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  1. SCIENCE alone is insufficient. It can only determine truth in the Physical. It can only determine truth about an observable phenomenon. But with SCIENCE came Technology. Technology has made it so easy to look up information that there is no reason to think or have to do work. There is no emphasis on REASON anymore! We are becoming slaves to the materialistic system. But Pure Reason is also insufficient. Aristotle was one of the great champions of pure reason in ancient Greece. He believed heavy objects fall faster than light ones. And since Aristotle believed it and Aristotle was an authority on such matters, it remained the accepted wisdom for over a thousand years until Galileo decided to test the proposition. As it turns out, heavy objects fall at the same rate as light objects (discounting wind resistance). So Aristotle was wrong and it took a single well designed experiment to overturn a thousand years of received wisdom. Every object on this planet, independent of size, experiences the same (Constant acceleration) gravitational acceleration so all falling objects have the same acceleration. That is what Galileo did. That was the part that was missing from pure reason. That is the part that science adds. *
  2. There are, on the web, thousands of articles dealing with the existence of God, some of them argue against and some of them argue for. What is certain is that a divine entity has never been proven or disproven. I prefer a discussion (hence my being in a Forum) to reading articles and blogs... but fair enough I understand the point you are making. Some other time maybe. All the best. *
  3. As you say it is my life, I am sorting it out. I don't have an entitlement mentality, you are making things up to knock them down so that you appear to be clever...your usual 'straw-man argument. I was responding to someone else, not you. If you tell me that this morning you have drank a cup of coffee, I have no problem believing you; but if you were to tell me that you have drank a cup of Ambrosia brought to you by Angels I would want evidence before I believed you. *
  4. Thanks for your response, ali_fatheroforphans asked me what would I personally want to see to believe, what other people say or heard is not really 'personally'...I hope you see the difference. Perhaps the moon is made of Cheese. Perhaps unicorns burp rainbows. Perhaps most people actually have something useful to say. But until they demonstrate any of these things, I feel justified in rejecting them. It doesn't matter what anyone believes. What matters is what they can demonstrate. wslm *
  5. A bush that burns and is not consumed. Reliable and detailed predictions about next year lottery results. A heavier-than-air object which remains suspended indefinitely above the ground. An amputee's arm regrowing. The Milky Way occasionally changing shape to spell the name of God in the sky. Etc..etc.. Out of curiosity, What would it take for you to disbelieve in God? *
  6. One wonders why people look right and left before crossing the road? You are of course partly right and simply put: Observation alone is inconclusive because it will just witness an apple falling to the ground but not “reason” the force of gravity causing the fall. Reason alone is not sufficient because people have often “reasoned” the incorrect conclusion. (Flat earth and at the centre of the universe) But as far as I know, Science is not mere Observation, it operates by using evidence and reason. So, I do not understand what your problem is, what is your conclusion? ... or must one read your link ? (not everyone has time to read blogs) wslm *
  7. You are too clever for me. Have to go, have a pleasant evening. *
  8. As I said, it is only my opinion, I think religion in Islam has too much power and it is stifling progress because in would mean power sharing. I agree with the rest of your post and hope for some positive change in the future. *
  9. That is precisely my point. Some animals hide their head in the sand, some men hide their head in a book. Who has made the computer you use, the car you drive, the watch you wear, the Television, the fridge etc etc etc. *
  10. You may be right, I am only expressing my opinion but I notice that In the West most Christians have moved away from the literal interpretation of the Bible. Many Christians have accepted the results of Science because religion is not as powerful or omnipresent, they have adjusted their beliefs accordingly and are no longer committed to the literal existence of their biblical parents [Adam and Eve]. Most Muslims have yet to take even this first step. Many intellectuals frustrated by the lack of meaningful debate are leaving Islam, apostates blogs are growing like mushrooms. Islam was the intellectual centre for science, philosophy, medicine and education. Where are the scholars now? How many can you name? wslm. *
  11. Islam used to be a great nation, the axis and focus of excellence, its Universities and learning hubs were the envy of the known world. This was achieved NOT by Piousness or Prayer but because Islam was liberal, daring and innovative. Debate, Investigation, freedom of thought, Literature and the Arts were encouraged and promoted. My view is that with the passing of time the clerics greed for power has impoverished and demotivated young people, individual freedom and imagination have been robbed from the new generations. Young people are told that the best and proper thing to do is pray and be submissive. What chance is there to improve the culture? *
  12. Another politically incorrect answer is that Religion has hijacked culture and although the mantra 'submit, pray and blame the West' may get you into Heaven it is not very good for business or for promoting industrial growth. *
  13. If you are thinking of buying Panettone.

    In 1395 a decree allowed all Milan bakeries to bake the so-called Pan del Ton (meaning a valuable bread or Luxury Bread) for Christmas: a richer white loaf that even the poor could have on that special holiday. Although the true secret to great Panettone is the sourdough starter with good natural ingredients, to use more butter than sugar delivers a better eating experience. The end result is rich and moist and not so dry and flaky.
  14. I don't believe in Free Will

    More unconnected, unrelated, peripheral, extraneous, immaterial posting... but great stuff ! Speeding tickets and Judges now ! Real alert thinking on your part. Keep them coming A recruit was asked by a training instructor, "Give me an example of how to fool the enemy." The recruit answered, "When you are out of ammunition, don't let the enemy know -- keep on firing!" (Idries Shah) *
  15. I don't believe in Free Will

    I still and always will regard your posts as the peak of utter irrelevance. You needn't fear, you still hold the crown. Where did you learn such refined levels of Jabberwocky?