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  1. Najafy

    Sadr’s Popularity Soars

    I am surprise how the Arab and muslem in general can lie, and then believe their lies. Most of iraqis now are cursing al-sader. specially ppl of Najaf they pray that he gonna be killed soon so that ppl live in peace. It is obvious that you are Anti-American, and you are free to be anti whatever you wish. BUt you have to be truthful On top of that: do you know how much there is hatered between Falaoujah and southeren cities of IRaq??? Do you know that 6 innocent Iraqies from south were set on fire by ppl from Falajah??? May Allah curse Falajah and anyone supporting it. it is the gate of the hell. They just angry cus they lost their MAster: Sadam
  2. may Allah curse them. They are bunch of crimials who are killing in the name of Islam
  3. Habibi "IraqiSoldier" InaLiliALlah Wina ELiah Raje3oon. I cried when I read your words... [edit] Dear newshia At first let us agree that Khamenee is not infalable. i.e he is doing mistakes. Khamene believes that Iraqis have to fight US. He claims this is the interest of Islam. But, in reality, fighting US in not in interest of Iraqis at all. i do believe that Khamanee wants to stop the democracy in Iraq since this would be a great danger to what is called "Islamic repeblic" [Mods note : BANNED for cursing muslims and for slandering ulema]
  4. Najafy


    All of ppl I know in Iraq are happy with this discioson. The ALzezira is well know WAHABW channal that supports insurgents agianst IRaqis. Sure, Moqtada Asader and stupid ppl similar to him from Falajah will not like that. But, I ask you one question: These pics of ppl who oppose the close of AL-jezira are they in Iraq... doesnt that means they have the freedom to express their opinion against the government... Yet, you claim there is no freedom.... What a lier
  5. Najafy


    This is the first line, and he claims that this is the ONLY achievment of Alaaway.... let me see if there are other things that Alaawii did: 1) putting Sadam and his aids in the court. 3) Starting a committee to prepare for the election 3) Increasing the Iraqi police 4).. the list is too long of GOOD things for Iraqis And, within just months. Why dot you ask what Iran had did to Iraq last 2 months: 1) supporting Asader with money 2) supporting Asseder with weapons 3) exporting drugs 4) .. and the list too longs of bad things
  6. Najafy

    Iraqi Muslims Did Not Blow Up Churches

    The good starting point is to define the term "Terrorist", then we may judge who is the terrorist: US or BinLaden US or Iran US or whatever.... You put the image of what is supposed to be the new Iraqi flag and the flag of Isreal:- 1) First of the flage was proposed by the previous government councle, but the new government did not use. SO IN SIMPLE WORD: if this is your proof of colaboration, why the Iraqi government did not use it???? 2) Second: that flag was designed by a pure Iraqi architecture among other designs, and he explain the symbles in this flag that reflect the Iraq. 3) The only similarty is to have similar colors... what a great proof. Pls, next time come with a better proof. BWN arnt you shamful of such asick argument.
  7. So please, teach us politics since I am very ignorant when it comes to stupidity of Iran government. For sure I know the followings: 1) Most of supporters of Moqtada are from Baath parth. 2) they get good paying from Moqtada 3) A lot of Iranian guys working in the offices of Moqtada in Najaf and other citis. 4) they are using Iranin weapons Most importantly, (5) the stupid Iranian government are supporting him. As a result: Najaf is destroid and on fire. On top of that, all scholars in Najaf are agains Moqtanda?? Why Iran did this to Najaf??? Pls, explain it in simple words since you see things that we dont see. may Allah curse Iran. and their corrupted system.
  8. Najafy

    Ayatollah Seestani in London Hospital.

    Because he does not want to die right away:):):) Eveyone knows that the health service in Iran is one of the worst in the Middle east. Good docs flee the country, and the system is very corupted..... Thanks to what they call "Islamic republic" which means "coruption republic" I know a friend whose wife gave a very health baby, and then next day they told him that the baby disapear, then they told him the baby dead... and he could not see him at all.... After 10 yrs, and his wife crries every time she remeber that baby. No wonder that Sistany did not go to Iran. Sistany can trust docs in Britain, but he cannot trust the docs in Iran.
  9. My brother told me that the folks of Al-Sader attacked the shrin of Imam Ali, then the called on the media to picture "how US attacks the Shrine" As Christan said, if US wants to wipe out the shrine, they can do that within second, but they have ETHICS, while Al-Sader ( and his Supporters in Iran) Have non. May Allah Protect the Najaf from Al-Sader gaangs May Allah punish Iran for their wrong doings YaALlah soon.
  10. IraqiSoldier I am glad to find someone talking in the interest of my ppl, the Iraqis. I know that Moqtanda and his folks are doing many bad things in Najaf. My brothers telling me many stories about what they are doing over there. However, most of ppl in this forum consider them as the fighters against US... I feel very bad that Iraqis sacrifice very much for the interest of Iran. However, Iran is giving back by supporting Moqtada and other stupid guys. Also, you have to be very careful when you are talking about Moqtand at here ( similar to what you are doing in Najaf), since the moderators consider Moqtada as "Hujat AL-Islam", and they will ban you? I dont know whe Sistany do no thing to stop this troubles?
  11. Najafy


    what is wrong if American ppl love their country? They are doing their best to make AMerica the best. On the other hand, Muslems think they are the best but they are doing their best to be the worst in the world? Can you tell what Muslems are doing to be the best?
  12. Najafy

    Iraqi Muslims Did Not Blow Up Churches

    Before starting cursing, you need to ckeck how the "Quran" curses all killers. 1) Those who did this act of terror are Muslems-Sunni-Wahabee. And you need to curese them, as the Quran teachs us, if you follow the quran 2) It is obvious that Iran supprtes a group of terrror, AL-Mahdy Army, that attacked Christian ppl in Iraq. So you may need to curse Iran. 3) I do not see any relationship between Isreal and thia act of terror, so I do not know why you brought it here in the first place. 4) The Amercan are doing their best to secure Iraq from the terrorists. If you are a Muslem, then you have to care about Iraqi Muslems, and then, you have to thank those who are installing the freedom in Iraq. Unfortunatelly, your heart is full with hatered towards US, and you just want to curse it. Unfortunately, your curse will come back to you... enjoy it.
  13. Let me assume that US after the oil of Iraq. Just I wonder, what is there in Suddan.... ??? It seems that you just want to believe anything anti-American. This guy, Fisk , is a typical communist guy.
  14. I heard this sotory long time ago, but ater, Al-Hakeem denied it. However, anyone has a contact with Najaf would know that there are a lot of hostality between SCIRI and Iran these days. Iraq supported SCIRI before, but now Iran supporting Moqtada AL-Sader, who is attacking SCIRI publicly. I hope that the leaders of Iran become more wise.
  15. Najafy

    Iraqi unemployment rate reaches 70%

    SmokingSufi: I doubt very much this number since whenever I contact my family in Najaf, they are telling me that almost every one in Najaf has a job. If the number 70% is true, then those must be SUNNeee.( == followers of Sadam) I am surprise that you cannot see a fact that most Iraqis now can buy their basic needs: car, fridg, ets.. before they couldnt. And the credit goes to Bush for removing Sadam :)(: you may need to check your source Christian: you are right. The Muslems are killing each other, and it will not be a surprise if there is a 70% unemployment rate. However, most iraqi Muslems are Shia, and they are very peacful people. Thanks to Allah, their life is getting better day by day with the help of US.