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  1. NBA Playoffs: Predictions and discussion

    So the playoff matchups are all set. It was kind of a crazy last day of the season. Usually the seedings are all locked up but this year there was a lot of late season runs / droughts and of course the crazy deadlock in the West. Here are our first round matchups: East (1) Toronto vs. (8) Washington Nightmare scenario for Toronto. After their best regular season ever they have to face one of the most talented 8 seeds ever (maybe second only to this year's Timberwolves lol). I know the Wizards are kind of dysfunctional and they have some coaching question marks but they're so talented that I think Toronto would have preferred to face Miami or Milwaukee. I think this will be an exciting series but the Raptors win it. There is too much pressure on them to. Their fans have been bitter and angry at the world all season about the "Canada effect" and lack of media attention blah blah... and if they lose, it's game over. That validates all the lack of media attention. (2) Boston vs. (7) Milwaukee I would have preferred Boston play Miami or Washington because I don't think Milwaukee has a chance. Disparity in coaching is just too great. Boston will win this one on the back of Brad Stevens. (3) Philadelphia vs. (6) Miami Philadelphia is a giant trash town and so is their trash team of trash people. I'm gonna take the experience and the depth of Miami. (4) Lebron vs. (5) Indiana Indiana is a nice story but they drew the short straw. The Lebrons will not lose this series. West (1) Houston vs. (8) Minnesota Remember the difference between the 3 seed (Portland) and the 8 seeded Wolves is just two games. Minnesota is not a true 8 seed. At the same time I would have preferred if San Antonio got the 8 seed because I think Minnesota just doesn't have the defence to slow down Houston. I would love to see an upset though because Houston fans have become third in my crappy fan power rankings. (2) San Fransisco vs. (7) San Antonio No Curry in this series. If Kawhi returns then we have something here. Otherwise, I think the Warriors roll even without Curry. (3) Portland vs. (6) New Orleans At this point the seeding is just a formality. But yeah... Portland. Talent wins games and Portland has more talent. AD has been great this year but he's outgunned in this series. (4) OKC vs. (5) Utah Donovan Mitchell's success make me burn with jealousy and anger (my team picked the solid Luke Kennard over the sensational Mitchell). But regardless of that, I think OKC wins this series. And they're in houston's bracket so that sets up for an epic second round series. Last year's series was 5 games but those games were all really close (people forget that). I want nothing more than Harden stans to shut their stupid faces. So that was my scientific, entirely objective and fair predictions for the NBA playoffs first round. What are YOUR predictions?
  2. Thoughts 2018

    I don't know what community you are a part of but absolutely no one expects that where I'm at. Also: nobody makes that much money. But overall if you are able to provide an interest-free loan to someone who otherwise would be taking an interest loan, that's an opportunity you should jump on because the blessings are innumerable.
  3. Rolex or Lamborghini

    I'm not really fond of either but if I had the choice I'd go Lambo. A regular (new) car is around... 20k or so whereas a regular watch is under 100. So I'd go with the thing that at least makes more sense as a luxury item. Either way I'd sell them and use the money on something more useful.
  4. New Display Name

    I liked all lower case better
  5. Thoughts 2018

    I'm not talking about dark. I'm talking about cloud cover. And what you're saying is correct: one can say the shade is a relief from the sun, and both are necessary (hardship and the relief of said hardship, as is the case with all facets of life). But that's different from saying "go be in the sun, it's really nice." I'm not talking from a spiritual perspective here; from a spiritual perspective it's all good. Every weather is good. I'm talking from a worldly perspective; from a comfort perspective. The notion that the sun is a source of comfort is totally invented and irrational.
  6. Thoughts 2018

