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  1. Here it is:
  2. Alsalam alikum, Check this link too: I hope this helps.
  3. Salam wuakeykum, dear sister in Islam I Wonder if you have translated english books into spanish or if you offer any kind of educational help to New spanish converted muslim comunity  ? Salam wa rahmatulah 

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    2. Abdel ali

      Abdel ali

      Thanks, sorry but I'm New here on this page. Peace be upon you 

    3. Hameedeh


      @Abdel ali The sister @Zahra1 will reply to you soon, inShaAllah. If you want to learn how to participate at ShiaChat, please read this topic: 

    4. Zahra1


      Wa alikum alsalam,

      No, I didn't translate any book into Spanish, just some videos with the help of some friends who speak Spanish, as I only speak a little Spanish.  There are lots of good shia videos in Spanish in these days, so there is no need to translate any video.  Yeah, I have helped some reverts in Spanish speaking countries, but I focus on helping reverts inthe US and the UK now, as I send them free shia books.  Well, there is a shia center in the capital of Ecuador, I can send you the address if you don't know about it.  Also, I don't mind keeping in touch with new reverts(women only) to help them to learn more about Islam and Ahlulbayt(as).

  4. Try these online bookstores: I hope this helps.
  5. Alsalam alikum. No. No need for using it.
  6. Alsalam alikum, Welcome here. There is a shia center in Caracas, visit this page to get the information about it, please: I hope this helps.
  7. Wa alikum alsalam, You can drop your books off in the bookstore in the mosque. 9000 Bathurst Thornhill Jaffari Islamic Center(as I think, if you are in Toronto, anyway, you should be know better than me as you are in Canada). Thank you for your support & donation.
  8. Alsalam alikum, I have been working hard to help a lot of reverts to get free Shia books, so they can learn about Ahlubayt(as), I could guide a few of them to the school of Ahlulbayt(as), alhamdulillah, I still want to guide more and more insha Allah. There are many reverts who asked me for books about Islam and copies of Holy Quran in English and even in Spanish for non-muslims(neighbours, family member and people they met at workplace). Well, I haven't created this thread to took about what I am doing, but the purpose of this thread to encourage all our brothers and sisters in the West to work so hard to spread Islam and the teachings of our Imams to non-muslims there. ( In fact, if people knew (the merits and) the goodness of our statements, surely they would follow us.” — Imam Ali al-Ridha (ع) Ma'ani-ul-Akhbar, p.180 I noticed that there are a lot of people are interested in learning about Islam from my experience or from what I heard from my revert friends. Almost everyday, I talk to new reverts or non-muslims who are interested in Islam, especially in the US. If there is anyone on this forum have revert friends or even non-muslim friends and wants to give them some books, leave me a reply here and will try to get you in touch with a bookstore in Canada to send you some shia books at no cost, this offer for reverts in Canada, US and the UK. Actually, I got many shia books donation from people in the UK, but I don't know many reverts there, as I only in touch with revert women there, so if there is any brother there who knows any revert or non-muslim men there, tell me please, so I can help you to send them some books insha Allah. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
  9. Thank you, dear sister for this good news. I hope that we can hear about a new mosque for the followers of Ahlulbayt(as) there in the near future insha Allah.
  10. Alsalam alikum, There is a revert lives in Liss, near Petersfield and she doesn't have support network around her. She is looking for mosque/center in Petersfield, Portsmouth or Surrey. Are there any Shia communities there? Is there any shia sister who lives there?
  11. Alsalam alikum dear sister, Yes, it is najis and she needs to change her clothes before prayer.
  12. Alsalam alikum, can you check your pm, please?

  13. Wa alikum alsalam, Do you consider giving him some books about the basics of Islam? There is a bookstore in Toronto that keeps sending free books to my to revert friends in Canada, US and the UK.
  14. Try this video:
  15. Wa alikum alsalam, Visit this page, please.