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  1. Jaylen Brown is wicked smaaaaht

    Stupid accent aside I'm dead serious. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/jan/09/jaylen-brown-boston-celtics-nba-interview FYI for those of you who live outside the US and therefore probably don't give a hoot about basketball: Jaylen Brown is a basketball person.
  2. Do vines make you cringe?

    I thought vine is done because they couldn't make any money?
  3. I Finished My Book

    @Abu Hadi Congratulations on finishing your book. I'm sure it's tops because you're tops.
  4. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Just watched Ken Burns' Baseball It's a documentary series from the 80s or 90s or something (90s I think?) about the history of baseball. It's directed by Ken Burns, who has a huge Murica fetish but his work is still good nonetheless. Honestly, for even a casual baseball fan like myself, most of the information in this series is going to be repeat information. But they do interview baseball legends like Ted Williams, Curt Flood, Mickey Mantle and so on so that's nice. I'd say even non-baseball people may enjoy it because it talks a lot about history and that.
  5. Pure evil

    This is the natural consequence of a godless worldview
  6. One of the gutsiest fighters in history. I am not sure if anyone had his chin.
  7. GGG seemed off his game in general, wouldn't you say? I wonder why he didn't target the body more. Canelo does not match GGG's stamina, he could have tired him out if he went to the body more. Then again his trainers know better than me. I don't know crap about boxin'.
  8. Not even close? I know a lot of fans have this opinion but I don't get it. Canelo was landing plenty of clean shots. And if we're going to say they did no damage, we can't pretend like Canelo was at any point in danger of being KO'd. They both have excellent chins.
  9. It was a very good fight but don't you get the feeling if it happened a few years ago GGG would have won handily?
  10. That judge is married to that ref. Pure boxing corruption as usual. I thought it was a draw but 118-110 is beyond absurd.
  11. is mcdonalds dying?

    Taco Bell is very serious about separating their meat from non-meat items. I think it is because of some legal trouble they ran into with a Hindu fellow.
  12. is mcdonalds dying?

    The most humiliating McD's queue was in the USSR. Epic fail for them. The lines went on for miles, if I remember correctly.
  13. is mcdonalds dying?

    Eh, stock prices are based on pure speculation. Better indicator would be to look at their books. (which I am sure are also in good shape) I for one hate McDonald's because for years I was eating their french fries without knowing it has fricking beef flavoring. Who the hell puts that in french fries? (for those of you in the UK and Canada, don't worry this doesn't apply to your market)
  14. is mcdonalds dying?

    No, McDonalds is incredibly strong. Part of this is because they are "not in the hamburger business, but the real estate business." They own land and sell franchising rights. This is a very sustainable model for them.
  15. I think Canelo has a slight advantage but "obvious?" Nah... never count out a Central Asian in a fight. Gennady has KO power and a hell of a chin. He definitely has a chance in this fight.