    Ahhh yes. Vitamin D. How could I forget. The dragon, the unicorn, the mythical being that hovers over the sun lover. Beckoning him. Seducing him. Tricking him into having a completely irrational and indefensible preference. Let's just do a quick comparison, for discussion's sake. Now, I've lived in cold climates. I've lived in climates where it is more or less winter weather for 9 months out of the year. And very little sunlight for those 9 months. I didn't take any supplements or any of that crap. And what happened? Well I'll tell you what didn't happen: I didn't die. So there's that. Now let's say I went 9 months without water. OK strike that: let's say I went THREE DAYS without water. What would happen is: I would drop dead. Three days is the magic number, isn't it? I'm no doctor but that's what I've heard them say. Three days without water and, kaput. Three days without water: You die. Months and months and months without direct sun exposure? You don't die. So I think it's fair to conclude: water > vitamin D. All this hype about vitamin D and supplements and blah blah blah... that's all it is: hype. Vitamin D has become more inflated than QB contracts in the NFL. We don't need direct exposure to sunlight any more than we need nutrition bars. It's a fad, not a need. Funny story: I work outside. In the glorious, life-affirming, paradisical sun-drenched landscape. (ha ha) And, like all normal people, who have throughout the thousands of years of human civilization, been in the sun, I cover myself from head to toe (with clothing, not with that nonsensical "sun blocker" which they invented for nonsensical reasons). This is how it's supposed to be. People are supposed to shield themselves from the sun, with their clothing. And this is why in desert climates, across the world, throughout history, people have dressed like this: head to toe, breathable fabrics, and so on. So, admittedly, Western clothing is certainly not ideal, but it's what we've got and so that's what I roll with (also, if I wear thin fabrics they will rip to shreds unfortunately). In any case... my sister, upon learning this, asked me: but won't you become deprived of vitamin D? That's the extent of this delusion. That we are willing to throw out THOUSANDS of years of human experience, for the sake of a mythical being. A superstition. A fad. Instead of viewing the sun as something to protect ourselves from, we view it as a source of comfort and pleasure. It is a cognitive as well as a spiritual distortion and I'll get to that in a minute. Let me first clarify one thing so nobody gets it twisted: my preference for winter is in part due to personal reasons which do not necessarily apply to everyone (for example: I probably "feel" around 10-20 degrees F hotter than the average person at any given moment, and moderate physical activity warms me up very quickly; you could say I'm an AMD processor, not an Intel). However there are other reasons which are firmly rooted in reason and are more universal but I won't mention them in interests of not wasting your time. So back to the original topic. Sun and that. interestingly enough, where I live, we get sun probably 95 percent of the days of the year, perhaps more. And I'm talking stark blue skies. Not a cloud in sight. Very little precipitation. And yet... people still bemoan the rain, in the rare instance when it does rain!! It's like God is giving them the medicine they need in order to live and they are rejecting it. Kind of like those idiot dogs who reject medicine from a veterinarian. It's beyond pathetic and stupid. Again: this is a cognitive and spiritual distortion. It's not a small issue, it's actually a big issue if you look at the root of it. The root of it is an absolute distortion. They are understanding divine blessings as a curse, and the real curse of their existence (living in a desert hellscape) as a blessing and a virtue! If not for modern economies of scale and the mass importation of water, we'd all be forced to abandon this place by now. (Unless, of course, all of that vitamin D helps the people survive the lack of food and water, which based on what I've heard, I'm sure it will) I actually wrote a much longer and better post just a few hours ago but I lost it... because technology likes to spite me. But I wanted to briefly mention the Quran's stance here. And I have engaged in this discussion many times and every time, bringing Quran into the mix ultimately results in the same reaction: silence. It basically triggers the reaction of: "uhhhh, I don't want to let go of my irrational preference but I can't really argue against this, so..." Obviously there are different contexts in which the sun is mentioned. Mostly as a sign ("by the sun and by the moon"). Sometimes as a source of discomfort and pain (like in the ayah mentioned by brother @hasanhh). But I think what is most telling are the verses about paradise. How is paradise described? It's always like this: ﮆ ﮇ ﮈ ﮉ ﮊ ﮋ ﮌ ﮍ ﮎ ﮏ ﮐ ﮑ ﮒ ﮓ ﮔﮕ ﮖ ﮗ ﮘ to them We shall surely give lofty dwellings in Paradise, underneath which rivers flow, to live therein Didn't let me copy the arabic for some reason but whatevs. Anyway: paradise is always described like so. Running water, greenery, and so on. These are universal, embedded in the human psyche and soul. Comfort comes from water, greenery, shade. (Even in English there is the colloquial term: to have it "made in the shade" ... it's not "made in the blistering sun"). Even sun worshippers implicitly understand this, which is why they like to build water fountains and set up irrigation systems in an attempt to sort of imitate forests or gardens which spring up naturally in other more fertile lands. Why? Because these are matters of the soul. There's no running away from them. We naturally seek out these things. So, you can think I'm crazy. You can think I'm nuts. I don't really mind. But guess what? I'm on one side. And the people responsible for making PHOENIX one of the largest growing cities in the United States, are on the other side. So, suffice to say, I like being on my side. In conclusion:
  7. Thoughts 2018

