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  1. Who Is The Biggest Leader In The Shia World Today

    @someone1 "following" means that you get clear instructions, clear orders or commands from someone, so answer me logically, how do you get guidance from his eminence imam mahdi(as) in this time? is he speaking with you, do you get letters from imam mahdi(as), do you meet him sometimes or do you have any great risala from imam mahdi(as)directly written, which shows you how you have to live your live by sharia? how does your fellowship look like? if you cant answer my question than you have to be agree with me that either you or me are not able to see nor get any clear leadership from imam mahdi(as)at the moment. the next point is that i told clearly that no one can compare imam mahdis(as) leadership with any of the existing leaderships in the world. imam khamenei is nothing more than an leader, people need always guidance, thats an fact. to your censure that I call imam khamenei "imam". the word imam is nothing special for the ahlol bait(sa) only. than before Ibrahim(as) became a prophet, he was chosen to be a Imam for his ummah. so its not forbidden to call someone "imam " in the right context! @Logical Islam @ shialiibrahim very simple truth - well done! @Kismet35 35 years ago people had their shia leaders in their time. the ummah was never without paragons but always without imam mahdis(as) leadership. thats why we are speaking from recurrency of imam mahdi and latest when his eminence is back inshallah you will understand the principle of leadership. so its completely nonsense to say that imam mahdi(as) is guiding me if you cant show me how he is doing that. but its true to say he will when he once returns, thats for sure! i am not talking about who is qualified to be a leader and i dont want discuss the position of seyyed sistani or imam khamenei but if i had a choice to select my leader i would always follow imam khamenei cos he is not silent about the political daily business nor just a religious teacher, he is also a awakener and this is what we need at the moment - active scholars!
  2. "Danke, aber ich habe keinen Muttersprachler um Sprachpraxis zu bekommen. Ich habe angefangen Persisch(Farsi) zu lernen." I correct your sentence:)
  3. no problem brother! are u living in london? than u shoudl meet my sons they can speak german propper! richtig oder praxis mit native speaker, mit muttersprachler, da lernt man sehr schnell und viel! no its not correct: correction: past: ich habe in Deutschland gelebt present: Ich lebe in Deutschland my sons will aks their school mates in germany and hope they will get some authentic school books which we can give to you inshallah ok? my sons are also willing to meet u up to teach u lessons. its easy to learn a language if u have someone where is confident in both languages, english and german! gelebt means: LIVED ( I have lived in Germany) Leben means: TO LIVE ( I live in Germany)
  4. Who Is The Biggest Leader In The Shia World Today

    and who told he isn't??? thats not an conversation it sounds like stubbornness, sorry but stick to facts please! no shia is allowed to disbelieve the unique position of imam mahdi(as) and no shia is allowed to say that he owns the leadership of imam mahdi(as), so where is the problem then?? if u dont want get led by imam khamenei than get led by imam mahdi(as) but i hope that u have good contact to imam zaman(as) otherwise if u dont get commands direct from him than tell me how u get guided at the moment? except that imam mahdi(as) isnt leading u at the moment and honestly its better for me to get led by imam khamenei as by myself.
  5. dann frische es hier einfach wieder auf! hast du in deutschland gelebt? "Heil Hitler" is actually something which everyone knows but if u would say in Germany "Heil Hitler" u would be prosecuted or jailed. dont let us start using such words brother :rolleyes:
  6. Friends From Tel Aviv

    i am agree with u in all points i dont mean them or jews which had lived before israHell was build. i mean all jews which came to usraHell to live there. i mean also people like noam chomsky which are a reviewer of the zionist regime and a very popluar regime critics but in fact he is not someone which would wish that usraHell has to be removed. such critics are real supporter of usraHell. i know the neturei karta very well. they are totally against the zionist construct but who ever lives in this illegal state after usraHell was build is defenetely a enemie of freedom and justice.
  7. Who Is The Biggest Leader In The Shia World Today

    thats nonsense, sorry. are u agree with me that imam mahdi(as) is the most educated person in the world? if we would follow your logic then we would not need any other islamic teacher in the world because he could never teach or educate us like imam mahdi(as)can. imam mahdi(as)isnt active leading us at the moment, thats a fact, so as long we dont have a alive leadership, we should get guided by the most competent leaders we have and nobody is saying imam khamenei is replacing imam mahdis(as) position-aouthubillah....
  8. Iran Bars Women From 77 University Courses

    and the funny thing is. she is not longer living in iran. she is a refugee in germany and is working together with iranian exil groups against the islamic state. the first thing when she came to germany, she put her bad hijab of full. she such a puppet and a fake, that I would never take it serious if she is "complaining" about irans human right situation. and the official sites in iran are not saying that women are suspended from some courses. only to seperate the sexes frome ach other.
  9. i would say that using swear words wouldnt be a great chance to learn a new language but the funny think is, that when ever someone enter a new language, swearing(fluchen oder schimpfen) is the first thing what everyone learns quick....
  10. Shia Doctor For Circumsision In London

    its all correct what you said brother! my hope was to connect the significant event of my son with my hope to have a "religious circumsision". anyway, i have to say good bye to this idea i think.... i found some terrible locations or surgeries offered by some muslim doctors. dirty and shabby ...unbelievable really... but the price moves between 300 and 500 pounds. thanks for your advice i really appreciate it, cos you brought it to the point!
  11. Wahabis Attack Shiites In Dagestan Mosque

    absolut correct, they are most wahabis or very open minded to it. what a irony....
  12. Is This Considered Right?

    make sure to take up position to the shia way. not because I wanna "rescue you from drifting up the right way" no, only because the shia way is logic, its a way of common sense and clear and best way to understand islam. the biggest argument for me to be a shia isnt wether imam ali(as) was the first leader or abu bakr. no, it was more a understanding the action of Allah(ta) to give ahlol bait(sa) the power over the ummah! the last religion of Allah(ta) needed a special protection from misguidance. some fine and blessed people without a spot was needed. after 23 years of hard work to spread the word of Allah(at), the prophet(saas) set up a clear light for his family to be a strong next leadership after his live. do you really think that the choice who becames the next leader is in the hand of people? do you think people can elect the coming leader of the ummah? and was this anytime like this happen in the history of islam? even when musa(as) left the bani israel for 40 days he named his brother as his leader over the bani israel. leading and becoming a leader is never a business of simple people its always a divine affair. thats why i believe in the shia way my brother! Allah bless you brother!
  13. Friends From Tel Aviv

    i am not agree with you! Who ever except something from israHell or from its so call "citiziens", the political system, the army, the parties or what ever is not understanding the meaning of this so call "state israel and its function" This "state" isn't build natural like others. his citiziens came from so many countrys what means that for them palestinians has to move into other countrys or in camps. nothing is to except about israel, even not the name. even those israelis which are in conflict with the zionist states are enemies of us. they never reject the construct of israel, just their political leaders and this is the main point. we cant except such a thing for our brothers and sisters in palestine. violence and expulsion against a nation is a big crime, so i try to boycott israHell as a whole. of course who ever denies israHell as a whole, is my friend and gets my support but not the zionist/israeli scum in and outside israHell.
  14. Friends From Tel Aviv

    very important point-the methods of zionists and how they work in WWW!