list: Bigotry.
  7. Terribly sad news here. My condolences and support to all the families affected by this incident both in Iran and Iraq. إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ
  8. The Beard & Bread Appreciation Society

    ^ Just gorgeous. I need some now lol!
  9. Shiaa Matcher App

    Guess nobody can fully prevent abuse, I just hope it doesn't bring problems. Best wishes for you and your team.
  10. The Beard & Bread Appreciation Society

    Gosh, the bread with zaatar man... :O
  11. Shiaa Matcher App

    Looks good but I can't see how this is not a dating app. It has the features and technical basis for it being used like a dating app (geo-localization, personal chats and images).
  12. Thoughts 2017

    MashaAllah bro, happy to hear from you! Hope all your duas are answered for you and your close ones! It must be tough to visit the Harameyn in these days... as for the sweat, lol, be careful not to get sick, although I'm not sure if it is cold there. Also, dont try to hold back those tears hahah! It's a blessing!
  13. Thoughts 2017

    Baby tawaf <3
  14. Gay

    The more time you dedicate to study and appreciate nature, the more complex you will realize it is. Gender dysphoria, hormonal balance, genetic abnormalities, family circumstances, education and personality are just a few possible reasons for masculinity or effeminacy in women and men, respectively. I try to think of these particular reasons before believing it's a matter of parent's negligence.
  15. Gay

    I agree to this to a great extent when it comes to identity. One thing I find specially hard when fighting your own homosexuality is precisely getting free of the acquired identity (which is something relatively new in society). Controlling sexual desires is nothing compared to fighting your self identity as a homosexual. It starts with doubts and confusion, but when you reach a point where you come out to your family (as it is the case of OP's brother), you have already developed that identity. You are admitting, accepting and expecting a lot of elements in your life that have little to do with the original situation: sexual/romantic attraction towards the same sex. This attraction by itself is potencial, not actual. By acknowledging this fact, you realize that the gay identity is something you have consciously accepted as a gay person and imposed to yourself. It is this identity which supposes a problem within one's religion, as far as I have been able to appreciate. It is living by this identity which leaves the door open to haram and really brings nothing good to you. The "gay" word is valuable for most people experiencing SSA, but that's merely because it brings relief and a sense of belonging to a group, after feeling different from the rest of males for quite some years. It is hard to get rid of a self image you have lived with for years, but reasonable introspection and love for Allah, Islam, Ahlul Bayt, and the family who educated you should pave the ground to develop the courage and determination required in this path. And one must remember no one is alone in the path of Islam, we all have our differences and problems. And may Allah help us all in our respective hardships in life.