    The sun is inherently uncomfortable and unpleasant. This isn't my personal tastes, this is in Quran. Paradise is described as a place wherein there is no sun. Sun worship in modern culture, and modern western culture in particular, has gone way out of hand. PS winter is awesome and snow is beautiful.
  8. Dr Jordan Peterson thread *Change your life*

    To clarify, I would echo Brother Haqiqatjou's sentiments that the man shouldn't just be dismissed as a fascist or an Islamophobe. Intelligent, influential people like this should most certainly be engaged.
  9. Dr Jordan Peterson thread *Change your life*

    A lot of the things that Mr. Peterson says are simple common sense. And with the very strong left-liberal (I think that's the correct term for today's phenomenon; as they are neither classical leftists nor classical liberals but they are a mishmash of the two) current in the Western world, I think it was natural that such an intellectual would come to the forefront and gain a large following. And in terms of drawing people away from far-right, fascist ideologies, or drawing people away from destructive things like pornography consumption, etc... his impact has more certainly been positive. Likewise, his critiques of the absurdities of the modern left-liberals are mostly, spot on. But obviously, we do not need him as a source of reverence/emulation (which I know none of y'all are suggesting). And although I am no expert on all his views by any means, he certainly has many evident flaws in his ideas. If I were an important person who had influence, I'd say: let's invite him to our masjid. Let's talk to him. He clearly has some misconceptions about what we believe in, but he is also clearly an intelligent man. I think it would be cool if he were invited to the masjid, allowed to speak, and asked questions about some statements he has made about our religion.
  10. Ataturk's itch? [Resolved]

    I'm here for "douches"
  11. How does someone who's dead pray for you?

    Salaam brother It takes a logical process to come to this conclusion: One. As we know, other people's Duas do affect you. It is a real effect. Now if said person is Imam al-Mursalin, Khatim al-anbiya, Muhammad al Mustafa s.a.w.s.... then naturally this is an even greater effect. Two. The Prophet is not alive in this world but there is another world. Another life. And we know for a fact that the Prophet can hear us. All Muslims - regardless of mazhab - believes that when we send salaams to the Prophet at the end of salaat, he hears it. So if it is OK to ask for Duas, and if the Prophet can hear us... what is stopping us from seeking his Duas?
  12. end of FaceBook ?

    There's an expression to this effect. "If a product is free, the real product is you."
  13. When God revealed Himself to Sartre

    Thanks for sharing br. @.InshAllah. It's interesting how this is unwittingly an acknowledgement by Sartre of the inextricable tie between God and ethics. He equated his guilt for his wrongdoing with God, and only when he put God out of the picture did he "overcome" his petty notion of ethics. Atheism truly is one of the pertinent spiritual diseases of our times.
  14. Thoughts 2018

    There must be something wrong with me. Most people watch this and are in awe of Anthony Joshua's power. I watch this and all I can think of is: I wish I were a Scottish-accented boxing commentator.
  15. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Who here is interested in watching Creed 2 once it comes out? As the world's foremost Ivan Drago fan I personally can't wait to watch his son in action